In ancient times as well as today, Feng Shui, pronounced in English as (“fung shwee”) or  (“fung shway”), was known as “Kan-Yu” which means ‘The Law of Heaven and Earth.’ Today’s Feng Shui schools teach that it is the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment. Feng shui literally translates as “wind-water.”

I don’t know if one should believe in Feng Shui but personally, I don’t put in much thoughts. I mean, come on … ‘pak kuas’, lion figurine’s and stuffs …. let’s get real. Then again, our opinions are very much influenced by the eastern early culture on Feng Shui masters. Mostly, we think Feng Shui’s are old fashion traditional, superstitious stuffs believed only by the older generation folks.

But looking at the rate of commercialization on the Feng Shui element, one can only wonder if modern technology has any influence over these practices. Which brings me to tell you about a recent luncheon that I was invited to. It’s a Feng Shui Luncheon i.e. 3 course lunch with a ‘mini’ course on Feng Shui. Quite an eye-opener, I would say.

The ‘mini’ course was presented by renowned author and Geomancer, Yick Tan titled “How to Achieve Health, Wealth and Happiness in the Year Of The Rat”.


Of course, I was initially enticed to go because of the “3-Course Lunch” provided but surprisingly, I learn a great deal from the 2 hours seminar. Well, I won’t elaborate further on the content of the course, I’ll let you find out more from his website here.

Let’s talk about the luncheon, shall we?

I wrote about Wendy’s Bistro a little while ago, hence I shall not elaborate on the details on this place. You can read about it here.

There were selections from the menu and I chose to have the Grilled Bacon Salad with Balsamic Vinegar Dressing, followed by some Grilled Spare Ribs & Pork Belly, Pork Kebabs on Fragrant Pilaf Rice and finally ice cream cake and coffee. And I was so full that I totally couldn’t move after that … which is perfect because right after lunch, master Yick Tan gave us some ‘free’ consultation on our personal and business prospects. Nice … ! Here are some visuals on the food I had … yummy !




  1. Cynthia Said,

    I wondered where you’ve been all this time! Now I know, at a seminar 🙂


  2. keeyit Said,

    so nice one the lunch.. how much then ?


  3. chenboon Said,

    wonderful idea… delicious food…
    any tips for year of Rat?
    Happy Chinese New Year


  4. yammylicious* Said,

    heart wendy’s grill spare ribs~ yammy!

    Gong hei fatt choi 3 meal! =)


  5. timothy Said,

    Hi Cynthia … yup. Here I am.

    keeyit, it’s RM88 per person for the whole package.

    chenboon, my tip for you this year is … make sure you be very good friends with a rat person and always bring him/her makan and he/she will bring you very good luck. And no need to look far, I am a rat. Haha !!

    Yammylicious … yup, delicious ! When do you have time to try it with me? Haha … Happy New Year to you too …


  6. BigFish Said,

    Oh my dear… Your blog is too lovely and all the photos are so eyes catching!!!
    Thanks for dropping by my hamble blog. Yea! I’m Sabah Girl, from K.K, wondering you used to teach in which school before?!
    Happy Chinese New Year!


  7. Christine Said,

    everything looks so good! This place is sure worth a visit then 🙂


  8. timothy Said,

    Hi Christine, yup. Make sure when you drop me … call me along, ok. Ha ha …


  9. jeanette tan Said,

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    good for restorant for wendy Bistro. rental RM 3,700 per unit.
    interested contact 0192701083 Jeanette Tan multi link properties, or email to It is a good idea for them to hold seminar at their restorant to promote their business. Well done! Keep it up.


  10. KY Said,

    ooOo looks nice, photos were great!


  11. Sam Hurley Said,

    I loved reading this site – awesome food! Thank you.
    feng shui


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