Yu Ai Seafood Noodle

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Tucked in the far corner of Kuala Lumpur, there’s a place known as Segambut. I looked it up on Google and found that Segambut actually covers a much bigger area. Did you you know that from the high-end condominiums of Mont Kiara and Sri Kiara to the middle-class areas of Taman Sri Segambut and Bandar Manjalara, and the rural areas of Segambut Dalam and Kampung Sungai Penchala are all under the Segambut constituency? I was like … wow, I never knew. So much for my geographical and political knowledge.

ANYWAY, I shall bring you back to what I know best. Located at Segambut Utara (Segambut North) is a little township sprawled with small/medium industrial lots. And amidst these workshops and factories, is Restoran Yu Ai … a very popular spot for their Seafood Noodle. This place is actually a stone throw away from Mont Kiara/Solaris if you’re familiar with that area.

Yu Ai is a simple food eatery that serves only what they do best which is seafood noodle and their new menu, fish head noodle if you fancy that. Having been in the business for more than 11 years, they family recipe of the much acclaimed seafood noodle has been a favorite for many.

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Grand Steamboat Garden

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I love steamboats. My friends used to tell me that maybe it’s a Klang thing. Perhaps it’s true to a certain extent. I come from a big family and when there’s a cause for celebration, we dine out. In a town like Klang, there’s only 2 places you can go if you have a family of more than 10. You either go to a seafood restaurant or a steamboat restaurant.

And I guess that why I grew with a certain preference for chinese food … and trust me, steamboat is as chinese as it can get.

I still remember the days where steamboats were served on aluminum pots heated up with charcoal fire. And to top it off, most steamboat restaurants were open-aired. The heat … the sweat … yet we enjoyed our food. These days, air conditioned steamboat restaurants are normal and steamboat pot were heated using gas or electric source.

One such outlet is the Grand Steamboat Garden in Taipan USJ. I was there recently as an invited guest by Wilson from PlacesandFoods.com to try out their new concept which I find quite interesting. Imagine a cross between sushi and steamboat. Well, you don’t exactly dip sushi’s in the hotpot! What I meant was … a conveyor belt. Choices of food were displayed along a conveyor belt, just like those you see in fast food japanese sushi restaurants. You pick your choice and eat your heart out. And that’s where the similarity ends.

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Din Tai Fung

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Village Park Nasi Lemak

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Funny Mountain Traditional Soya

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Tim Sum

When you are in Ipoh, you must try Funny Mountain …… that’s what I was told when I visited Ipoh.

For those of you from the North, looking for good food may be a breeze to you. But for us Central folks, it’s like looking for needle in a haystack. It’s a good thing that good foodies from Penang and Ipoh are never lacking too. I speak for myself when I say …. whenever I visit Penang or Ipoh, I must comb through some food blogs to make a “hit list”. That’s right …. what should I hit and where should I miss … on purpose.

When I first heard of Funny Mountain, it did came across my mind that this could be the name of a new theme park or hotel. Until I found out the full name, which is Funny Mountain Traditional Soya Bean and Tau Fu Fa.

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Dian Xiao Er – Food Across The Border

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Tim Sum

Here’s one from across the bridge. Yup …. occasionally my career would require me to venture to this neighboring country of ours, Singapore. And old habits die hard. Where I go, the camera goes. And where the camera goes, the clicking continues …. right? This isn’t my first review on Singapore food. I’ve done quite a few and it get’s better along the way. The food, I mean.

Anyway … about the food. Pardon my pun but I’ve always thought Singaporean food is nothing to shout about. Apparently I can be wrong. Simply because …. I have to know where to look for good food. I guess it’s the same here in Malaysia, or specifically Kuala Lumpur. Or even Penang for that matters. But the thought vanished in an instant as I stepped into Dian Xiao Er.

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Ho Choong Tuck Tim Sum

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Tim Sum

It’s a Sunday morning and you woke up early. Put on your jogging shoes and did a couple of rounds in your neighborhood and hit the shower. You’ve just started what we like to call .. “A Great Healthy” morning and what follows on would most likely to be a great healthy breakfast. That’s right …. cereals, cornflakes, some fruits and a dash of fresh, low-fat milk. Right?

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Ah Cheng Laksa – Revisit

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curry laksa

My first visit to Ah Cheng Laksa for a review was way back in January 2009. It was a casual visit without the restaurant owner attending to me. And you can read about what I wrote here.

I was invited to visit this restaurant again recently to do a “food sampling” together with a few other fellow foodies. If you’ve been frequenting food blogs, you may have heard of Feedmelah.com … by a team of foodies consisting of Stephen, Sue Ann and William. Here’s their article on Ah Cheng Laksa.

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Ong Lai Restaurant (Goh Kee)

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Ong Lai

People always say …. the best food are available on back alley stalls and little corner lanes. I’ll have to agree to that fact, except …. I’ll have to question the cleanliness of some of the outlets. Then again, it’s the price to pay to enjoy good food.

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Marco’s Pizza

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