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I read somewhere that Nasi Lemak is the national dish of Malaysia. Well, I haven’t really thought about it but that’s quite true to a certain extent. Nasi Lemak is available on almost every street corner and in almost every local-themed restaurant, served with everything from chicken to beef to cuttlefish.

Best of all …. you can have Nasi Lemak for breakfast, lunch or dinner but I seriously doubt you want to do that, especially for health reasons. And I guess it’s a national dish because …… almost everyone enjoys a simple dish of Nasi Lemak ….

So what exactly makes a good Nasi Lemak? The rice? The sambal? or the condiments? It is a very personal preference but personally, I would go for all 3. It’s the combination of all 3 that makes the taste of Nasi Lemak … “complete”.

Tim Sum

And I am happy to announce that I’ve found this perfect combination at Village Park Restaurant in Damansara Uptown. Well, at least according to my taste. What I like most about the Nasi Lemak in Village Park Restaurant is …. like what I said earlier, the right combination of …..

Coconut milk fragrant rice – not to mushy and not too dry. Just nice.
Sambal (Chilli) – not too spicy, not too sweet. Just nice.
Condiments – crispy anchovies, crunchy nuts. Just nice.

And if you fancy a little ‘extra’ on your dish, go for the fried chicken which looks equally good as well. Otherwise, there’s also cuttlefish and other choices of side dishes that suits your taste. As for me, my ‘complete’ combination of Nasi Lemak will be just plain Nasi Lemak with a piece of fried chicken drumstick. Medium done.

Tim Sum

Tim Sum

A little while ago, some folks decided to find out the best Nasi Lemak in town and Village Park Nasi Lemak was nominated. And here’s the result …..

11th April 2009 : The 1st Annual Foodsters Award : Village Park came in Champion !
20th May 2009 : KLue – Top 10 Nasi Lemak in the Klang Valley : Village Park came in 4th

So if you’re interested to try some ‘award winning’ Nasi Lemak …. do check out Village Park. And here’s their address …. with a map just in case you get lost.

Village Park Restaurant
5, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact: +603 7710 7860
Business hour: 7am – 8pm daily, 7am – 6pm on Sunday and public holidays

Tim Sum

What others say about Village Park Restaurant.

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  1. KennyT Said,

    I’m a big fan of Nasi Lemak! You eat so well!
    .-= KennyT´s last blog ..Starbucks? =-.


  2. thenomadGourmand Said,

    Lovely! I luv ’em NL!
    here, the chic so nice ;), esp whn it comes out frm the kitchen piping hot and crisp.
    Wish the sambal is bit spicier but hey..its almost perfectly yummy alrei. Atr one to try is Cinta Ria at DJ. They do a good combo like wht u like 😉
    .-= thenomadGourmand´s last blog ..RAMA V, HIStory, The Restaurant & then.. The Indulgence =-.


  3. msihua Said,

    Guess who’s back??!!! Cobraaaaaa!!!… sorry on a high from G.I. Joe…

    What’s the pricing like in this place? Chicken looks good… YummsmMZMmzz
    .-= msihua´s last blog ..Do It Again =-.


  4. Leo Said,

    last time I used to berebut table with other patrons in the morning, but that time they still haven’t taken the other shop next door. Apart from nasi lemak, also try their nasi dagang.. don’t forget to ask for extra gravy ok???
    also also… teh tarik!!!!
    u know how good the business is??? Just look at the lady boss at the counter… not at her face!! Look at her wrist ok?? You will notice different watches everytime… all ultra expensive… I swear that I saw Rolex and Cartier previously. God knows how many more of those watches she has… lol!!!
    .-= Leo´s last blog ..Fun Taipei Teacafe @ SS2/64 PJ =-.


  5. Big Boys Oven Said,

    thi is one of my fvourite nasi lemak joint! 🙂 Very affordable too!
    .-= Big Boys Oven´s last blog ..Lee Ann MAXIMA – Big Boys Oven Feather Food! =-.


  6. mimid3vils Said,

    The fried chicken look decent!!!


  7. email2me Said,

    I’ve tried this one. In Uptown no doubt it is rated the best. If talk about Klang Valley, this is not the best for me. Checkout my blog soon for the best Nasi lemak in Klang Valley.
    .-= email2me´s last blog ..Nikonian Academy at Kota Damansara, The Professional Photography Training Center =-.


