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For busy people, it can be hard to squeeze in three meals a day. But if you want to look after your health, you need to find ways to eat three nutritious meals. Here are some suggestions to maintain a healthy diet.


A healthy breakfast is a good start to the day. And having something to eat at home is the best way to go. Fruits are good, but avoid eating bananas or pineapples when the stomach is empty. Bananas contain a lot of magnesium which is one of the few elements that will affect the heart. If you eat bananas on an empty stomach, this will lead to a sharp increase in the amount of magnesium in the blood. And blood with a high content of magnesium can harm the heart. And pineapples contain a lot of ferment which can also affect an empty stomach.

If you have leftovers, they’re good to eat in the morning. Just heat it up in the microwave, or even having buttered bread and milk is good.

If you have more time and want to have a freshly-made breakfast, then go to a caf¨¦ where you can sit down and enjoy your breakfast. Most of these eateries feature Chinese food including deep fried twisted dough sticks, soybean milk and dumplings.

But if you have to take long commute in the morning and are short of time, then you can buy take-away snacks at street stalls. Beijing has many of them selling breakfast in the mornings. The stall owners get up quite early and tend to be near bus stops or residential buildings from 7am to 9am. The food can range from western hamburgers and sandwiches, to traditional Chinese preserved eggs, pancakes, porridge, stuffing buns. They also sell various drinks including milk, soybean milk, and bubble tea. And you only need to pay a few yuan for the meal.


Compared to breakfast, time is not the issue with lunch. The problem is finding a diversity of lunch options.

Most office people have their lunches at restaurants near their companies. These places are always crowded at lunchtime and can be expensive. The lucky ones can have their lunch in the company canteens. They cost less than outside restaurants, but just as crowded. One way to enjoy your lunch in a relatively comfortable dining environment is to call ahead for a take-out meal and eat it at the recreational center of your company or in the office if it’s allowed.


Experts say 6pm is the best time to have dinner. We should avoid overly spicy food for dinner though green pepper is a vegetable that contains a lot of vitamin C. A glass of wine will also do some good, but too much can affect your sleep.

While it’s nice to have a good dinner, some may worry about gaining too much weight. Here are two weight-loss dinner options you can prepare yourself.

Option 1 : Rice + vegetables + sirloin steak + watermelon

Food materials: sirloin steak (100g), baby cabbage (100g) and garlic.
Seasonings: olive oil, oyster sauce, salt and black pepper Method:
1 Put one spoon of olive oil in the pan. When the oil is hot, add garlic and stir it till you smell the garlic fragrance.
2 Add the baby cabbage and add some water. Stir the cabbage until it’s done. Add salt and black pepper for seasoning.
3 Marinate the sirloin steak with salt and black pepper. Add olive oil in a pre-heated pan and sauteed it to the degree doneness you like.

Option 2 : Apple pork loin rolls

Food materials: an apple, pork loin, seaweed, shallots
Seasonings: sauce, salt, sugar
1. Preheat oven to 175 degrees Celcius.
2 Cut apple into sticks. Cut pork loin into thin slices and marinate with seasonings. Cut seaweed into the same size as the pork loin. Dice shallots.
3 Roll pork loin slices, apple sticks, shallots and seaweed pieces into a roll.
4 Put the roll into an oven fastened with an apple slice using a toothpick. Cook the roll for two to three minutes.

  1. kampungboycitygal Said,

    I can never have my dinner at 6 man..yeah having a good 3 meals a day is an luxury of time n money indeed


  2. Salvo Said,

    Enjoy 3 meals while vacationing abroad as well. Here’s a site to help you with that: http://www.foodjoker.com
    Just look for the restaurants in the city you’re staying!


  3. timothy Said,

    kampungboycitygal … well, we have to take care of our health no matter where we are, right?

    Salvo …. good site !


  4. Vampy Nyam Said,

    Actually, my advise is actually eating 6-7 meals a day with smaller portion. Of course you have your 3 main meals which is your breakfast, lunch and dinner but it works to have snack in between. What i mean snack is not junk food like choc/biscuit and potato chips! You could indulge in healthy snacks like fruits and yoghurt/ wholemeal biscuit. That way you wont overeat during the 3 main meal. Ever wonder why ppl who only eat 1 -2 meals a day are still finding it difficult to lose weight? Cos they eat TOO MUCH on 1 meal which is = slowing down your metabolism in burning up the food you just consume.

    Vampy Nyam’s last blog post..Letter of Complaint to Tour Agent…


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