I always say … when you’re traveling to the northern regions of Malaysian, you would definitely dine your way northwards. That’s simply because most of our Malaysian local delights are from the northern regions of Malaysia. A good example would be the Char Kuey Teow (fried flat noodle). People usually relate Char Kuey Teow to the state of Penang but of course, it’s available almost in any decent Malaysian town. The Rojak (mixed fruit salad on prawn paste) and Assam Laksa are also equally popular in Penang.

Somewhere close to Penang, Bidor is located between Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur via the North-South Expressway. Bidor is mainly an industrial area. When you are driving along the north of Bidor, you will see endless miles of plantation on both side of the trunk road covered with lush greenery, guava, oil palm and rubber plantations.

An important source of income for the town, though, is (or used to be) from travelers who stop by the town for its well-known local delicacies and agricultural products. Before the development of North-South Expressway, travelers had no choice but to pass through this town through the federal trunk road. As this town is (still is) rather famous for its variety of food, travelers frequently choose to stop-by at one of the eateries before continuing their journey.

This scene does remind me about an animated cartoon called “CARS”, whose story is pretty similar to that of Bidor. The story is loosely based on the real Route 66 in USA where it was frequented by traveler once upon a time until the building of an alternative highway. You can read more about it HERE.

Anyway, the most famous food undoubtedly will be the Duck Thigh Noodle available at Pun Chun Restaurant. The restaurant is located on the main street of Bidor with stalls selling fruits alongside. Pun Chun is also famous for its ‘Sat Kai Ma’ – a type of sweet dessert and also ‘Kai Jai Peng’ which is the chicken biscuit.

I used to love the Wu Kok (yam puff pastry) at Pun Chun where it’s filled with char-siew flavored meat mash but probably this batch I tried wasn’t prepared properly as it’s a little too dry. Despite this tiny setback, it’s a must-try for those who hasn’t tried before … it’s freshly prepared.




Contact Details : Pun Chun, 40 Main Road, Bidor. Tel. 05-434-1554. Open from early morning till 10 at night.

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  1. jason Said,

    Me haven’t come here before… It’s a bit too far for me.

    jason’s last blog post..And So, We Had Hakka? Mee


  2. Simon Seow Said,

    My target for June maybe?

    Simon Seow’s last blog post..Malaysian Dreamgirl Finale – Event


  3. squall Said,

    plan to go…love the ???…

    squall’s last blog post..???…


  4. christine Said,

    its been such a long time since i last dine here..i love their wu kok too and their duck noodle

    christine’s last blog post..Malacca Part 1: Nadeje


  5. team bsg Said,

    Wow , certainly the biggest nearly 3D pixs of this Bidor duck thigh we have seen thus far ! You are right , Northern regions off the NS Highway have many good stomach secrets , the nearest here of which is the Orang Asli Durians between Tapah and Ringlet . See if you can get hold of some of these wonders nex trip to Camerons !

    team bsg’s last blog enjoyable quickie in Ipoh


  6. ai wei Said,

    i miss the wu kok and duck tight noodles. yummmy!!!

    ai wei’s last blog post..Telaga Café & Restaurant @ Langkawi


  7. J2Kfm Said,

    Yeah, gotta agree that their duck noodles are on a level above others. They have long history to it. But the price is fast keeping up with the times though. 🙂
    the yam puffs however, are not as good as they were. and too small portion IMO.
    anyway, nice blog you have, and GREAT pics. so vibrant and delicious.

    J2Kfm’s last blog post..Suchan @ Bangsar Village 2, KL


  8. timothy Said,

    Jason, there’s no place too far for good food buddy! That’s our fellow foodie’s motto, issn’t it?

    Simon, you certain wanna make sure you try this place out. It’ like a foodie’s compulsory site!

    Squall, thanks for your comments.

    So Christine, when do you plan to go again?

    Team BSG, durian eh? Haven’t had those is years. Maybe I should go for it. I’m going north again next week, see if I can catch it. Btw, 3D pix huh …. never thought of tht.

    Ai Wei, don’t just miss it. Go for it!

    J2Kfm, pricing of everything goes up. Sometimes I feel we should get paid doing this writing thingy, just to keep up with the food budget.


  9. keeyit Said,

    I went there few times also.. Guava also famous there ma…


  10. boo! Said,

    Am so chuffed you did this piece on Pun Chun… very significant to me. My family HQ (almost ancestral family home) is situated practically opposite Pun Chun. They’re practically family friends with the older generation members – you know la small town everyone knows everyone. Especially if living on the same street. But I have not been back to Bidor in years. When visiting Bidor relatives as a child eating at Pun Chun was like ritual, homage.

    boo!’s last blog post..Dogfights? Sorties? Air show?


  11. christine Said,

    shall tell u when i plan to go..haha..

    christine’s last blog post..tagged


  12. slowcatchupkuan Said,

    i got 3 packets of the biscuits at home LOL

    slowcatchupkuan’s last blog post..John King Has Arrived at 1 Utama


  13. Dilwar Ahmed Said,

    Dear Sir,

    I am a Bangladeshi businessman. Looking for malaysian biscuits information. Would you please send me some information.


    Cell: 88-01817-604297


  14. Vincent Said,

    Chicken biscuits is so good because it contains lard in it.


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