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Do note that of the lot, “SERVICE” is my topmost priority. Corporations worldwide spend billions of dollars annually to implement and upgrade customer service quality and yet, it saddens me to see companies, especially from the food industry being ignorant about this.


Here’s a typical example of the level of service quality experienced by a young lady recently in an established food outlet, somewhere in Sunway.

My siblings and I visited Shogun in Sunway Pyramid for the first time today. We called on Monday (18 May 2009) to make a reservation for 3 at 1pm for Friday (22 May 2009). However, upon reaching Shogun’s doorstep at 1pm today, we were told TODAY that our reservation was CHANGED to THURSDAY (21 May 2009)!

The doorman in charge at that time, Gibson, insisted that they called us to confirm that the reservation was changed to Thursday. The only phone call we received was at 12.45pm today, but it was missed. We promptly called back several times for the next 15 minutes but there was either no answer, or was engaged.

We explained that we did not change our reservation for Friday at 1pm. Gibson insisted that we called to change and shortly after that raised his voice saying, “IT’S NOT MY FAULT!!”. He then told us to wait and walked away. When he returned, he pretended not to see us waiting and continued with what he was previously doing.

Personally, I think that was very rude.

We approached him again and asked to speak to the manager. He let out a grunt before going inside to call the supervisor, who then looked at the reservation list again, and told us that our reservation was only for 2, meaning if he were to admit us into the restaurant, he can only admit 2. We told him that it was impossible because we clearly made reservations for 3, and told him to check our reservation number which was W14. The supervisor checked the list again and pointed to a column on the list which stated 2pax. Dissatisfied, we cross-referenced that column with the name and phone number recorded and found that it was a reservation under the same name, but different contact number. Even though they had clearly made a mistake, both the supervisor and Gibson did not apologize and asked for our reservation number again. After checking the list again, the right record for our reservation but then said that we did not show up at 12.30 pm, so they gave our table away. But we clearly made a reservation for 3 at 1 pm. Why was it written as 12.30 pm? We insisted that the supervisor check with the person who was in charge of taking reservations on Monday, but they refused and said that it was a miscommunication. Gibson then proceeded to tell us that we would have to wait for our table.

That defeats the whole purpose of making reservation, doesn’t it?

We were only seated after half an hour and we did not even get a word of apology from them at all! It was obviously an internal management error, so shouldn’t they at least apologize?

Before we left, we approached Gibson (we didn’t know his name then) to ask for his name and politely told him that he was very rude to us. He refused to give us his name, and instead he raised his voice again saying, “You all started it first!”. Pardon me, but the last time I checked, restaurant staff are supposed to be well mannered and polite, not this rude! He insisted on not giving us his name, and then turned around to ignore us. We proceeded to ask the other cashier behind the counter, but she too refused to give us his name.

Evidently, the management of Shogun Pyramid does not highly prioritize customers’ satisfaction based on this particular episode. Initially, a simple apology would suffice. However, given that the fact that my siblings and myself were at the receiving end of a ruder treatment, I made a point to personally lodge a direct complain against the staff in Shogun Pyramid.

My friends and I are frequent customers to various Japanese buffets. This is the first time we decided to give Shogun a try, and after such treatment, it just left us with a bitter aftertaste, and full of disappointment. We would definitely not give Shogun a visit anymore, and we would also spread the word around about the horrible customers service that we were given.

I forgot to mention above, that Gibson wears a different uniform from the other waiters/waitresses. He wears white shirt and vest as oppose to the other table waiters/waitresses who wears only yellow shirts. So I’m guessing he’s of higher position?

If you’re wondering if I am posting this article because of a friend, the answer is no. Personally I don’t know this young lady but I am merely supporting her because I feel her sentiments. I can imagine if I were in her position, it’s gonna be ALL HELL BREAK LOSE for me. Let’s hope something get’s done by someone …. somehow.

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  1. Jason Said,

    LOL. I like the left picture.

    Shogun, a place that I wouldn’t want to step in twice.

    Jason’s last blog post..I’m A Standout In Life


  2. Bangsar-bAbE Said,

    I agree that Shogun’s customer service sucks big time! Plus, the food’s nothing to shout about…And that Gibson fella…shockingly rude! This kind of ppl shouldn’t be left in charge of the front entrance… o_0

    Bangsar-bAbE’s last blog post..Fun Kee, Sungai Besi


  3. thenomadGourmand Said,

    hoho.. this has been circulating.. me thinks someone at Shogun better take note!

    thenomadGourmand’s last blog post..Foodie day out – OuG market & Loke Yuen Chic


  4. Sugar Bean Said,

    Wow, that’s seriously rude, Can feel the anger when I’m reading it. Didn’t know Shogun has an outlet in Pyramid. Been to the one in 1 Utama, it was alright, not too good, not too bad.

