Tim Sum

It’s a Sunday morning and you woke up early. Put on your jogging shoes and did a couple of rounds in your neighborhood and hit the shower. You’ve just started what we like to call .. “A Great Healthy” morning and what follows on would most likely to be a great healthy breakfast. That’s right …. cereals, cornflakes, some fruits and a dash of fresh, low-fat milk. Right?

Wrong. Haha.

My usual Sunday morning would be … opening my eyes to the loud sound of neighbor playing his favorite tune on the radio and children screaming away playing next door. My dogs .. Pepper the Boxer, Chilli and Ginger my Shih Tzus would probably be screaming away for breakfast too. By the time I get out of my house, it’s already 11am .. yup, just right in time for lunch.

I headed towards Damansara Uptown as I was told about Ho Choong Tuck Restaurant that serves pretty decent Tim Sum. Now, that’s my favorite Sunday morning …. starting the day with a good (not necessarily healthy) breakfast. Something like Tim Sum. Yup…..

As said, they serve pretty good Tim Sum, although not the best. Choices are good with the usual steam dishes, fried stuffs , glutinous rice (lo mai kai) and of course, pau. Unfortunately, not all the dishes are good especially the Siu Lung Pau. I had to drill my way through the thick skin before being able to taste the “oh so plain” soup inside.

Tim Sum

Tim Sum

Tim Sum

Generally it’s quite a good choice for occasional visits. Alternatively … there’s a good place selling Nasi Lemak a few doors away which, I presume is good since it’s always packed. I’ll be checking out that place ….. soon. Meanwhile, there’s the address in case you are interested.

Restoran Ho Choong Tuck
21, Jalan SS 21/37
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya


  1. msihua Said,

    Is the glutinous rice served in a bread/bun bowl thing?

    I miss good yong tau fu at dim sum places… haih…
    .-= msihua´s last blog ..Still Waiting =-.


  2. cumidanciki Said,

    ROFL.. so cute the way u started ur post… healthy right? NOT!
    anyway, we love our dimsum too.. healthy or not, can always burn off later la. no? 🙂
    .-= cumidanciki´s last blog ..RAMA V – Happy Birthday Danny and Andre! =-.


  3. J2Kfm Said,

    so-so only? but the Kai Woh Pau looks mighty indulging … glistening oil and all.
    .-= J2Kfm´s last blog ..Motormouth’s Back from Bangkok – Bloated, Flustered, & on Quarantine Mode =-.


  4. Leo Said,

    Frankly, I’d only come here once and I swear that I won’t be coming back here again. Taste-wise was OK and pretty decent… and freshness-wise, I really doubt it! You see… I am a fan of prawns like those har gao or salad prawn… but the prawns were not fresh… the texture was mushy and not Q (taiwanese term) at all… I did complain to the boss though.

    Anyway, for dim sum… Jin Yuan has opened its door in Uptown as well. It’s located on the same row as Public Bank. Try this out ok?? The ginseng herbal tea is quite good…

    The nasi lemak place that you mentioned is Park Village… one of the best in town (got award la)! Apart from nasi lemak, their nasi dagang and teh tarik are to die for!!! Definitely must go!!!
    .-= Leo´s last blog ..Long Fatt @ Jalan Kg. Pantai, Melaka =-.


  5. Timothy Low Said,

    Yes I-Hua, Kai Woh Pau …. as J2kfm has said it.

    Cumidanciki, easy for you to say eh … you’re so slim and all ….

    J2kfm, haha … that’s the power of photoshop. Muahahaa….
    .-= Timothy Low´s last blog ..Ho Choong Tuck Tim Sum =-.


  6. msihua Said,

    HAHAHA… for some reason, Kai Woh Pau sounds extremely funny… like a bad curse word… ahahahHAHAHAHHA… maaf.. *hic*
    .-= msihua´s last blog ..Still Waiting =-.


  7. thenomadGourmand Said,

    Yup that ‘s Nasi Lemak Village Park. Be prep to wait if you hit it at 11am on a Sun!
    .-= thenomadGourmand´s last blog ..JJ Swiss Rolls – IPOH =-.


  8. Bangsar-bAbE Said,

    I work so nearby, but I never eat here. The backlane is so dirty and smelly, kenot tahan la! 0_o But hor, you should try Jin Xuan Hong Kong down the road. It’s the same row as Public Bank, and got aircond! =P
    .-= Bangsar-bAbE´s last blog ..Green Apple Burger vs Pineapple Burger =-.


  9. jason Said,

    I work just opposite! Usually will drop by for the mixed rice for lunch on weekdays. The dim sum – steamed items are quite decent, never really tried their pau though.
    .-= jason´s last blog ..Act 1: Precious Pea’s Breakfast Excursion – Yang Kee Beef Noodles =-.


  10. mimid3vils Said,

    I love siu long bao but too bad it’s didn’t taste good here~~
    .-= mimid3vils´s last blog ..Red Mania =-.


