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Many of my friends has asked me and is still asking me … why am I putting in so much effort (not that much actually) in maintaining this blog? Sometimes, I ask myself the same question … but I have yet to find the answer. But until I do, you will continue to see my articles being published …

I started this blog in the year 2006, the same time I bought my Fuji Finepix S5000 digital camera. Back then, my main interest was photography … and like many other boys with toys … I was very passionate about it. I have my camera with me almost 24×7, except when it is actually not ‘convenient’ to have it around. I’ve started quite a few blogs, and online photo albums but none actually lasted as long as 3-meals.com.

So what is it in for me, some ask. To me, this is a passion … just like to many of you out there. I’ve visited many food blogs and the effort some of you put in to write an article about a food venue is really incredible! Details, photographs, location maps and some even with GPS coordinates.

So what are the tools of a food blogger? Well, it varies. I’ve met bloggers who carry a simple point-and-shoot camera and gosh …. you shoot see them cam-whores clicking away! Then again, technological advancement has allowed point-and-shoots to produce pretty impressive shots nowadays. I have friends who hulk around backpacks of DSLR equipments complete with tripods and remote flashes. Now that’s a pro at work.

As for me, I now have my faithful Nikon D200 has been serving me well for the past years. It was hospitalized once at YL Medical Centre in Pudu for a heart transplant. My lenses ….. a Nikkor 18-70mm coupled with a magnified lense for close up macros. A laptop to download photos and posting. A mobile internet connection allowing me to post from virtually anywhere. Well, that’s about it. I don’t even own a flash gun although I’ve been meaning to get one … someday. Sigh …. food blogging don’t really pay well. Hang on ! We don’t get paid at all !!!

Well, sometimes a little recognitions such as these news articles does make it worthwhile for me to continue doing what I do.

  1. Said,

    It’s the passion that keeps us alive. 🙂


  2. Said,

    i own a Fuji Finepix S5000. What is your secret in taking such beautiful photos?? Any good tips to share with me?


  3. Said,

    Thanks for dropping by. Your pictures rocks!! I wish I am as good as you. I only have a Cqanon IXUS850 IS and only knows how to operate one or two functions. hehe…


  4. Said,

    Hey guys .. you know what…

    There’s no secret behind these shots. Before taking a shot (at the food), visualize what you want to see or what you want your audience to see .. and shoot it. With a little experience, it’s there for your taking. Trust me !


  5. Christopher Said,

    Keep up the great job dude ! Really enjoy most of the recommendation ! Maybe can ask me along for your next outing man ! :p


  6. ieat Said,

    Hey, great site you have there! Nice Pics and layout.

    I was looking around for food in JB and stumbled on your site. Too bad all the food you write about is around KL. Can you recommend a good resource for food in JB?

    ieat’s last blog post..Fatty Ox Hong Kong Roast Duck: He’s not Fat and He’s No Ox, but He’s Back!


  7. Ryan Said,


    I am actually from the F&B industry and would like to discuss with you on advertising opportunities or maybe a try-out at our restaurants! Please do drop me an e-mail.

    thanks and have a great day!


  8. Tan Said,

    Hi Timothy,

    Last night I out for diner with my bf. at BOM BRAZIL Churrascaria Restaurant Changkat Bukit Bintang.
    I saw some guy taking a lot of photos in the area. Hope that not you heheheh…;)
    Great job guy.

    Tan’s last blog post..Cockle Scald in boil water


  9. Emily Ooi Said,

    Hi Timothy,

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  10. Min Fung Said,

    Hi Timothy,

    I am from an online media company in PJ. Just checking if you are looking for advertising opportunities to increase the revenue of your site. We foresee a great potential of your site http://www.3-meals.com and we would be happy to invite you to join our Ad Network. Please do drop me an email.

    Thanks a lot and hope to hear from you soon.



