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Cendol Delight @ Jonker Street, Melaka

Posted by Timothy Low under Melaka


This trip to Jonker Street in Melaka could potentially produce some really fruitful street food crawl but alas! I arrived at around 5:15pm and parked my car right in the middle of Jonker Street. I was then told by one of the hawker that he needed my parking space for his stall by 6pm. So I did what humanly was possible, which is to quickly select one random shop, pop in and down my bowl of cendol and was out of the street before you know it.

Good thing is, I found this really good cendol place. But the bad thing is … I forget to check out the name of the shop. Well, good thing is .. I took a photo of the front of the shop. So if you ever want to try this cendol place i Jonker’s street … just print out the photo for matching purpose. (Hopefully they don’t perform a facelift on their storefront .. haha.)

Anyway, besides the cendol … the shop sells good wantan noodle although I did not manage to give it a try. But seeing the amount of people ordering it, I suppose it’s good. But as I mentioned, the cendol was fantastic. If you’re the type that prefers your dessert less sweet, this could be your thing.

When you’re served with your bowl of cendol, they provide ‘Gula Melaka’ (err.. Malacca sugar?!?!) and you can add it onto your cendol as per your liking, which is pretty neat. The variety of cendol flavor that is available are Durian (my favorite), Mango and plain cendol. Here’s a Durian flavored one for your eyes only.

So don’t forget to visit this place if you’re a sucker for desserts!



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