I am hungry.

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Take a moment to look the the photo above. What do you feel?

Sad? Or angry? Perhaps even both. It’s a painful reality.


Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger.
Every year 15 million children die of hunger.

Does this mean anything to you and me? Statistics do very little in regards to evoking emotion.

Therefore numbers such as ”3 billion people live on less than a dollar a day” or “26,000 thousand children under the age of 5 die everyday to due to poverty” is not going to matter. Nor does 8 billion dollars a year could provide food for everyone in the world, and that Americans spend 14 billion dollars a year on diet products alone. Instead of trying to imagine how others suffer, let’s try something closer to home.

I want you to try this exercise. You can do this anywhere, anytime.

Close your eyes.

Picture a loved one.

How does that person make you feel?

This could be your mom, dad, brother or sister, your son, your daughter or perhaps even your best friend.

I want you to picture the joy and excitement that this person brings you.

Visualize this person’s voice, laughter, smile.

For a moment simply feel.

Now I want you to imagine, this person laying in your arms.

Their stomach bloated from starvation. Looking into your eyes,their body dying for food, they cry “feed me“. You have no food to give them.

You stare back at them hopeless. There’s nothing you can do.

Your loved one soon dies in your arms.

Now if you did this exercise correctly you should be feeling pretty emotional right now. For hundreds of thousands of parents around the world this nightmare isn’t an exercise, it is reality in which they face every single day.


So what are you doing about it? Maybe you might think that your actions are insignificant in a world of billions of others. If you think so, read on ….

Thousands upon thousands of starfish had washed up on the shore. A little boy was throwing one after another back into the ocean. An older man saw the boy and yelled, “Can’t you see what you are doing is not making a difference. There are too many starfish.” The little boy just ignored him. Again the older man said, “Hey little boy, can’t you see what you are doing is not making a difference. You are wasting your time.” The little boy picked up another star fish and threw it into the water and answered, “It made a difference to that one!”

“Why, despite an abundant amount of food, shelter, and water, does poverty continue to exist?” (click here to read more)

  1. andrew Said,

    Gosh… It really struck ourselves to even think how blessed and thankful we are… Sometimes, I wonder, are we really taking our lives for granted or what??

    andrew’s last blog post..Authentic Sarawakian Food – Rajah Brooke Cafe


  2. Tok Li Said,

    Reminds me of a saying, “Malaysian will die of overeating rather than starving…”

    Tok Li’s last blog post..Sarapan Pagi : Nasi Belauk Kelantan


  3. Amelia Ching Said,

    Hi Timothy,

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and thanks for the comment too. I’m very passionate and meant what I’ve put up on the blog though I must admit that it is a little light. I’ve seen what hunger is and went through some humbling experiences that money can’t buy. Just wish I could do more for the children who are dying of starvation. I’m also trying to get support and help or any kind of help to raise some fund for an orphanage in Klang. But so far, I’ve gotten only one response. 🙁 Really wish I could do something for the orphanage. I’ve only have my skill to offer which is baking.

    You mentioned that you are from Klang too? Fallen out of love with Klang? Klang is alright but it is getting a little crowded and not as friendly as it used to be. You can reach me at hwee_chi@yahoo.com

    Amelia Ching’s last blog post..An hour to kill


  4. Timothy Said,

    Amelia, thanks for your visit too. Sometimes it’s not the result but the thought that counts. If everyone thinks like you, the world would be a better place to live in. Keep it up. I don’t think your blog is “light”. I think it’s sweet and you ought to continue what you’re doing. Do keep in touch.


  5. allie Said,

    It’s heart breaking to see that … hope that we can do something to help…

    allie’s last blog post..Penang Hawker Food | Wan Tan Mee @ Burmah Road


  6. Andrew Said,

    You have made a very good point. So what are you going to do about it?


  7. Linda Said,


    this is a real site! How do I know? Because I was part of the Operation Day’s Work organization. It’s a group of kids helping other kids in the US and help others in other countries at the same time. Each year, we pick one country to help (usually sometime by October). From there, we do fundraisers and volunteer in the community to help raise money then we send it to the country to help build schools, healthcare, clothes, food, books, and etc. It’s just something you might want to look at. Of course, the kids have advisors and the advisors are usually teachers from their school and it is a real organization. I was part of it throughout my high school years. As of right now, since I don’t have time to do all the events the students in my area wants… I just come by and check up on them to be updated which country they help and for what. But I do keep in touch with an advisor in my area who used to be my 7th grade english teacher so if you want to donate, I can tell you more information and link you to him. It is a really sad story with kids not having food to eat and where to sleep and stuff =T I actually had an uncle who died when he was only 3 years old but I never met him obviously… it was actually during the Vietnam war but yeah. also, you might want to check this youtube clip I put together:

    I hope you help somehow and spread ODW!!!


  8. jacy Said,

    my fren emailed me the ‘vulture and child’ photo (that’s how i name it), and i really really feel sad about the world, and people around me. there are alot of so called ” human being ” out there, screaming and crying and complaining how bad their life is, without realizing that they are given a car to drive, shelther, colthes, food and love. they can never understand how bad those people suffer from the other part of the world. i might not be able to save the other part of the world from proverty, but i think least what i could do is, value and appreciate things around me, and never waste food.
    .-= jacy´s last blog ..please =-.


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