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Eating the right food with the correct amount of calories is very important if you want to lose weight the healthy and safe way. We all know that in order to lose weight, we must burn more calories than we take in from food. Eating low calories food that are nutritious is therefore a good strategy to decrease your intake of calories from food you eat everyday. You will also need to exercise regularly to burn some of the calories off your body so that you will be healthy and strong too. Regardless, it is always important to note that moderation is the key. Your level of motivation is very vital to the success of you slimming down so be sure to take baby steps and be consistent with your efforts.

Cooking healthy food everyday may be difficult at first because of the way you were trained to cook in the past. By cultivating this new habit over time, you will be able to switch to healthier cooking lifestyle. Always avoid the temptation to eat fast food or junk food because they are not nutritious food. Below is a list of popular food per 100g together with its calories value. This food calories list is arranged from the lowest calories value to the highest:


  1. anne Said,

    You have not given the amount of the above food that will amount to the given calories. How much of white rice is 140 calories? How many slices of bread is 240 calories? etc…….


    Timothy Low Reply:

    Hi Anne, thanks to your feedback, I’ve amended the list and provided more information….


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