Mee Jawa is a popular dish influenced by the Jawa Island, Indonesia … obviously, hence the name.

I can’t remember the last time I tried Mee Jawa but someone told me about it and I figure I’d like to have a shot at it. So I googled for ‘Mee Jawa’ in the internet and guess what? I found tonnes of article on this particular dish! For so many to write about Mee Jawa, it must be good … and coincidentally, I found one near my place.

Casa Tropicana. Good! And it’s just a stone-throw away from my previous article on Dessert Bar.

So I made my way to visit the Mee Jawa shop in Casa Tropicana and if you’re not sure where Casa Tropicana is … I have it here … hehe, don’t mind if I recycle Dessert Bar’s map, it is after all .. in the same vicinity.


So what’s so special about this Mee Jawa dish, I mean besides being an ‘imported’ dish? To start off with, it’s served with a HUGE plate, that’s for sure. If you observe my photo closely, you will spot some good sambal (condiment of the spicy kind), cuttlefish, some crackers, lots of vegetables, some tofu and finally eggs. Ok, ok … you won’t see all of them in my photo. Come on, I need to make it look good. So sometimes, some sacrifice is neccessary! And finally … a squeeze of lime to complete the taste. Well, I don’t know if this is an Indonesian thingy but I notice there’s quite a handful of Indonesian dishes that’s sweet in nature. Or it’s just me. The same goes to this Mee Jawa, it’s sweet! Anyway, I find this dish a little out of my league … i.e. not my type. I mean, yeah … if you appreciate a good Mee Jawa dish, you’d probably like this one.


Besides Mee Jawa, we were tempted to try out their Assam Laksa as well. But, let’s put it this way … Assam Laksa is definitely not one of their specialty. Nonetheless, we walloped it all and went on to order another plate of Ayam Goreng Kampung (Village Fried Chicken) or something that looks like one (ok, ok .. I forgot what’s it called, I am a bad foodie!!!!). And I didn’t even finish this dish. Hmm … what do you say to that???



To cut the story short, after our meal … we adjourned back to Dessert Bar situated just next door to have another round of sweet, sweet, sinful dessert. And guess what, I wrote another article on it!!! Wanna know more? Keep watching this space, dear ….

Ok … here’s the verdict. I would really love that tell you this is a nice place for Mee Jawa but sadly, there are better ones …. Friedchillies.com featured one in Kepong, while food.malaysiamostwanted.com featured another in Kuchai Lama. So what do I think of it? A good experience I guess ……

Here’s the address to Casa Tropicana if you can’t read maps. (Duh, refer to my map above)

Address : Unit No. B-0-3A, Block B, Casa Tropicana, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact No : 012-483 5555
Business Hour : Daily 10am to 10.00pm

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  1. J2Kfm Said,

    hmmm, true, the mee jawa does look a bit lacking … probably in presentation dept …
    you do take vibrant, luscious pics of your food don’t you? 🙂

    J2Kfm’s last blog post..Coz It’s Damn Good …


  2. CK Lam Said,

    Hi, you have an interesting food blog, nice of you
    for sharing..


    CK Lam’s last blog post..Hummer Spotted in Penang


  3. Big Boys Oven Said,

    The map looks so cool!


  4. team bsg Said,

    Mee jawa is just like mee rebus which is just like tomato sauce mee ! and yes its gotta be sweet too and for sure pretty hard to remember

    team bsg’s last blog post..an enjoyable quickie in Ipoh


  5. NIC (KHKL) Said,

    wah, the asam laksa that bad, ar? haha…

    great pics, as usual!

    good mee jawa in kepong? ok, will check at friedchillies..thanks!

    NIC (KHKL)’s last blog post..Shokudo @ Raffles City


  6. mimid3vils Said,

    U can’t finish the fried chicken? Y? they look so yummy…

    mimid3vils’s last blog post..Fish Head Noodle


  7. red Said,

    here’s another review on that place….


    red’s last blog post..DIMSUMs up!


  8. timothy Said,

    J2Kfm, CK Lam, Big Boys Oven … thanks for your compliments.

    Team BSG, it just takes time to gt use to the dish.

    Hi Nic, thats right. Kepong.

    Mimid3vils, maybe because I had to finish the Mee Jawa, so not room anymore!!!

    Red … thanks for visiting.


  9. ai wei Said,

    wow! i really wanna try out the mee jawa! so far i hav tried out oldtown cafe’s mee jawa n mee jawa somewhere at jln pahang quite nice

    ai wei’s last blog post..Rootian Seafood Restaurant @ Langkawi Town


  10. Simon Seow Said,

    Mee Jawa, read there’s a good one in Plaza Damas.

    Simon Seow’s last blog post..EnerG on Cat Got Your Tongue


  11. Indonesia-Eats Said,

    Does it have the same taste as bakmi jawa in Indonesia?

    Indonesia-Eats’s last blog post..Semur Lidah – Indonesian Oxtongue Stew


  12. Timothy Said,

    As like any restaurants in Malaysia, it’s normally “Malaysianized” i.e. I doubt it will be authentic. Having said that, I suggest you try on your own.


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