3-meals.com is history.

But it’s legacy continues. My mistake actually. Forgotten to renew my domain subscription …. oops!

Anyway, as said. Out with the old, in with the new. I’ve been meaning to change the name 3-meals.com. An experienced internet Guru once told me, never to use punctuations in your domain URL i.e. commas, dashes or even apostrophes. It makes it harder for search engines to find you and of course, it’s harder to tell people your URL.

I used to experience that difficulty. People ask, “Hey, what’s your food blog again?” and I’m like “It’s three meals dot com”. And he’d be like “three as in number three or the letter three?” and I’m like “three as in the digit three, with a dash and then meal with an ass !!!!!”

Now that 3-meals.com is no more (RIP buddy ….. some nippon bugger launch an invasion and conquered it!), I have a new name.


And our food adventure continues ……

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