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With a name like Dessert’s Bar, you can hardly miss the sign outside especially if it’s located along your way home. And coincidently, there’s one located very near the place I live. Well, not exactly near but like I said earlier … it’s just on my way home. I live in Kota Damansara and there’s a Dessert’s Bar in Casa Tropicana, near Tropicana Golf & Country Club. I drive past Casa Tropicana almost everyday and every time I tell myself that I would stop at Dessert’s Bar to … you know, check it out. But I never did stop by … not once … until today, that is.

As usual, I left work late today … almost 10 I think … and not knowing what to have for dinner, I decided to just drive on until I think of something. Suddenly I thought about Dessert’s Bar and made a conscious effort to stop there. I drove from Sunway along LDP towards Kelana Jaya and made a turn into Dataran Prima. I drove past Dataran Prima ….. passed Tropicana Golf & Country Club and Casa Tropicana Condominium was right after that. Dessert’s Bar’s just below the Casa Tropicana Condominium.


The setup in Dessert’s Bar is pleasantly chic yet classy. Soft yellow lights hung above the brightly painted ceiling with metallic red barstools makes the place look classy yet very chic. The place is also furnished with equally red sofas for lounging and with free wi-fi, the joint is perfect hang out spot.

As I walked into the outlet, I was served with the menu which has … quite limited choices but otherwise very tempting looking desserts. I decided on my orders and promptly ask for permission to take some photographs for blogging purpose. Folks working there were friendly and helpful and I was fortunate enough to meet Eunice, the business dev. exec for Dessert’s Bar. She’s like the sweetest and friendliest person, it’s no wonder she works for them … in a place that serves sinfully sweet stuffs!



Since there were only 2 of us, I ordered a Mixta Bowl which is fruits, topped with home-brewed less-fat, less-sugar chocolate ice-cream in a rugged pizzelle bowl and a Italian Grande Strawberry Compote which is actually strawberry crepe. And to wash down the desserts, I ordered a Grape Smoothie which is made out of pure fresh red, black & green grapes, blended with crushed ice … perfect to clean your systems. (anti-oxidant, you know that .. don’t you?)

Generally, although this place serves dessert’s, they promote healthy eating …. and here’s something I picked from their website.

15 minutes
That’s how long they spent to get rid of the unwanted pesticide without compromising the goodness on the fresh fruits.

Natural and their full passion, and you can taste that in every thing they serve here. hope it’s not too strong for you.

They don’t think additional preservative, coloring, fortification, and artificial flavoring is necessary at all.


Casa Tropicana
B-0-12, Block B, CASA Tropicana,
No. 5, Jalan Persiaran Tropicana
Tropicana Golf & Country,
47410 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +603 7885 0227
Fax: +603 7883 0356



Subang Parade
Mont’ Kiara
Hartamas Shopping Centre
Menara Hap Seng

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  1. Lee Ping (Mrs.HBT) Said,

    Thanks for introducing me to your blog. I am glad that you found my blog through WMW. If it were not for her, I will still be posting blurry photos. I am very grateful for her photo tips and most of all, her friendship.

    So, you grew up in Klang? Did you go to La Salle or ACS?

    Lee Ping (Mrs.HBT)’s last blog post..Care for a 30 minute or less meal?


  2. timothy Said,

    Hi Lee Ping, I went to La Salle. What about you, what school did you go to?


  3. Lee Ping (Mrs.HBT) Said,


    Lee Ping (Mrs.HBT)’s last blog post..Care for a 30 minute or less meal?


  4. jason Said,

    ACS Ipoh here 😉
    Maybe I should do this one day: Take KTM to Subang, have dessert and go back 😀

    jason’s last blog post..That Big Portion


  5. kampungboycitygal Said,

    theres one near my office too..walking distance 😀


  6. Sugar Bean Said,

    The desserts look delicious! Healthy and delicious and it’s dessert, something not to be missed then! The photos look really nice! 🙂

    Sugar Bean’s last blog post..Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant (??)


  7. keeyit Said,

    aiyo.. fat liao cannot eat liao


  8. red Said,

    just a question, how healthy is healthy? the fat content and sugar content, i would like to know. see, i am a health freak and i have been wanting to try desserts bar since i saw it.i live like practically 5 mins away from that place.

    lemme know yeah. thanks


  9. dee Said,

    hi there, nice pictures! i tried the crispy waffley thingy with marmalade and strawberry jam (and something else I can’t recall) and it actually tasted a lot better than it sounds. must try the mixta bowl now. my only gripe is that i can see their large sign calling out to me every time i’m on my balcony 🙁

    dee’s last blog post..Brer Rabbit and the Wibbly-Wobblies


  10. timothy Said,

    Hi all, when it comes to dessert .. there shouldn’t be any qualms to just go for it. Just don’t overdo it! I mean, come on people, we only live once. For heaven’s sake, just look at those mouth-watering desserts, wouldn’t you want to just slurp it all up instead of thinking about when is your next vege-salad diet?


  11. Fred .D Said,

    Great blog. I am glad I found it on Google.I’ll be back to visit your site soon.


  12. Hannah Said,

    Dessert’s bar is absolutely amazing. The food is delicious and the black sesame with soy milk is to DIE for!


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