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Here’s one from across the bridge. Yup …. occasionally my career would require me to venture to this neighboring country of ours, Singapore. And old habits die hard. Where I go, the camera goes. And where the camera goes, the clicking continues …. right? This isn’t my first review on Singapore food. I’ve done quite a few and it get’s better along the way. The food, I mean.

Anyway … about the food. Pardon my pun but I’ve always thought Singaporean food is nothing to shout about. Apparently I can be wrong. Simply because …. I have to know where to look for good food. I guess it’s the same here in Malaysia, or specifically Kuala Lumpur. Or even Penang for that matters. But the thought vanished in an instant as I stepped into Dian Xiao Er.

Tim Sum

Looks like they really put in a lot of effort to produce the olden days dining experience. Rustic timber sheds adds to the ambiance of traditional Chinese inn dining.

There’s also a story behind their specialty servings which is Herbal Roast Duck. Chinese Herbs are distinctive culture heritages of the Chinese. It was said that combining herbs with roast duck was the brainchild of a Xiao Er (Waiter) in a roast duck restaurant. It started out as an attempt to help his bedridden master on the route to recovery. After a few feeding sessions, the master showed remarkable improvements in his condition, making a speedy recovery and even emerged stronger than before. From then on, Herbal Roast Duck became the specialty of the restaurant. And this … is something you don’t want to miss in Dian Xiao Er.

Tim Sum

The rest of the dishes below are selected from a list of their “set menus”. Pricing is quite reasonable for these set menus. Averagely, you pay about S$38 for a 2 person meal consisting of 5 items. And as for Malaysians …. try not to convert the amount to Ringgit value. Then of course it’s expensive, right?

Tim Sum

Tim Sum

Generally, I should say this place serves good food and is a real good deal. Do check it out. Alternatively, you can also read what others wrote about Dian Xiao Er

Five Senses

#02-203/204 Marina Square
Tel: (65) 6337 1928

Dian Xiao Er is also located in these venues:
Ang Mo Kio Hub
Causeway Point
Changi Airport T3
Lot One
Jurong Point
West Coast Plaza

Opening Hours:
11:30am – 2:30pm,
5:30pm – 10:00pm (last order 9:30pm).

No Reservations but you can call the restaurant
between 2:30pm – 5pm for a priority queue-number.

  1. chaozhouzi Said,

    I had this herb roasted duck over in JB 2 years ago. I think it is located close to City Square for I recall walking from City Square to the shop. There is a giant model of a roasted duck hanging outside the shop. Heard that they came to Singapore to setup this Dian Xiao Er but unable to confirm it.


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