    Sugar Bean’s last blog post..Adonis Kebab House


  5. Sophia Said,

    I agree. you can have the world’s best food but if the service sucks, I don’t wanna go there ever again. But in the word of Fabio from Top Chef, “they can serve you monkey’s ass on empty clam shells” but if the service is excellent, I’ll still love it.

    Sophia’s last blog post..Two Different Peas in a Pod


  6. Pureglutton Said,

    That’s really bad bad service – I can’t stand rudeness fr restaurants or any service-provider! I don’t go to Shogun much – i think they’re quite cocky just because they think their biz is good (& they don’t allow photography in their premise). But of late, the queues there hv lessened and they are now desperately trying to pull back the crowds with some cheap offers.

    Pureglutton’s last blog post..Shanghai – Day 5


  7. Timothy Said,

    Jason, yeah … cute photo eh. Btw, that’s not done by me ok … haha.

    Bangsar-Babe, that’s right.I think you and I probably share the same sentiment .. cannot tahan bad service !

    ThenomadGourmand, yup .. let’s hope so too.

    Sugar BEan, I’ve not been to either. Now I am wondering if I ever should visit them.

    Sophia, you took the words right out of my mouth. By the way, I simply adore your writings in your website.

    PureGlutton, yeah. Many people told me that. They disallow people taking photograph. Usually those who do that, are aware they have problems with their restaurant and worry it goes to the public.


  8. 3 Pussy Cats Said,

    Well, I’ve been hearing a lot of bad remarks about Shogun, that’s why I never think of stepping in such restaurant…….

    3 Pussy Cats’s last blog post..David Brown’s Restaurant & Tea Terraces, Penang Hill


  9. Tamie Said,

    I’ve never been to Shogun because people tell me the food sucks and service is bad! For me most important is the service and the food! If the food is good but service sucks I’ll never go back and will definitely not recommend to anyone. Don’t want them to have a bad experience. It’s true people in the service industry do not keep up to the quality of service, they fail miserably because of ignorance.

    You be surprise how some owners themselves tells you that they don’t care coz’ they have enough customer and they don’t need to provide any good service. It’s like you want to eat, you eat if not go somewhere else! so, what happen to the word Customer service and Customer rights!

    In Malaysia, when you complain about the food they don’t even apologise but they look at you as if you are the problem and some actually tell you that it’s your taste bud problem and not their food. Nothing shocking about it as it is not the first time I’ve experienced it in Malaysia. So far as a foodie I’ve never ever came across a restaurant which can provide perfect customer service. Non that I can compliment about or highlight. The problems with Malaysian restaurant is most of the people working there are not well trained and what we get is lay blame or justification.

    In overseas however, you get excellent customer service, really fantastic! If you are not happy with the meals they apologise and immediately change and improve on it without justification. Even when you are not happy they make sure you are happy before leaving their restaurant as they definitely want you to talk about good things about their restaurant. Word of mouth marketing is the best marketing tool for service business. How word of mouth marketing spreads it’s like a disease really fast and far.

    I do hope to see more improvement in our Malaysian food service industry.


  10. Simon Seow Said,

    Let’s all post this note in our blog and create a woo haa!!! To show them to never think that your customer is stupid.

    Simon Seow’s last blog post..Runway 101


  11. superwilson Said,

    U blog about this huh. I was quite annoyed when I read this post on Facebook.

    Imagine they charge “service tax” 10% on your bill with such attitude.

    superwilson’s last blog post..Febri’s Hotel & Spa Bali Review (March ’09)


  12. fatboybakes Said,

    omigoodness, i am shocked!!!! and i heard jackson oso kena grief from them. what is wrong with this place!!!!

    fatboybakes’s last blog post..Perth….. Pleasantville


  13. Timothy Said,

    3 Pussy Cats, I was never convinced about it until I saw this note. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I just added you into my fav link list.

    Tamie, well said.

    Simon, yeah do that.

    Superwilson, you wanna put this in your blog as well?

    FBB, obviously customer is not important in this joint, right?


  14. J2Kfm Said,

    I rmbr bout this place not letting the patrons snapping any pics at all.
    so, NEVER visited. hehehe … plus the lacklustre reviews (foodwise) kinda stopped me from wishing anyway.


  15. Derek Said,

    Funny thing. The law. We are living in an age not of the industrial age where the supplier rules with the words “I have this, will you buy it?”. We are living in the age of the consumer with the words “I want this, do you have it?” (as quoted by Marketing Guru, Philip Kotler). And if a business wants to survive, it’s about the reviving business. What is business?

