Yuet Sum Hin

Am I a vegetarian? Of course not! Do I take vegetarian cuisine? Hell yeah! After all vegetarian cuisines are all about food that meets vegetarian standards by excluding meat and animal tissue products. I can live with that ….

Yuet Sum Hin is located behind Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur. I’ve done a review some time ago on another food outlet close to this place … Pudu Keong Kei Herbal Soup Stall. Please see attached location map below for clearer directions to this place.

Well, I am not exactly an expert when it comes to ordering vegetarian cuisines and I must say, I am biased towards ordering dishes that is closely similar to meat dishes i.e. the ones you see below.

This Assam Fish dish doesn’t only look like the real Assam Fish but even taste just like one. That sets me thinking, if one chooses to be vegetarian for religious reasons, why then do they makes dishes to look like their meat counterpart? It’s like .. if the heart doesn’t want to go vegetarian, why force the mouth and tummy to? Haha … let’s not dwell too deep into this topic …. and get myself into trouble.


The Lotus Root with Cuttlefish. I have only one word for it. Crunchy. And healthy. Ok, it’s 2 words. Well, what can I say? It IS crunchy ….and it taste healthy. Hehe .. usually healthy food doesn’t really taste that good? Perhaps …


If you like fried mushrooms, you will like this one. It’s also a ‘crunchy’ dish … and the sweet and sour sauce makes the dish very appetizing.


Of course, how can you not have the ‘Vegetarian Burger’ of the day. From a herbivore’s perspective (that’s me!), this doesn’t look anything like a burger. Nor does it taste like one. But the menu says it is … and so does my friends who brought me there. I beg to differ ….. not.


Here’s the address and location map

Yuet Sum Hin Vegetarian Restaurant
No. 8, Jln 1/77b,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +603.21484681


With all this vegetarian discussions, I would like to bring forth your attention to this article I found on the internet, stressing the importance of going Vegan. We all know the benefits of it but I speak for myself when I say … how motivated are we? Perhaps this video might just say something….

(Click Here) Farm to Fridge : The transformation of animals to food.

  1. thenomadGourmand Said,

    lol…is that all that were served???

    thenomadGourmand’s last blog post..Butter me all over…


  2. 550ml jar of faith Said,

    Love the look of the vegetarian burger! Ahhh, I blissfully recall the days when I was vegetarian for 5 years of my adult life… and wonder how I could’ve been so naive to think that vegetables were all I need! Haha! Still revisit it from time to tme though…

    550ml jar of faith’s last blog post..Cheapskates and Cheap Sake at Kin San Kichi, Desa Sri Hartamas


  3. Timothy Said,

    NomadGourmand, well they serve more than this in their menu if that’s what you mean….

    550ml jar of faith, yeah… I used to think vegans are all about veges and stuffs. How wrong was I …..


  4. rickyd Said,

    calling all the owners of food and beverage ……….brand new retail shop lot 1,500square feet for rental located at jalan ipoh near by to city……property no 2>restaurant and bar 6,000 to 12,000 square feet cum with air con/fan,car park,facing main road interested clients please contact at 603-2381-1595 or 6016-283-6739 for further detail or view the both retail and restaurant………thank you with regards rickyd………


    Timothy Low Reply:

    Hi Ricky, I never knew food blogs are now targets for property agents to promote their listings. If so, perhaps we should get a little cut from you. Wouldn’t that be just fair, considering we put in a lot of work to write these articles ?


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