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Funny Mountain Traditional Soya

Posted by Timothy Low under Ipoh

Tim Sum

When you are in Ipoh, you must try Funny Mountain …… that’s what I was told when I visited Ipoh.

For those of you from the North, looking for good food may be a breeze to you. But for us Central folks, it’s like looking for needle in a haystack. It’s a good thing that good foodies from Penang and Ipoh are never lacking too. I speak for myself when I say …. whenever I visit Penang or Ipoh, I must comb through some food blogs to make a “hit list”. That’s right …. what should I hit and where should I miss … on purpose.

When I first heard of Funny Mountain, it did came across my mind that this could be the name of a new theme park or hotel. Until I found out the full name, which is Funny Mountain Traditional Soya Bean and Tau Fu Fa.

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