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My first visit to Ah Cheng Laksa for a review was way back in January 2009. It was a casual visit without the restaurant owner attending to me. And you can read about what I wrote here.

I was invited to visit this restaurant again recently to do a “food sampling” together with a few other fellow foodies. If you’ve been frequenting food blogs, you may have heard of … by a team of foodies consisting of Stephen, Sue Ann and William. Here’s their article on Ah Cheng Laksa.

And if you’ve not been to Ah Cheng Laksa, it’s located on the lower ground floor of e@Curve (formerly Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara). If you’ve read my last article, I mentioned a little about what they serve i.e. Assam Fish (my favorite), Nasi Lemak Petai and etc. During this visit, I had the opportunity to sample a few other items from the menu. Of course, boss belanja (paid by the boss) … definitely choices are wider.

If you’re a Malaysian, chances are …. you’d be familiar with dishes such as Assam Laksa, Curry Laksa and Nasi Lemak. If you haven’t ….. let’s question your nationality! They are of course …. national dishes of Malaysia. The Assam laksa is a sour fish-based soup. Asam (or asam jawa) is the Malay word for tamarind, which is commonly used to give the stock its sour flavor. It is also common to use “asam keping” also known as “asam gelugor”, dried slices of tamarind fruit, for added sourness. Modern Malay spelling is asam, though the spelling assam is still frequently used.

And the Curry laksa (in many places referred to simply as “laksa”) is a coconut-based curry soup. The main ingredients for most versions of curry laksa include tofu puffs, fish sticks, shrimp and cockles (see ham). Ah Cheng Laksa prepares their laksa using chicken instead of shrimp. Cockles is a must in my bowl of Curry Laksa. Add in a little sambal and garnish it with Vietnamese coriander, or laksa leaf, which is known in Malay as daun kesum, and I am fixed.

assam laksa

Nasi Lemak is available on almost every street corner and in almost every local-themed restaurant in Malaysia, served with everything from chicken to beef to cuttlefish. That makes preparing a GOOD Nasi Lemak more challenging, since there’s many choices to compare with. Ah Cheng whips up a pretty decent plate of Nasi Lemak …. good enough to cure your hunger pang, but they’ll have to do better to make it to the Top 10. Yup, the Top 10 Best Nasi Lemak in the Klang Valley.

nasi lemak


Ah Cheng Laksa, e@Curve (formerly Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara)
Lot LG 9(i), Lower Ground
Cuisine: Local food
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm
Halal : YES
Tel/ Fax: 03–5632 6101

  1. KennyT Said,

    Wow, it looks like de kinda place I like to frequent!

    I’d so much like to try that herbal chicken soup, looks so comforting. Btw, the tofu puffs in laksa are my favourites, would it be possible if I request the shop to replace all other ingredients by tofu puffs only in the laksa?? LOL.

    Nice photos! Thanks for sharing.
    .-= KennyT´s last blog ..My Cousin’s 30th Birthday =-.


  2. Big Boys Oven Said,

    I just love eating at Ah cheng even it is slightly expensive !
    .-= Big Boys Oven´s last blog ..I Got Featured On The Weekly Chinese Free Newspaper ‘Red Tomato’! =-.


  3. cumidanciki Said,

    I also love my curry laksa with meehoon. It sucks up the sauce better than mee! haha
    .-= cumidanciki´s last blog ..House & Co. =-.


  4. sibu food diva Said,

    wow, tantalizing. makes me want to board on the next plane to kl already
    .-= sibu food diva´s last blog ..Of Sachet and Sticky Notes =-.


  5. William Said,

    Hi Tim, thanks for the mention!

    I was a pleasent suprise that the laksa was quite authentic, which is saying qutie alot because that morning I ate the famous Johor curry laksa (can’t remember the street name), which was really nice.

    But I definately would consider going back to this place again.

    Meehoon-mee for me =)
    .-= William´s last blog ..FT: Ah Cheng Laksa, Damansara Cineleisure =-.


  6. mimid3vils Said,

    Now I had Asam Laksa once a week, always craving for it 😛
    .-= mimid3vils´s last blog ..Zuup Soup Bar *edited =-.


  7. superwilson Said,

    Good to see u post something…. Makan session soon… 🙂
    .-= superwilson´s last blog ..Durian Feast @ Karak =-.


  8. msihua Said,

    GOSH… looking at this on a cold winter day makes me hungrier than normal…. *sigh*
    .-= msihua´s last blog ..Nobu @ Crown Casino, Melbourne =-.


  9. Leo Said,

    Awww!!! You remind me on how long I have not been to Cineleisure. Normally I would have their curry laksa before going for movie at Cathay… sigh!!! I find that their laksa is flavourful too 🙂
    Must come back here again!!! as it’s near my home
    .-= Leo´s last blog ..Long Fatt @ Jalan Kg. Pantai, Melaka =-.


  10. 550ml jar of faith Said,

    I am in love with the laksa – both Assam and Curry!! And I have very sticky laksa tastebuds! Is the nasi lemak meant to showcase petai, the stink bean? How come I can’t see any?
    .-= 550ml jar of faith´s last blog ..Plain Mee… what gives, Super Kitchen, SS2? =-.


  11. ai wei Said,

    am hungry after reading this. but this place is kinda far far away ar…
    .-= ai wei´s last blog ..Beard Papa’s @ Pavilion KL =-.


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