Flattened Chicken? Backside Soup? Happy Soda?

When I first visited Jakarta, Indonesia some years back … I had quite an an exciting culinary adventure. Other than extra strong spices, food varieties are quite similar with ours in Malaysia but it’s the name of the food that shocked me. Nasi Goreng Gila (direct translation … Crazy Fried Rice) …. Sup Bontot (hmm … how do I put this …. backside …. ass …. behind …soup?). I mean, these are just some of it that I can remember.

I recently checked out an Indonesian restaurant at The Curve and it helped ‘jump started’ my memories of Indonesian food adventures. Waroeng Penyet (directly translated as “Flat/flattened Restaurant”) is an upcoming chain of Indonesian restaurants opening it’s doors across Malaysia and Singapore. The outlet at The Curve is located on the 1st floor (just above MBG Fruit Stall and Sakae Sushi).

The restaurant is spacious as there are options to sit indoor if you prefer air conditioning or outdoor if you like fresh (almost) air. Having said that, visit them during lunch time and chances are you will need to queue up to get a place. The place is packed … but worry not. Apparently they will be occupying another outlet next door. That means mores space for them.

They serve a good range of local Indonesian cuisines ranging from their signature dish, Ayam Penyet (Flattened Fried Chicken) to Ayam Panggang (Grill Chicken), Soup Bontot (Ox-Tail Soup) and even Gado-Gado (Indonesian Salad with Peanut Sauce).

I’ve tried their Ayam Penyet once, unfortunately I find it quite dry and it’s not as crispy as they claimed it to be. Here’s how they prepared the Ayam Penyet.

Indonesian Style Flattened Fried Chicken, marinated with Java special sauce, fried to perfection sealing the flavours … Then Flattened to tenderize the meat and served with special crunchy batter … Not to forget hearty sambal, hot or mild … it’s your choice! ARE YOU HOT ENOUGH?

I’ll have to agree on the sambal bit. My advice to those non-spicy fans …. stay far away from it, and I mean it. I am a chilli-person (ok … ok…. for Malaysian standard) yet I find their sambal hot! But without the sambal, the Flattened Fried Chicken dish tasted quite naked. Yup, I said it. So, like they say … hot or mild, your choice. Be glad … because you can order the bottomless soft drink.

I’ve tried their Bawal Penyet (Flattened Fried Pompret) and Lele Penyet (Flattened Catfish) and it was good. Although the fishes were a little small portioned, it was made up by the deliciously crunchy taste. Each ‘Penyet’ dish is served with condiments such as some vegetables and 2 pieces of …. I am guessing fried tofu and Tempe. No, don’t ask … I don’t know what that is. You do the Googling…

And then there’s drinks. Jus Alpukat (Avocado Juice), Es Cendol (Cendol Ice)…. Soda Gembira (err … Happy Soda?). I almost couldn’t decide what to have … with all those interesting drink names and finally settled for Happy Juice … I mean, Happy Soda. Curiously, my inquiry lead me to find out that the ‘Happy Soda’ is actually a cocktail of F&N Strawberry with condensed milk and a certain Soda imported from Indonesia. There you go … Happy Soda. Strangely enough, I didn’t feel a thing after downing the whole glass.

Perhaps I’ll ask for a double shot next round.

Waroeng Penyet
Lot 132, 1st Floor,
The Curve, Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 017-2003988

  1. cumidanciki Said,

    oh i have yet to try this but I heard that they’ve pegged the crispy chicken skin! thanks for the reminder!
    .-= cumidanciki´s last blog ..A New Home for Cumi & Ciki! =-.


  2. Leo Said,

    their ayam penyet is delicious!! went there once with Jenn and I can’t get enough of their crunchy batter!!!
    .-= Leo´s last blog ..Otak-Otak Place @ 1Utama Shopping Centre =-.


  3. Timothy Low Said,

    Yup, once you’ve tried it .. you’ll never get enough of it. Although I find it a little too dry for my taste …


  4. uLi Said,

    Ooo…yummy foods 🙂
    .-= uLi´s last blog ..My New Garmin nüvi 255W =-.


  5. TummyRumble Said,

    I’m not a big fan of indo food but the pictures look good 🙂
    .-= TummyRumble´s last blog ..Gourmet Burgers @ The Daily Grind, Bangsar Village 1, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur =-.


  6. GoodFood Said,

    Preferred go to Warong Pojok at Sunway. They served these Indo dishes better compared to this. Mind that the place is situated beside a low-cost flats. Nonetheless, it is highly recommended.


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