Genting Highland.

I love Genting Highland for it’s cool, refreshing air especially in the morning … and yet, I hardly visit this place. I still remember when I was younger … me and my friends used to organize group trips to Genting Highland. We would charter a bus, then sell tickets to fellow school-mates and friends … and ended up getting a free trip to Genting Highland, with free accommodation as well! Anyway, those were the days …


Nowadays … planning a trip to Genting Highland seemed like a chore. Probably the thought of traveling all the way there (despite only approximately 45 minutes drive) was troublesome and stuffs are not exactly economy friendly in times like these. Despite the fact, my family and I did made a trip to Genting Highland recently … all because we got complimentary tickets to watch “Dreamz”, a show by Genting. I didn’t particularly enjoy the show … it was a little slow … a lot of singing and I guess it was a fusion between a magic show and a circus, complete with motorbikers in a circular cage and live animals!

What I did enjoy during my trip there was the food. Well … I know what you think! Food is probably the last thing you want to talk about if you visit Genting Highland .. simply because food it VERY COSTLY there. Anyway …. must be my lucky day because I found a reasonably priced restaurant in Genting Highland!

It’s called Hainan Kitchen which is located at the First World Hotel in Genting Highland. Besides being reasonably priced, they serve decently good dishes as well. And trust me .. high up in the mountains, you would appreciate good food. And have I forgotten to mention they serve good piping hot Hainanese Coffee? In the cold, cold air … sipping the hot, hot coffee was just awesome. Felt like the coffee was perfectly brewed. And of course … with good coffee, char siu pau is a must. BBQ Pork buns or more commonly known as Char Siu Pau is a local delight, favored by many. And I must say … the Char Siu Pau here is nonetheless, quite delicious.


Char Siu Pau aside, we also tried the Hainanese Noodle. This …. as mentioned by Mei Yen, was quite disappointing. Some said it’s tasteles, as for me … I just find it plain. I mean …. the only way you could down this dish is if you are really starving. I rest my case on this one.

Oh the whole, I find Hainan Kitchen in Genting Highland to be acceptable, among the worst. So the next time you visit Genting Highland, I would recommend this place although … here are some ‘unfavorable’ reviews from other fellow bloggers.

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  1. CK Lam @what2see Said,

    I too got the complimentary tickets to the show but felt a bit moody after hearing from you that it was not up to your expectation… but anyway nice knowing there are nice and yummy food up there.
    Tks for sharing.

    CK Lam @what2see’s last blog post..The Sire Museum Restaurant, Penang


  2. mimid3vils Said,

    the last photo attract me, I’m a carnivore ,….

    mimid3vils’s last blog post..Peng Hwa Restaurant (Teow Chew Porridge)


  3. Precious Pea Said,

    For supper they have Teochew porridge too and their braised intestine is very nice.

    Precious Pea’s last blog post..TACTICAL OPERATION: STEALTH POTATO-EPISODE 3


  4. J2Kfm Said,

    never thought Genting would have good and cheap food. really. we resorted to cup noodles up there. other than the occasional fast food joints. thanks for the recommendation, now at least something else to look fwd to, in case $$$ luck runs out up there. 😉

    J2Kfm’s last blog post..Taiping Getaway (Finale)


  5. backStreetGluttons Said,

    We have fond memories of Gentings, awana, casino,first world and theme park. Food also interesting with the natural cold and the impatient overseas’ crowd


  6. Mama BoK Said,

    I haven’t been to Genting for ages now.. !! they said food is real cheap there..??


  7. Kay Said,

    The food looks pretty good, especially the last one except the fries.


  8. timothy Said,

    Hey CK, don’t let others influence your experience. You have to try your own and ‘feel’ it, just like a foodie does.

    mimid3vils, same same here. Cheers to carnivores around town!

    Precious Pea, glad you like the food there. Seems nobody does …

    J2Kfm, yup, caught me by surprise as well. But I am happy at least there’s an option now.

    backStreetGluttons … those were the days.

    Mama BoK, nope. Nothing is really cheap in Genting Highlands. But still worth the experience.

    Kay, when you’re cold and hungry .. you’d eat anything. I guess that’s Genting’s policy.


  9. Jan Said,

    I was just at Genting Highlands last weekend to see the Osmonds concert. Didn’t see this shop. But then it is like a labyrinth up there! Anyway there are lots of eateries nowadays.

    Jan’s last blog post..May 20, Bukit Fraser | Fraser’s Hill – alternative hillside destination


  10. Care Line Said,

    Every time when i came to genting with my family my family will choosing this Hainan Restaurant.

    But what i feel in this restaurant the staff working in there are very unfriendly..

    the most of the female staff show me a very bad experience ever i dining in my life

    totally no giving me a smile as a server ~!

    is that very hard to make it ?


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