This trip to Jonker Street in Melaka could potentially produce some really fruitful street food crawl but alas! I arrived at around 5:15pm and parked my car right in the middle of Jonker Street. I was then told by one of the hawker that he needed my parking space for his stall by 6pm. So I did what humanly was possible, which is to quickly select one random shop, pop in and down my bowl of cendol and was out of the street before you know it.

Good thing is, I found this really good cendol place. But the bad thing is … I forget to check out the name of the shop. Well, good thing is .. I took a photo of the front of the shop. So if you ever want to try this cendol place i Jonker’s street … just print out the photo for matching purpose. (Hopefully they don’t perform a facelift on their storefront .. haha.)

Anyway, besides the cendol … the shop sells good wantan noodle although I did not manage to give it a try. But seeing the amount of people ordering it, I suppose it’s good. But as I mentioned, the cendol was fantastic. If you’re the type that prefers your dessert less sweet, this could be your thing.

When you’re served with your bowl of cendol, they provide ‘Gula Melaka’ (err.. Malacca sugar?!?!) and you can add it onto your cendol as per your liking, which is pretty neat. The variety of cendol flavor that is available are Durian (my favorite), Mango and plain cendol. Here’s a Durian flavored one for your eyes only.

So don’t forget to visit this place if you’re a sucker for desserts!



  1. citygal Said,

    yeah i know this place..love the durian cendol..hehe..thanks for ur bday poem..i like it so much


  2. timothy Said,

    No problem citygal. That’s what friends are for.


  3. Tummythoz Said,

    So different from Penang’s but a must dessert in both cities.


  4. fatboybakes Said,

    you went with jackson ah? he also just posted about that durian cendol wor.


  5. kimi Said,

    jz happen to bump into ya site 2day, so tot of leaving some notes…really like those food pics of urs, makes me damn hungry aft looking at it…lol…izzit all taken by u?! jz wanna tell tat ya sites is nice =) *cheerss*


  6. wmw Said,

    Looks good, but dunno whether too rich or not!


  7. timothy Said,

    Hey Tummythoz, yup I believe it’s different flavor.

    fatboybakes… is it? I’ll check in n Jackson’s then.

    kimi, yup you’re right. I took all the photographs. Glad you liked it. Thanks !


  8. jason Said,

    Such pretty sight!


  9. Simon Seow Said,

    Hmm..I think it’s time for me to take a road trip then, so many Malacca post I read.


  10. Jason Said,

    Jonker Dessert 88.


  11. Neesha Said,

    I think you should try the cendol in Setapak Jaya. Its opposite the lake. The first turning after the 4 junction which if u take left you’ll go to wangsa maju and right to Selangor pewter. But you go straight and turn right. The stalls are on ur right. You will immediately spot Wahab’s Cendol. I think u will never look at other cendol after u have tasted this. They also have rojak mee rebus fried mee/mee hoon/kuey teow. Try and let me know. U will never regret 😀

    Neesha’s last blog post..For a Successful Married Life


  12. azhar Said,

    definitely not jonker 88, because this one has corn on it… must try one lah


  13. eric Said,

    neesha, I also have tried cendol @ Wahab’s Cendol…hehehe..order Special Cendol which has pulut and tapai ubi with a big bowl..it taste really good…but I still prefer Cendol Pak Akob @ Masjid Seksyen 16 Shah Alam…once you taste it, you’ll some more…tehehe…


  14. cs Said,

    hi low, you can come and find me friday, sat and sun nite…in the shop…the name of the shop is Loong feng ge..the cendol lady was my gf’s aunty.

    do visit us if u’re free ok ? i’ll cook nice wantan noodles for you ! thx for the review of thier cendol.
    .-= cs´s last blog ..Jonker 86 =-.


  15. Timothy Low Said,

    Hello cs, thank you very much for your kind offer. If I ever do come to Melaka, I will definitely look for you….


  16. CS Said,

    dear low,

    The photo above is being quite a long time ago 🙂

    im trying to complete my blog BTW. where are you from ? 🙂


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