  8. xin Said,

    i like the fried chicken too! but it is always packed =/ weekday lunch, weekend morning, forever packed. sometimes im just too lazy to Q for food. lol.
    .-= xin´s last blog ..SloppyChic on BestFoodJunction Mag July and Sate Kajang Hj Samuri =-.


  9. cumidanciki Said,

    really so good.. must give it a try!


  10. tweety Said,

    Double thumbs up! Nasi lemak ayam is rm6.80. I always add rm1.00 for kangkung. Yummy!!! Tips: Less crowd during lunch hours in fasting month of Ramadhan. We have lunch there once a week. In fasting month, min twice a week!


    tweety Reply:

    Oh….Went there for lunch ,it is remain crowded. Full house at 12.30pm.


  11. smallgirl Said,

    hey! you put in so much effort… from going there, snapping pictures..editing..placing them in order, writing! bravo!!! can i feature your link at my blog too for sharing???

    anyway, nasi lemak at village park is really good…
    .-= smallgirl´s last blog ..Simple Salted and Century Egg Porridge =-.


  12. Timothy Low Said,

    smallgirl, you’re more than welcome to feature my link. You work is good too!


  13. smallgirl Said,

    hehe…thanks for complimenting. but i hope i could improve and learn from u! to reply you… yes to both questions. but i’m away now and will return in a couple of months. what about urself ?
    .-= smallgirl´s last blog ..today’s special! – black cord’s liver with hoi sin sauce =-.


  14. Peter Said,

    A close fren just went to this restaurant during last weekend (10th July 2010 – about 9 am), and told us about a very bad experience with the boss of this Village Park restaurant. From what she told us, anyone that heard about the incident will feel angry on the way they are treated. The chinese lady boss (the one in red t-shirt in 1 of the pictures above) drove in to the parking space where they put all the tables and chairs, almost hit my fren’s companion. When my fren told her nicely that she should’ve asked the staffs to inform earlier instead of just driving in immediately without warning. The lady boss shouted at her and the conversations are roughly like following:

    my fren: Boss, just now u drove in ur car suddenly almost hit my fren. Actually next time you can ask your staff to inform us to move earlier.
    lady boss: what? isn’t your fren alright now?
    my fren: yes, she is alright but your car almost hit her.
    male boss came out from the restaurant: (in loud voice) FUCK!! WHAT DO YOU WANT NOW ???

    my fren: I dun want anything, I’m just trying to ask you to inform earlier. Why are you shouting, is this how you treat your customers?
    lady boss: I treat ALL my customers with “respect”
    my fren : I dun wan to argue with u, u can continue to do anything u like, this will be my last visit here
    lady boss: GO AWAY
    her husband with little misai follows and shouted : GOoo AWAY !!

    Both of the husband and wife boss kept scolding and shouting which my fren couldn’t hear what they said. But definitely not good things.

    Then my fren was angry now, and then just went to pay at the counter.
    my fren : Don’t add in the service tax, there is no service at all.
    lady boss (with loud voice) : sure

    my fren paid the amout and wanted to leave
    male boss (pointing outside) : wah, eat so little only, dont come again!
    lady boss added: yea, you don’t come we still have a lot of other customers.

    when they said this, all the customers in the restaurant were shocked too.

    The above is a true incident that happened. And many other customers were there to witnessed this. I’ve been to this restaurant several times and even brought my frens there. I’m not sure about you all, but after hearing this I have told my family and friends that we decided to boycott this uptown Village Park nasi lemak despite how nice it is.


    Hisham De'Pesona Reply:

    Will never go to this shop…. Sorry to hear about the incident.


    Kok Hsien Reply:

    I think sometimes you cant believe what you read on the internet. A lot of these commenters might be just competitors trying to ruin their name. It might be real too but take it with a pinch of salt.
    .-= Kok Hsien´s last blog ..The Monkey needs your feedback! =-.


    Peter Reply:

    Hi Hisham, Kok Hsien,

    Yes, wat Kok hsien said is actually true. not only competitors, but sometimes even ppl would be ruining other ppl’s name becos they dun like them by making up stories. The purpose of posting this however, was not for that purpose.

    It is true that you shouldn’t just listen from one source of information. Thats why ask or search around maybe papers, blogs, or friends to see if possible to hear similar things. Anyway I do hope that someone (friends or family) from village nasi lemak gets a chance to see this, and then let them feedback to those 2 persons involved. They better behave and hopefully no other victims have to suffer the same treatment. Anyway all our friends have not gone back to this place ever since this incident happened.