  11. William Said,

    Hey, that’s near my house! haha…

    Yeah eaten there a few times as well, it’s just simple, tasty dim sum. I’d like to say it’s cheap too, but it’s not as cheap as it used to be a few years ago. Still, I enjoy going to the place.
    .-= William´s last blog ..Bora Asmara,Kg. Sg. Penchala,Kuala Lumpur =-.


  12. Parkson Grand Said,

    You must be kidding. This shop is good and cheap? i find their dim sum not up to standard and expensive. If compared to Hong Kee, they are like nothing…. and its also dirty…. i used to work nearby there and eat there at first.. after few times, i felt disgusted to eat there… do you that there back kitchen was on newspaper TheStar once? it was mentioned to be very dirty and disgusting and i agreed with them. Once i found there’s a long hair on my dim sum and complain to them and their reaction was like as if it is normal to find a hair in the dim sum……

    My advice to this owner of this blog… I has some reservation towards your taste and opinions of your food. Maybe you should improve your taste buds before you blog abt food…..


  13. Timothy Low Said,

    Dear Parkson Grand (or ex-employee or someone who really likes this nickname),

    I respect your opinion about this restaurant. And I appreciate you taking time to visit my blog and dropping your comments. Your opinion about this restaurant is very strong and I feel for you. Perhaps you had a very bad experience with this restaurant and you felt this strong urge to criticize them. Food poisoning? Hospitalized?

    Like I always tell my readers, if you don’t like them …. then don’t go to them. It’s your money, your appetite and your health. You have a choice. But shooting them on the leg isn’t going to improve your appetite or whatsoever. Always bear in mind, there are countless employee who needs the job in that restaurant very much more than you need to eat there. Sometimes, you choice of word will affect people’s livelihood.

    And as for my taste and opinion about food, let’s just say that I own the blog and it’s my choice of opinion and words. What I write is about dining experience. So, like it or not, I am here to stay.

    Bite me…..


  14. Tamie Said,

    I have to agree good food location is always dirty, the quality of the food goes down when they move to a cleaner environment. It has happen to so many famous food stalls I wonder why. If you don’t see it I think it’s find, for me don’t see how they do it and I can eat it as long as it taste good. This dim sum is ok but not one of the best.

    in Indonesia the food stalls is amazing, thousands of flies on the food and wok but yet so many people just eat, when I saw that I just lost it, can hack it, so I decided to choose a restaurant where I don’t have to see it, so Malaysia is still not too bad.

    The famous food stall under the big tree is good but also dirty but damn good, lots of huge rats and hey the coconut chicken soup I think they recycle the coconut but damn good I still go there. Good thing our tummy can take all this coz we are immune to it already.

    I just drove pass a BBQ chicken stall damn good chicken but imagine the amount of dust on the chicken but yet we still eat it, how dirty is that but it’s good, we Malaysian’s are tough guess we are just use to it. So no matter how dirty the place is, as long as the food is good and service is ok we still can survive and enjoy the food. It’s how you enjoy and not complain hehehehe well I guess we malaysian do like to complain. Anyway, critics creates readership.

    Thanks Tim, I’m proud of you.


  15. tweety Said,

    I had been working here for 8 years, we had banned this place as the food is not fresh and the restaurant is not hygience. We had breakfast there for 3 times as we thought the unpleasant experience may due to some “technical problem”. However they let us down everytime. This is a No-No place for us.


  16. Timothy Low Said,

    Tweety, thank you very much for your comments. I can’t much about the hygiene of this place but I will take note. As for the rest of the readers out there … it’s your own discretion.


  17. Atria Said,

    (Sorry this may not be directly related to Ho Choong Tuck but related to the equivalent hygiene of Hong Kee DJ)

    Parkson Grand: I feel for you, Parkson. Maybe it’s really normal to find hair in dim sums? I found 3-4 hairs out of the 5 dimsums we ordered at Hong Kee DJ. Surprising for such a place! Good thing that all of the hairs I found were short. 2 out of them were curly, but still short. Confronted the people there, but all they did was change the dimsums for us. And still, after the change, still had a hair! This is madness! I told them again, and they said OK wait, and changed again.

    We didn’t finish any of the remaining dimsums and left. I never ever in my life seen so much hair in my food in one sitting. I’m sure you guys think 3-4 hairs is considered many right?Come on…what is the probability? I have tried dimsums all over the country, but never so many hair in one day.

    This place was so raved about, but to find so many hair is really a disappointment. I know many food bloggers will not support this comment, but food hygiene is important to me. My intention is to share a real and honest experience, not to bring down this place. It is overrated anyway. So never judge a book by its cover.The outlook was better compared to Ho Choong Tuck, but I don’t think you find some more hair after the dimsums were changed?

    This was different, after changing twice, still got hair. How can this be acceptable? Nose hair, eyelash can be acceptable for some people…where can curly hair come from? Can you take another bite?


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