Rojak is a fruit and vegetable salad dish commonly found in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia (where it is called Rujak). The term “Rojak” is Malay for mixture, is also used as a colloquial expression for an eclectic mix, and in particular is often used to describe the multi-ethnic character of Malaysian and Singaporean society.

There are various types of rojak but the more common rojak available in Malaysia is the fruit rojak. And where does one go to enjoy this wonderful dessert? Most would agree that Penang produces the best rojak but in this article, I would like to bring you to the southern state of Malaysia … Johor, Stulang Laut to be exact.


There is perhaps no better spot in Johor Bahru than Stulang Laut to see how close Singapore Island is to the mainland. From the tree-lined pavement of the balmy and breezy coast, Senoko Power Station appears a mildly demanding swim away. Much of this uncrowded stretch resembles a small Malaysian coastal town. An occasional boat sailing past, lovers strolling leisurely past after a seafood meal, and the occasional weekend family picnic all add to the laid-back feel in the air. This is also where the largest private Chinese school Foon Yew High School is located.

If you drive along Jalan Ibrahim Sultan, you will spot a little Rojak Petis stall just outside Foon Yew High School and this, is one of the best fruit rojak I’ve ever tried. Then again, that’s just me. The man behind this stall, an old chap has been selling at this very spot for the last 22 years! I also heard that he sent his children to higher education through this little business of his. He is so good that the Sultan of Johor occasionally invites him to the Istana for his rojak!



Do note that the rojak opens from 10am – 4pm and make sure you don’t go late!

  1. christine Said,

    all the way down south for Rojak..cool!! sumore royalty store wor..and the rojak defintely look tempting..

    christine’s last blog post..Pot Pourri of Malay Cuisine


  2. timothy Said,

    Hey Christine, yeah .. this place is definitely worth the drive!


  3. Cynthia Said,

    You make me want to visit right now…. if only…


  4. Bernsy Said,

    Have not come by in a long time, nice to see you updating regularly again.. gosh those pictures are all so mouthwatering…

    Bernsy’s last blog post..Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens, MidValley


  5. Jackson Kah Said,

    im craving for rojak noww!!!!

    Jackson Kah’s last blog post..Breakfast @ Swissbel Hotel


  6. J2Kfm Said,

    OH NO! I completely missed this! was staying in Zon Regency last month, and passing by this chinese school so many times. why didn’t you blog earlier??? 🙁

    J2Kfm’s last blog post..IKEA Food Court @ Mutiara Damansara, PJ


  7. CK Lam Said,

    Found yr interesting and colourful blog. nice to know that Johor has such nice rojak too. If you happen to drop by Penang, do visit this stall that sells a different version of rojak.

    CK Lam’s last blog post..Seafood Porridge – Gurney Drive


  8. Crunchasarus Rex Said,

    I would love some rojak just about now.. 🙂

    Crunchasarus Rex’s last blog post..Haagen Dazs Rum & Raisins Ice Cream


  9. jason Said,

    Ah… where to get rojak with crullers here?? >.jason’s last blog post..Mun Wah Hokkien Mee


  10. team bsg Said,

    that shed looks a roadside classic.

    team bsg’s last blog post..authentically changing


  11. mel Said,

    ur pics make ppl hungry….. dieeem~

    mel’s last blog post..SD Gundam Gashapon


  12. hazza Said,

    It looks like its got lots of yau chau kwai and keropok in it, just the way i like it!!

    hazza’s last blog post..Spicy Baked Tilapia


  13. Alexander Said,

    Wow! the rojak sure looks good. 😛


  14. jenny Said,

    i love it


  15. Extreme Said,

    Yes Nice. And nice pictures too. Go Taiping and shoot some nice ones.


  16. gc Said,


    i went there on friday

    was there at 10am

    the uncle not there

    the school guard said he only come at 11:30am

    then at 11am saw a lady setting up her stall selling drinks. She said the uncle comes very late after 11am

    so take note.. …..go there after 11:30am only

    anyway, i went home … never get to eat the rojak


  17. gc Said,

    today on 7/4/10 11:35am I went there. The uncle has left all. His son is running the business. His son said almost a year ago his father left. His son is well trained and produces the same world class rojak petis. I bought big portion for RM4 . Small is RM3.50 . He opens everyday including weekends from 11:30am till 6:30pm. He only close on Monday fortnight. He is not stingy, he gives big portion. What differs this rojak with others ? IS the gravy. MARVELOUS !!. I want to go again next month.. God’s Will.


  18. Timothy Low Said,

    Gc, you’re lucky to be able to savor Uncle’s Rojak over there. I haven’t been to JB for the longest time so I hardly ever got the chance to taste it. Actually when you first said Uncle will be there at 11am, I was a little curious as I’ve heard that he passed on quite a while ago.

    That’s why if you see the 1st photo on the left on my website header, that’s him.

    Anyway, hope someday I’ll be back there to try his son’s Rojak skills. Thanks for your update, friend.


  19. gc Said,

    I went there again yesterday
    Bought small RM3.50
    I compare this and in Tampines market, SIngapore.
    Singapore has taugeh, mango ……
    but this guy in Johor NO mango and taugeh.
    BUT this guy has the best petis
    I also saw singapore and malaysia puts chily paste and sugar into the rojak petis…….
    weird….. put chilly then sugar to neutralize…..wrong micture la
    anyway, the vote winner is this boy in JB cause of the petis gravy – world class.
    I did request him to put mango in future


  20. gc Said,

    i got addicted with this rojak
    went there yesterday

    this time he had mango

    i requested NOT to put sugar
    put more chili


  21. Jeannine Said,

    That’s a great thought. We would like to say thank you for sharing your thoughts. We will for sure bookmark your page.
    .-= Jeannine´s last blog ..Deck Cleaning Before and After =-.


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