  11. nicdanic Said,

    you have a nice website here.
    wah..all the nice food here.
    thanks..now i can read your blog before i want to try anything nice


  12. Ivy Said,

    i love your blog, its so informative and interesting…
    i am actually working in an event management company, there will be time where we would love to invite good bloggers to attend the events that we’re having.
    Can you kindly give me your email address so that when there is such events, we can send you online invitation =)
    hope to hear from you.


  13. Jeliviya Said,

    This is Bee Won Korean Restaurant in Royal Hotel Penang.
    I am the staff here.
    My boss is a korean lady and she is interesting of this website.
    She wishes to have an article on this website. Can you assist us?
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  14. princesscheryl Said,

    blogging keeps us alive


  15. Jeffrey Said,


    Im Jeffrey from Kechara Oasis New Age Vegetarian Restaurant located @ Jaya One PJ. We would like to invite you to to our restaurant for a food review. I can be contacted at 03 7968 1818.



  16. fred Said,

    Hi–going to be in Kuala Lampur march 2010….I cook for a living in Canada and will spend a lot of time just looking for food…great site…..fred


  17. Mavis Lim Said,

    Hi there, I’m one of your bloggie follower.
    I also hope can share some place to you too.

    Here’s the link that I dined at Kali Little Garden’s experience. Hope you can find a day to catch it soon.

    Have a nice day.


  18. wendy Said,

    Hi Timothy,

    Honestly I have to say your blog is interesting and the pictures are amazing as well.Basically i am working in a Public Relation company and in the days ahead we would uphold some events that requires food bloggers to attend the event.

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  19. Strawberry Gal Said,

    Nice blog and making me hungry..


  20. Rozi Wong Said,

    Hi Timothy,

    Greetings from Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

    I am the Marketing Manager from Bubba Gump Shrimp Co and I’ve read your blog on the restaurant. We would like to invite you to come over to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co in Sunway Pyramid to try out our new menu. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Rozi Wong


  21. Ms Phan Said,

    Hi Timothy,

    I am a representative from LD Global Sdn Bhd, the company who brought
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  22. Yee Yee Said,

    your blog is interesting and the pictures are amazing as well.i am working in F&B industry and would like to invite you to try our products

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  23. Jac Said,


    I would like to share with fellow bloggers a cafe specializing in espresso coffee in Mont Kiara.

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  24. jesonestop Said,

    You are exclusively invited to meet celebrity chef Nicolas Isnard in an intimate evening of culinary magic as he brings nouvelle cuisine to our shores and jazzes up familiar ingredients with his rich provincial French flair.

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  25. Stan Said,

    Nice blog, keep it up !!

    But why must you do it in Suckbucks ? Their coffee-water really sucks !!


  26. Aida Said,

    Hi Timothy

    I write for Sunday Metro at The Star and would like to feature your blog for our monthly blogger page.
    Need to know what is your day job? Just to add some colour to the story. Is it ok if i use the pictures in your blog? We will give your blog due credit of course. Thanks



    Timothy Low Reply:

    Aida, really appreciate your kind effort in publishing an article about 3-meals.com. We should check out some food establishments together someday.


  27. KC Said,

    Dear Tim,

    A dear friend just opened a new restaurant, so on behalf of Wellness Recipe, a new restaurant serving wholesome organic food, I would like to invite you to a food tasting event on:

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    Please indicate if you will be attending with guest(s).


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  29. jackson Said,

    Hi low, i am impressed with your write up about food.

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  30. Muiz Said,


    Allow me to introduce Onde Onde @ Waterfront, Parkcity. We wish to invite you for a food review as we are eager to share our passion for Nyonya & Local cuisine with your readers.

    As a teaser, our Home-made duck egg kaya, Melaka specially-sourced brown palm sugar and Cincalok make up some of our ingredients. Amongst the food, our reputable Signature Asam Laksa and Prawn Mee has established a strong following in the neighborhood. In addition, our boutique coffee is from a traditional family roaster from Ipoh whom we’ve specially sourced for.

    We have the following time sessions, and would appreciate if you could revert with your preferred choice.


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