Ah Cheng Laksa

With a name like Ah Cheng Laksa, you would’ve expected the makan place to be a stall somewhere in a wet market or some five foot corners. But you’ll be surprised because you can find Ah Cheng Laksa in Chineleisure Damansara. That’s right …. smacked right in the middle of a prime shopping location.

And it’s located there for a good reason too! If you’ve been to Cineleisure, you will know that this mall is well known for it’s cinema, rather than shopping …. and of course, food eateries. There’s Tony Roma’s, Manhattan Fish Market, McDonalds and the latest, Senjyu Sushi & Sakae Izakaya. Then there’s also the kopitiam style cafe’s such as Kopi Oh! and also Ah Cheng Laksa.

Well, there’s mixed opinion about Ah Cheng Laksa. Some bloggers like Symphonie felt that Ah Cheng Laksa is a “bloody rip-off, and a downright lie”. But then, there’s also bloggers such as Sixthseal who finds them “Delicious! It’s very appetizing” while Lessthanten felt that “they won’t fail”. Finally, we have also Kuan Food Fetish that says Ah Cheng Laksa “offers good laksa and noodles at the most affordable price”.

There you go, different people, different opinion … different taste bud, hence different appetite. Right?

Assam Fish

As for me, Ah Cheng Laksa is my temporary cure for craving of home-cooked food. I liked their food, especially the Assam Fish cooked with ladies finger. I am a sucker for ladies finger (the food kind ok … well, I’m fine with the other one too …) and the curry sauce is, just as good with rice.

Besides the Assam Fish, you would want to try their Nasi Lemak Petai and also the Curry Laksa. The Curry Laksa came in second for me … because of ……. “see ham !!!!” (that’s cockels). Non-chinese might read that as ….See Ham? (No ham involved in this sequence).

Nasi Lemak Petai

Curry Laksa

Anyway, in case you trust my opinion and want to try out Ah Cheng Laksa … be my guest and here’s the address.

Ah Cheng Laksa
Lot LG-9, Ground Floor,
Cineleisure Damansara, Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

  1. jason Said,

    Been here before and I think the price is still affordable, since it’s located inside a mall.

    jason’s last blog post..Lim Kee, Behind FGA Building, off Jalan Kuchai Lama


  2. Tummythoz Said,

    M one who thot it’s a roadside stall. Looks real appetising but your pix always do.

    Tummythoz’s last blog post..Kampung Daun Restaurant, Bandung Indonesia


  3. JENCOOKS Said,

    Certainly very nice blog and visually well taken pics, such nice closeup shots so tempting.



  4. Nate Said,

    I think if I see ham, I’d want to eat it. But if I see cockles, pass.

    I wonder if there’s a place called Ah Beng Laksa…

    Nate’s last blog post..Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


  5. mimid3vils Said,

    The nasi lemak look good enough for me *drool*

    mimid3vils’s last blog post..Tenji Japanese Buffet


  6. IceCubeJunkie Said,

    I swear if i ever come back to Asia.. i doubt i wanna go back to Canada. *sigh*
    Torn in between lah.

    IceCubeJunkie’s last blog post..Dining With Stars Episode 8


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    […] My first visit to Ah Cheng Laksa for a review was way back in January 2009. It was a casual visit without the restaurant owner attending to me. And you can read about what I wrote here. […]

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