  15. Peter Said,

    anyway frankly it is very surprised to see some one who looks decent in spectacles (the chinese lady boss) would turn out nasty. Maybe there are frustrations and pressures from daily, but it is not wise to fuss it out on customer and scold ppl away.


  16. Akunana Said,

    wah… can boycout this restoran d!!!!


  17. S Said,

    This attitude and rage behaviour is truly unacceptable. Not to mentioned to treat the victim like that who are their customers. What happened if the lady boss really hit them, and who shall be responsible for this incident? If this is the case, how can customers expect to dine there safely without knowing if any secs they are risking their life to those irresponsible owner /driver?

    I definitely think that the owner owed them an apology for the matter, and should not ill treated their customers.

    Otherwise, there’s no point how nice the food, but such an absurd service from the staff and owner.


  18. Ego Boss Said,

    Yeah should boycott them!!! food good so what, attitude suck!!!


  19. Peter Said,

    Thanks for the comments. Yes, when some ppl became ‘successful’ or famous will become arrogant.. sigh. They forgot who are feeding them actually, and who are the real bosses that contributed to their big cars/houses. Especially food business is considered as servicing industry, even though customer drop by for just 1 drink they should be respected.


  20. Aki Said,

    Please let all ur friends know about this, this is the real incident. Totally unacceptable, regardless how nice the food it is, the attitude really made ppl don’t wish to step in again. Just imagine, if u r the customer being treated like this, how do u feel?

    Pass it on to let more ppl aware about this.


  21. Agatha Said,

    yea, that was my fren too… I feel very angry when she told me… because customers should not deserve such treatment, where is the Customers always Right attitude??? Somemore she say she always RESPECT customer… sigh… just hope that these ppl will take some effort to seriously mirror themself…

    Anyway, glad that my fren did the right thing to pay the bill and EXCLUDE the service charge…

    * This place is gonna banned by many ppl…


  22. Peter Said,

    my fren just sent me another link, which says about another incident that happened at the same place:


  23. Adam Said,

    Yeahlor, not all restaurants must have the best food, just remember there are plenty of other ‘road-side’ nasi lemak stalls which are much more humble and cheaper! I heard they are not Malaysian Chinese, summore! If not mistaken they are rich and snobbish Indonesian Chinese. No offence, but if you want to retain a sense of dignity, please ask them to behave also and respect other country’s citizens, what more not being Malaysians!! The customer is always right, ok?! Rule #1 in any business! Now Im gonna boycott that place too!! Hahaha, serves them right!


    Peter Reply:

    kudos to comments from Adam =) not sure about the indonesian chinese part, however.. i support wat u said.. those bosses should not be so rude, remember tat customers pay for their livings. Without customers like us, they will suck up big time !


  24. fingercrackg Said,

    hye all..

    as i love food…i also love the character behind the food’s created..

    i’ve crossed this website when i was trying to search such fine foods…

    i my self had quite an experience with this shop..

    twice been there and the same incident occured…with the lady boss…

    the most that i can recall, is her facial expression…something that ruined my day..

    the way she stares at you..her discreet tone of voice..and a few employees that imitating her act of what i can describe …lunacy..

    no 3rd visit for me …period…

    a restaurant ..in my point of view..contains few elements..

    and this restaurant…dont deserve my respect as a food lover..

    such a poison tho….


  25. Captain Said,

    i suppose when people get rich they become more arrogant…normal human behaviour.
    in all f&b biz, the customers is always right & this is a cardinal rule that shud never be broken. the owner must always remained humble whatever.
    all it takes is just a simple “apology” (irrespective of who is right or wrong) & all will be forgotten, but pride rule the day i suppose…
    for those who had been antagonised, i suppose we have a choice & if everyone chose not to go there, tomorrow, they will be out begging!


  26. Captain Said,

    Sometimes there could be elements of sabotage tendency out of jealousy.
    So to back up such outrageous & sweeping accusation, must have solid evidence in the form of photos, use mobile phones, voice recording, etc. A picture speak a thousand words.
    Nowadays, with internet, twisted truth cannot be ruled out…unless solid evidence to back up what anybody say! Just look around, a good example is Sodomy II & Datuk Trio….what a world in bolehland.
    I say, let’s be fair to both parties before jumping in.


  27. Captain Said,

    Accusations must be back up with evidence…….


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