If you’re familiar with Klang seafood, you might have heard of another alternative location to have seafood called Teluk Gong. Do bear in mind in you’re coming from Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya, you might be in for a little drive trip.

The journey to Teluk Gong from Petaling Jaya takes about 40 minutes. To go to Teluk Gong, you will need to access the KESAS Highway, and once you’re on it, drive towards Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, Banting, Port Klang & Westport (Pelabuhan Barat).

Keep driving along KESAS Highway until you reach the end of the highway (“lebuhraya tamat”). Driving a little further you will notice the exit to Teluk Gong is clearly marked. Drive past the entrance of Glenmarie Cove (a large scale housing development) and continue along this rather dusty road. You will drive pass by two large seafood restaurants on your left, keep going till you see signs. If driving at night-time, watch out for the bright lights. During the day, there are signboards put up by the various restaurant owners. Telok Gong Seafood Restaurant is the one on the left side of the road.


The restaurant may not seemed like much from the outside but once you enter the restaurant, you get a feeling you’re in another country (until you spot some customers speaking in loud hokkien dialects!). As you walk further into the restaurant, you will notice huts with dried Nipah leafs covering the roofs making you feel like you’re in a tropical island resort.

Since there were only four of us, food variety is pretty much out of the question. That leaves us to only limiting our orders to a few choice dishes, namely Steam Ginger Clams (La-La), Sweet and Sour Crabs and a special dish of Peppered Salt Mantis Shrimp. We started off with the Steam Ginger Clams which is quite plain actually. The clams were a little dry, although the sauce was pretty sweet.


As for the Sweet and Sour crab, the name says it all. It’s sweet, yet sour .. haha. I don’t know if it’s because we’re near the sea, the crab is extra juicy and delicious. Dipping the provided bread onto the sauce really makes this dish a good combination. The bread has a layer of crispy skin and when dipped onto the sauce, it’s crispy on the outside …. sweet on the inside!



Although I’ve had my fair share of Mantis Shrimps, this time it’s a little different. This is the first time I am having Mantis Shrimp of such size. And did you also know that there’s a technique to eating large Mantis Shrimps such as these? The secret is in the way you peel the top skin off. If you don’t know it, you’ll end up munching through the shell of the shrimp …

Once you get through the shells, the flesh inside taste a little like barbecued lobster …


Contact Details

Telok Gong Seafood Restaurant
No 705 Jalan Udang Galah Telok Gong, Port Klang
42000 Selangor, Malaysia
* Tel: 03-3134 1918


OVERALL RATING : * * * * (The trip is worthy)
Environment Rating : * * * (Tropical feel … hot and sweaty!)
Food Rating : * * * * (So far, so good.)
Service Rating : * * (What service? Unless you speak hokkien…)
Value Rating : * * * * (Save on the food to pay on the gas…)

Operation Details

Average Price : RM 100 ++ for 4

Miscellaneous DetailsHalal : No

Dining Method : Dine in / Take-away

Food/Cuisine : Chinese

Ambience/Features : Tropical Resort Style, complete with nipah rooftops. You can choose to dine in airconditioned areas or open air.
BYO Allowed? : Tar-pau? for what? There’s lot’s to eat in there…

Reservations : Accepted, of course !

  1. Precious Pea Said,

    Aiyerr..spooky. Just this morning itself, i was thinking of bringing my family for seafood at this place which i heard about from a friend. But i was not sure of the way. Now with your direction, am all set to go! Thank you wor! 🙂


  2. NIC (KHKL) Said,

    i am awed by your wonderful pics…yeah, the mantis prawn does taste like lobster…but the de”skinning” part is a hassle, i think…haha!


  3. Tummythoz Said,

    Trick is skin/peel it from its behind-lor. Used to have ample supple of bigger size (almost 1 foot) mantis prawns in Penang. But now most are exported or widely distributed to other states.


  4. keeyit Said,

    Ohh.. seafoods.. I love it but I cannot take it liao.. cholestrol high la.


  5. Vampy Nyam Said,

    Wow…you made the seafood looks super delicious. I’m not very familiar with Klang though. Is it hard to find? Do i need to make any booking in advance since it’s so popular?

    Vampy Nyam’s last blog post..Letter of Complaint to Tour Agent…


  6. morison dony Said,

    This is really a valuable post. Thank you! 😀 and.. keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you


  7. Bali Luxury Villas Said,

    wahhhh..seafood..crabs…love it


  8. Pancho Villa Said,

    The food looks delicious!


  9. sarah Said,

    i don know whether u had try it or not but i highly recommend you to try the coconut flower restaurant.
    Just beside this restaurant you tried.
    The price for the seafood is super duper cheap.
    But please don’t go during public holiday or some festival season cause its crowded and
    if you’re unlucky you need to wait 20minutes unless you do the booking before you go 🙂
    .-= sarah´s last blog ..020810 =-.


  10. Terry - JB Said,

    Nice fresh seafood with cheap price. Must try.


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