    It’s about satisfied customers of course.

    My aunt who’s a lawyer in UK returned to Malaysia on several occasions enlightned me on the term ‘service charge’. She mentioned when I wanted to give a tip to put my money away. Why?

    “Because you’re already paying them service charge” I was confused. She even continued, “If you’re not happy with their service, you don’t have to pay that 10%” and I was trying to explain to her that it was compulsory.

    Her statement?

    “Bollocks! There’s no such thing in the Law Ammendment.”

    Which got me thinking… Do we even need to pay for such rude service, or none at all?

    Derek’s last blog post..10,000 hits!


  16. Renee Tay Said,

    Hey Timothy! Linked you! take me out for makan makan someday k! :))


  17. jason Said,

    I think Boolicious and Jackson also had some bad experience with them. I’ve been telling my friends not to go there ever since I read their posts.

    jason’s last blog post..A Taste of Guang Zhou, Day 2, Part 1


  18. MissyCheerio Said,

    Thanks! Totally appreciated that 🙂
    Eh,when are you taking me out to makan again?!


  19. cumidanciki Said,

    lol how true.. but erm, remind me to never cross u! lol:P


  20. Lelek Said,

    These fcukers dont realise that with the power of online postings, misdeeds get spread around waaaay faster than as little as 5 years ago. If they dont get their act together fast, there might not be anymore shogun or saisaki.


  21. Sue Said,

    Hi Timothy,

    Thanks for posting up the note 🙂

    So anyways, Shogun Management representative replied. She said sorry and I quote her ‘We are now stiffer penalties for the staff which attitude rude to customer. ‘

    I think she’s trying to say that she impose a penalty on the staff that was rude.


  22. Chin Said,

    I waited for 45minutes to enter Samudera Suki Restaurant in Taman Anggerik, Jakarta just 3 weeks ago. Should have arrived at 6pm instead of 6:30pm. It was bearable as the staff was professional. To be rudeness is equivalent to bullying.

    Chin’s last blog post..Manhattan Fish Market – Ikano


  23. Jasmin Said,

    Hi Tim.

    The Japanese restaurant at Corus hotel has THE best service!

    Btw, thanks for the info for the Shogun restaurant. I’ve never been there, but friends told me, food and service are so-so.

    Jasmin’s last blog post..US wants to paint the world white to save energy


  24. Timothy Said,

    J2kfm, yeah … it’s a bummer when restaurants don’t allow us to take photos huh?

    Wow Derek, never knew you were so in touch with the law !!!!

    Renee, I am sure there will be more opportunities…

    Hey Jason, I never knew this place is so ….. until I posted this article. Gosh !

    MissyCheerio, we’ll do that again… REAL soon.

    cumidanciki … don’t la. Now you make me feel guilty.

    Lelek, chill man, chill.


  25. fatman Said,

    what a bad luck. I do not have any bad experience with shogun. however their food quality is not that good. now days japanese restaurants are so compatative. so i won’t go any jap buffet. infact i will go for alacart in Jap restaurant and guess what, just pay extra 10-20 per meal, we can expecting some medium up range quality food.

    Have fun then~


  26. Big Boys Oven Said,

    hahahha never return back to this place as it is not cheap and food is so-so only!



  27. jacy Said,

    i have been to the one in One Utama. the service i wouldn’t say it is bad, but it is not good either, and so as the food. and i trully understand how’s the lady feels, as for me, no matter how good the food is, service always be the utmost important, sevice sucks=food sucks. i am hoping that all the employers, please open your eyes and see who you are hiring, cause they are the KEY of your success of business..thanks tim for sharing=)
    .-= jacy´s last blog ..please =-.


  28. Seit_Sun Said,

    SHOGUN! It’s NOT cheap. I have been there before at 1-Utama. The food is nothing to shout about. Service so so ….. I have to think twice going there again especially at Pyramid. I don’t want to end up losing my appetite for the rest of the night ……….


  29. Seit_Sun Said,

    Shogun! what’s so great about the food. Yet it’s not cheap


  30. sarah Said,

    their service is getting better and better now (i think)
    my parents like to go there .. don know why .
    probably its cheaper and nicer than other japanese buffet.

    If the service there is that bad i won’t step into there anymore.
    .-= sarah´s last blog ..020810 =-.


  31. Alex Lim@bus singapore kuala lumpur Said,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with SHOGUN! Even I have been to this restuarant few months back and did not find its custmer service as too friendly. But i must say it is not worth visiting this place with the price being so high and not getting the customer satisfaction. it is high time they improve their service to their customers.


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