Asian Terrace

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Asian Terrace

Asian Terrace

SohoKL. Solaris Mont Kiara. This place goes by many names. But one thing is for sure. This area sure has a good collection of eateries. From Japanese to Hong Kong, and western to Balinese and of course locals too. It’s practically a foodie’s haven !

Recently I was invited by a friend to check out one of the joints in Solaris, Asian Terrace. Asian Terrace serves authentic Thai and Vietnamese Cuisine with a semi-open concept surrounded with water features and greenery … in other words, Balinese style lah.

Asian Terrace is famous for its homemade Mieng Kam which is a little similar to our “popiah” except, you wrap it with a leaf. Most of the condiments are spicy in nature so if you are up for it, got for maximum toppings! Then there’s also the Crispy Catfish Mango Salad which is deliciously appetizing especially if you’re on for crispy crunchy bites. Of course tomyam is a must in an Thai restaurant. There’s quite a few choice to select from …. there’s the Traditional Thai Thick Tom Yam and also the Sour Chicken and Coconut Soup (that’s right, Coconut soup!).

The other stuffs on the menu are Green Curry Chicken, Grilled Tenderloin Beef with Homemade Sauce, Steamed Sea Bass with Soy Bean Sauce, Deep Fried River Prawn topped with Thai Spicy Mousse and Pineapple Fried Rice and many more. Spoilt for choices eh?

Anyway, someone wise once said …. picture says a thousand words so as usual, I let the photographs do the talking. These are my dinner…… and if you think this is a lot, no it isn’t. A pinch of this and a nibble of that, you end up with a whole load. Next is diet time !




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  1. mimid3vils Said,

    Your Tom Yam make me wanna have it & it’s lunch time, I know what to have already!!!!


  2. jason Said,

    Nice shot on the mieng kiam!


  3. Timothy Said,

    mimid3vils … so how was lunch? Did you have tomyam ?

    Jason, thanks for your compliments.


  4. xin Said,

    was craving for tomyam, this certainly didnt help to curb the cravings 🙁


  5. foodbin Said,

    A lot of people drools over Mieng Kam-how was the taste of the Mieng Kam?


  6. Timothy Said,

    Xin, glad you like the tomyam images. The real thing taste much better …

    foodbin, Mieng Kam has a unique taste. A mixture of taste……


  7. J2Kfm Said,

    very nice shots of the place, as well as the food.

    Solaris Mont Kiara got a lot of new restaurants eh?


  8. Satisfyingtummy Said,

    Ur photos taking skill is good…u make me so hungry now!


  9. Timothy Said,

    J2kfm, yup. Solaris Mont Kiara has quite a few new ones. You should come check it out …

    Satisfyingtummy, thanks for your compliments. Making people hungry is our job.


  10. thenomadGourmand Said,

    heehe..finally a new post up! luvv ur pics.. please help me with mine??


  11. Timothy Said,

    thenomadGourmand …. yeah, about time heh. Had some problems with my blog earlier, finally manage to resolve it.


  12. andrew Said,

    oooooooooo~ yum yum!! LOL =D hahaha… i wanna eat mieng kum!! LOL =D

    btw, sorry ya.. the other day couldnt join you =(


  13. jewellery Said,

    You’ve hit the nail on the head again!


  14. Chin Said,

    A cut above or is it the photos. Nice pics and food.


  15. Sugar Bean Said,

    Left kl for quite some time. Seems like Solaris is really a hotspot lately. Many blogged on restaurants in Solaris. Can’t wait to go back and explore it ourselves. Love your photos, always so nice. =)


  16. ai wei Said,

    solaris seems to be a hit place. how is the pricing in this asian restaurant?
    ur photos are great!!!


  17. Pureglutton Said,

    Love that pic of the Catfish Mango Salad! Beautiful pics – makes me wanna head on to this place soon!


  18. Nate Said,

    Beautiful restaurant. How come nobody else inside?


  19. Timothy Said,

    Hey Andrew .. yeah, their mieng kum is gooooood.

    Chin, don’t understand what you mean …. thanks for the compliments btw.

    Sugar Bean, thanks for your compliments. Yup, Solaris …. foodie haven.

    Hi Ai Wei, oh sorry I forgot to include the pricing. Then again, I seldom include pricing. It’s reasonable ….

    Pureglutton, go ahead. Try this place. No regrets.

    Nate, it’s an invited foodie review session, that’s why it’s empty.


  20. Josh Said,

    This is the best restaurant I’ve ever been since these two years back…with good food, service, cozy small restaurant though but got a very good future.


  21. Jack Bauren Said,

    These photos are great esp the Catfish mango salad…..How’s the food btw? Good? Where is solaris?


  22. mc tan Said,

    i came yesterday… my favourite is the catfish mango salad.. the ming kiam oso quite nice…


  23. Kathirina Said,

    This is the top 3 best Thai restaurant I ever come across this few years back in KL….Try out thei Thai Yeuun Gai….( Standing Chicken ). There are 6 sauce if I am not mistaken….Heard from the staffs, brought by the creativity of the owner ! A must try out….I have never come across sush a creative and wonderful dish….You got to eat with your own hand wearing gloves! That’s the specialty of this Chicken.


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