Their tagline reads … “Just can’t sbread enough!!!”


Queer but I guess once you’ve tried their ‘sbreads’ you’d agree. So what exactly is this sbread thingy? Initially, my thoughts were … probably another one of those bakery attempting to cash in on the current trend of ‘designer’ bread stuff ala Bread Story. Therefore .. although I came across their outlet at Gardens Midvalley in a few occasions, I never really visited them. That’s until recently when I decided to dine at Rak Thai, another interesting Thai restaurant which I will write about later.

So I was sitting there in Rak Thai, enjoying my meal while observing the activites next door (Rak Thai is just next to Sbread). Passing crowds would stop by to try out free samples at Sbread …. without fail. Call me a glutton but that did enticed me to walk over after my meal at Rak Thai. So I walked over … the lady in Sbread shot me the sweetest smile and offered me the samples to try.

Chunks of bread with colorful toppings. I was told later that they were ‘jams’ for the bread with various options ranging from Vanilla Kaya to Chocolate and even Special Chilli Paste & Shredded Floss. I was like … interesting….. that’s until I came across this black lump in a plastic bag. Yup .. that’s bread alright. Sbread has a good variety of breadstuffs to choose from. 3 types of bread …. White Bread, Sesame Bread and finally Charcoal Bread.
Charcoal Bread ??!? My curiosity level shot from 0 to 100 in like ….. 2.5 seconds ! I mean …. what will they come up with next ? Charcoal beverage? Charcoal t-shirt? (I found out later that … yes, somebody did produce such products).


Anyway, that prompted my to buy some home and try it out at my own convenience. So I did … and it turns out, despite of the unusual color …. the Charcoal Bread tasted like …. bread! Tasteless but goes well with the Vanilla Kaya jam that I bought as well.

Here’s a little article on the Bamboo Charcoal Bread I took from NST Goodbites.

The edible charcoal is made from the Moso bamboo which is naturally black in colour. It’s first carbonised over high heat, then ground into powder before mixed into the bread dough with sunflower seeds. They claim it can prevent cancer. This isn’t a strange concept, having originated from Japan and now a popular health food in South Korea and Taiwan.

This edible charcoal powder, also known as The Amazing Black Diamond, has been used in soba noodles. It’s also used to purify water and to brush teeth with, as it is rich in natural minerals, lowers the body’s acidity levels, improves blood circulation and has cleansing properties.

So anyway … if you fancy some Charcoal Bread, don’t miss out Sbread which is located on the Lower Ground Floor at The Gardens, MidValley. Call them at 03-22832929 if you’re hopeless at directions. Here’s more write ups on Sbread.

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  1. xin Said,

    ew..the bread looks like some stones! but i will give it a shot when im there next time!

    xin’s last blog post..Behind the bars


  2. Big Boys Oven Said,

    wow looks good taste good!


  3. mimid3vils Said,

    The charcoal bread is a bit expensive…My SBread photos still lying in my folder, have to dig them out to blog about it soon 😛

    mimid3vils’s last blog post..Cafe 1920


  4. jason Said,

    Wahh.. looks a bit scary. Really edible?

    jason’s last blog post..Wholesomely Oriental


  5. Cynthia Said,

    I’m always excited to learn about new breads. Thanks for the introduction to this one.


  6. J2Kfm Said,

    Confession here. I’m cheap I know, but I never ate there, but I’ve tried all the breads and the kaya. how?
    haha … I stood there, shamelessly picked the samples and have a mini buffet. =P

    J2Kfm’s last blog post..Kar Pin Eating Shop @ Jalan Bendahara, Ipoh


  7. JeromeFo Said,

    Walau…I feel abit scare to eat those breads…
    Hope the taste is normal….

    JeromeFo’s last blog post..JeromeFo – The Paparazzi [ Part 2 ]


  8. Rasa Malaysia Said,

    I have never seen such a black bread. Too funny!


  9. kampungboycitygal Said,

    is charcoal use as one of the ingredient? or they name it just bcoz of the colour?


  10. Ms.________ Said,

    that’s really dark…..
    if it’s good, then I wouldn’t mind what color they are.


  11. christine Said,

    the charcoal bread is nice..i dip it with the chilly paste..yummy..

    christine’s last blog it!!


  12. timothy Said,

    Xin, looks can be deceiving.

    Big Boys Oven, yeah .. you know your stuff huh.

    mimid3vils, eh … don’t let it lay down too long.

    Yes Jason, it’s edible and it’s good for you.

    Cynthia, this is Japanese … you might learn more about it if you google for Bamboo Charcoal.

    J2Kfm, I did that too, at first. Then I found that it’s good so I decided to buy some.

    JeromeFo, tast very, very normal.

    Rasa Malaysia, haha I found it funny too at first.

    kampungboycitygal, yes they use bamboo charcoal.

    Ms._____ it is good.

    You actually tried the chilly paste. Hmm.. I should’ve bought that too. Did it taste good?


  13. ai wei Said,

    it’s so BLACK!!! was wondering how they made it?!

    ai wei’s last blog post..I am 3


  14. Mama BoK Said,

    Wow..!! charcoal bread.. gotta try it out sometime.. 🙂


  15. mich Said,

    it is very tasty believe me ! 😀


  16. jan Said,

    lol. my cousins owns the place. i went there once and it was really really nice. especially the charcoal one. Don’t say ‘gotta try it’ it should be “must try it”.


  17. yaya09 Said,

    i’ve tried it,taste good but an aftertaste of burnt charcoal.


  18. ELAINE Said,

    I stay in Ipoh. Unforunately I missed Sbread when I last went to Mid Valley last month during my Raya holidays. Anyway, I found a shop in Ipoh near Jalan Kampar which also has this bamboo charcoal bread. It is RM2.40 for small loaf bamboo charcoal bread with walnut ( I think it is about 200g).

    I wonder how much it is selling at Sbread?


  19. imchommell Said,

    Dear Blogger,

    Do you know about the calorie intake of one slice Charcoal Bamboo bread? I’ve tried to google it, but the info is to no avail… I eat this bread about 2 slices per breakfast. To make it tasty, I toasted it and pour some planta and garlic powder – make it garlic bread!! Very yummylicious..=)


  20. Natasha Said,

    I am eating it now 😀 tastes uber yummy. I’m so addicted to it.


  21. lilian Said,

    I am into the second loaf now. is good. first loaf, it clears much air from my stomach and make u feel like wanna go toilet….and i did. and is normal poo but more frequent. then as I take it, it is OK now,. taste- just like normal bread. you wont feel the difference between normal and charcoal bread. however it is sweet.


  22. Alfred Said,

    It is very tasty. Once I’m in Midvalley, I will sure go to the shop to look for charcoal bread. Fantastic to go along with the kaya spread….yummy!


  23. Rudy Said,

    First impression of this bread, EEEEWWWW!!! It does look like bread left to mould. Just like a mouldy bread, this charcoal bread does have health benefit too. Unlike a mouldy bread, this charcoal bread tasted much better! Anything taste good with kaya, so am not surprise this bread tasted good. Will recommend others for sure despite it giving me loads of gas! 🙂


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