Although my article heading says herbal soup stall, you’ll be surprise what you will find at this place. Keong Kei is well known for the ‘interesting’ dishes they serve for dinner and if you crave for some really healthy herbal soup, then head for this place. Located somewhere behind Berjaya Times Square shopping center, you will have to known your roads to find this place.


Not many people are aware of the name of this place since the little signage they put up is in chinese characters. This place is more popularly known as “The Stall Under A Big Tree” since the stall IS located exactly under a huge aging tree. To give you a more detail picture, just head behind Berjaya Times Square and when you come to a junction just opposite Shaw Parade, you’re there. And just don’t expect a shop or restaurant because it’s pretty much like a shack, except when it’s dinner time …. it’s full of eager diners.

You can’t miss this place because the stalls are full with steamers and please do find an appropriate parking spot, traffic polices are always on the prowl in this area … yes, even at night. But if you really can’t find a good spot to park, it’s alright because the waiters at this stall will alert their patrons when the traffic polices arrive.

Coconut Chicken

So what’s so special in Keong Kei ? Well, besides your common stuffs such as water monitor lizards, they also serve squirrels if you fancy furry crawlies, tortoises for nutritional benefits and flying foxes if you aspire to acquire batman-like attributes. No, I am not kidding you .. they DO serve these stuffs. But then again if you’re an amateur like me, let’s just settle for some milder stuffs such as Double-Boiled Chicken in Coconut or even the Curry Wild Boar.

And incidentally, these 2 are my favorite dishes in Keong Kei, among others. And they do compliment each other in a certain manner …. the Double-Boiled Chicken in Coconut is “Very qing (clear) and can tasted the natural sweetness of the herbs and coconut.” … according to BabeinthecityKL’s post on this dish. And you will also notice that the soup tends to stay warm for quite a while, probably because of the coconut shell. And if you like to finish every drop of the soup like me, then make sure you clear the contents in the coconut shell before slurping down the soup ….

Then there’s the Curry Wild Boar dish … I still remember when I first tried this dish, I ended up having a rumbling hot stomach all night. But that’s just me … took me a while to get use to it. This dish is ideally consumed during a cold rainy night. Perrfect ! I did some research on Wild Boar meat, some says you can’t overcook it or the meat might get a little too tough, while some say you can’t undercook it too, for a certain health reasons. Whichever way it is, Keong Kei must have the right formula because the Curry Wild Boar meat is just right, tender meat with strong curry taste to cover the smell of the wild boar meat.

Curry Wild Boar

And our final dish, Pork Belly with Preserved Mustard Cabbage (got this from BabeinthecityKL) or known in chinese as Mui Choy Khau Yoke. Oily, greasy and fattening. Perfect for me ! Healthy or not, this is another good one if pork belly is your game.

Preserved Vege

Anyway, my verdict on Keong Kei … An Experience You Wouldn’t Want to Miss. Every time a friend visits from overseas, I never fail to bring them to this place. Of course, refrain from ordering Squirrels for them unless they don’t mind !

Here’s the map to Keong Kei.


  1. Precious Pea Said,

    Yumz! Yumz! and Yumz!

    Precious Pea’s last blog post..I AM A B.B.Q SAUCE!!


  2. Crunch Rex Said,

    Oh .. i loved soups..!! interesting..!

    Crunch Rex’s last blog post..Herbal Chicken With Condiments


  3. MochaSourcream Said,

    Yeah, been to this stall a few times… very nice soups n dishes…

    MochaSourcream’s last blog post..This Happens…


  4. timothy Said,

    Precious Pea, you have to experience it at least once !

    Crunch Rex, go for it, just don’t mind the environment…

    MochaSourcream, glad you share the same sentiments as me.


  5. mimid3vils Said,

    I can see the “hill” of herbals …


  6. babe_kl Said,

    hmm been some time d since i come here. maybe time for some soup this week!

    babe_kl’s last blog post..Stir-Fried Eggplants With Minced Fish


  7. jason Said,

    I think I know where it is ^^
    Passed by this place twice and it was packed!

    jason’s last blog post..Nasi Padang. “Field Rice”?


  8. xin Said,

    wah….hungry nye! the wild boar curry looks awesome! it’s been too long since i last tasted one


  9. Chris Thoo Said,

    Reading your blog always makes me twice hungrier you know, Tim….

    Chris Thoo’s last blog post..NewMan Magazine


  10. kampungboycitygal Said,

    omg..din know of such a place near my working place..will bug my colleague to eat there


  11. J2Kfm Said,

    oh so near Times Square only ah?
    I’ll go for the squirrels and flying foxes any day!
    (btw, squirrels taste like chickens, tried them in Sungkai when I was small)

    so happens I had wild boar curry rice this noon. ironic?

    J2Kfm’s last blog post..The Southern Escapade (Johor Bahru) – Part 2


  12. durianberry Said,

    My first time here… I ate squirrel and turtle ^_^;; We wanted to try out and it was kinda weird guilty experience. Heh. Lots of people order the coconut boiled chicken

    durianberry’s last blog post..Weekend in Malacca #2


  13. FamilyFirst Said,

    After rumming thru your blog for 10 mins, I have decided on a visit to Keong Kei (Pudu) Thanks man!


  14. catsy1217 Said,

    I have tried the soup and dishes before, yummy ^^
    I will always back to there once I have a chance, the Coconut Chicken Herbal Soup is very nice and unforgettable.. It sold out around 8-9pm.
    Just 5minutes walking distances from Time Square.
    Ladies and gentlemen, let’s have a try and have a fully delicious dinner 🙂


  15. boon Said,

    Yes, its damn good.
    .-= boon´s last blog ..Scenery Around Jugra, Selangor =-.


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