Grand Steamboat Garden

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I love steamboats. My friends used to tell me that maybe it’s a Klang thing. Perhaps it’s true to a certain extent. I come from a big family and when there’s a cause for celebration, we dine out. In a town like Klang, there’s only 2 places you can go if you have a family of more than 10. You either go to a seafood restaurant or a steamboat restaurant.

And I guess that why I grew with a certain preference for chinese food … and trust me, steamboat is as chinese as it can get.

I still remember the days where steamboats were served on aluminum pots heated up with charcoal fire. And to top it off, most steamboat restaurants were open-aired. The heat … the sweat … yet we enjoyed our food. These days, air conditioned steamboat restaurants are normal and steamboat pot were heated using gas or electric source.

One such outlet is the Grand Steamboat Garden in Taipan USJ. I was there recently as an invited guest by Wilson from to try out their new concept which I find quite interesting. Imagine a cross between sushi and steamboat. Well, you don’t exactly dip sushi’s in the hotpot! What I meant was … a conveyor belt. Choices of food were displayed along a conveyor belt, just like those you see in fast food japanese sushi restaurants. You pick your choice and eat your heart out. And that’s where the similarity ends.

At least you don’t have to eat and count the colors of your plates like you usually do. This is because you’ll be charge a flat fee instead of how much you eat. But do bear in mind that if you waste food, they charge your leftovers. Can you imagine that? Well …. let’s put it this way, people go hungry on the other side of the world. I am sure you feel for them. So don’t waste, ok?

Range of dish choices are good … from paper-thin beef slices to seafood balls and of course, the usual vegetables and noodles. Occasionally you spot a couple of eggs roll by the conveyor belt that’s pretty much in your face. I made an attempt to count how many different types of dishes they offer by staring at the conveyor belt and stopped counting at 10. Cross-eyed.

If I am not mistaken, there should be easily more than 50 different types of dishes offered. Talk about spoilt for choices, eh? But I believe they could do more to add value. Besides raw stuffs, there’s also choices of ready-to-eat dishes such as my favorite .. the Honey Chicken .. yum yum …. and a couple of other items.

And the next most important thing to steamboat is the soup. There’s nothing like a well-prepared soup and these guys at Grand Steamboat really pamper you with choices. Available soup choices are chicken, herbal, prawn, tomyam and finally extra-spicy soup. I was contemplating between prawn and extra-spicy (I am a sucker for spicy stuffs) and finally the prawn won.

What I like most about the place is the ambiance. It’s bright and cheerful although I must admit that they should do something about the plain cement walls, that’s a little out of place. Otherwise, seating arrangements are pretty well spaced out.

I wouldn’t say this is the best steamboat restaurant I’ve been to but given the benefit of doubt, Grand Steamboat Garden could grow into one.

Contact Details
39G, Jalan USJ 10/1F,
Taipan Subang Jaya,
47610 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

The restaurant is located on the same row as Standard Chartered Bank in Taipan. It’s an intermediate corner lot.

OVERALL RATING : * * * (plenty of room for improvement)
Environment Rating : * * * (could do with a little more identity)
Food Rating : * * * (decent, can be better)
Service Rating : * * * * (Well served. You may want to check back again during peak hours)
Budget Rating : * * (Could do with a little more value-adds)

Operation Details
Average Price : RM26.80 nett (adults) RM16.30 nett (children)
Operating Hours : Daily 11.30am – 2:30pm, 6.00pm – 11.00pm
Accepted Cards: : Master Card , Visa Card

Miscellaneous Details
Halal : Yes (but no certificate though …)
Dining Method : Dine-In lah of course. How to ta-pau steamboat???
Food/Cuisine : Chinese hotpot
Ambiance/Features : Simple and bright
BYO (Bring Your Own) Allowed? : Erm … I think I can sneak some pork chop into my hotpot?
Reservations : Yes

  1. Big Boys Oven Said,

    I just love your photos and food recommendation! wow factor!
    .-= Big Boys Oven´s last blog ..HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREA FONSEKA The Face of M-IFW’09 =-.


  2. EVo Said,

    YooOOooo!!! bringing u traffic from negara china brahduh!!
    .-= EVo´s last blog ..Facebook-less Day 1 in China =-.


  3. Leo Said,

    If I may say… this concept is copied from Shabu-Shabu places that are sprouting in Klang Valley at the moment… but with some Chinese twist (food.. that is)…
    If you have been to shabu-shabu restaurant… u will know! Apparently, there’s a great shabu=shabu place in Puchong… located on the same row as Citibank and Old Town Kopitiam (next to Giant)… check it out!!!
    .-= Leo´s last blog ..The Diner on Maarof =-.


  4. Bangsar-bAbE Said,

    I think it looks better than the one I recently had in Kepong. The soup was not tasty at all, how to cook the food?? Not even worth blogging about!
    .-= Bangsar-bAbE´s last blog ..Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Buffet =-.


  5. J2Kfm Said,

    hi Tim, pls update my link to

    .-= J2Kfm´s last blog ..Chatuchak Weekend Market & Mon Nom Sod Toast and Milk =-.


  6. Christine Said,

    Nice shots Tim!! and nice meeting u there 🙂
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Grand Steamboat Garden @ Taipan Subang Jaya =-.


  7. Yatz Said,

    walan eh..mouth-watering pics..lucky i eat til full dy >.<
    .-= Yatz´s last blog ..DGMB Pot Luck + BBQ @ David’s House, Klang =-.


  8. cumidanciki Said,

    cool concept. food looks good. i for one, am all for air-conditioned steamboat. don’t really fancy sweating my pants off in the sweltering heat;)
    .-= cumidanciki´s last blog ..PS. Cafe at Dempsey =-.


  9. mimid3vils Said,

    looks like MoMo PAradise Shabu Shabu that I posted but this have more side dishes…


  10. jacy Said,



  11. Haz Said,

    I rate this my best steamboat place around USJ. (There was another one in SS15 called Nanako but they closed down recently.)

    I come here at least 5 times in a month to my dinner after work and to bring my kids sometimes. I work out a lot at the gym, and this is a place where I can eat all I want (usually 6-8 plates of the beef alone, and just the soy stuff and the lettuce) with the nutritions I need minus the fats.


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