Gosh I’ve been dreading to write this article. Over the last few months, I’ve been busy, busy and busy …. and yes … I’ve been overlooking my lost love. My interest in writing about food.

And to call myself a foodie. Am I? Sigh…..

Anyway, let’s just do this ……

So where do you find good food in Singapore? No pun intended but most people tell me you can’t find any good food in Singapore. I know that sounded biased but that’s how it is … especially if you don’t know Singapore well enough.

So to make things simple, I got myself some local guides … I meant some Singaporean friends who could actually tell me where to have good food. And this is where they brought me to ……


Most people know what Geylang street is popular for, but I rest my case on that topic. Today, we shall talk about some really good food here.

Yong He Eating House is one of such. Yong He Eating House is located along Geylang Street, somewhere near Lorong 6 and 8. Like any other coffee shops in KL, Yong He does not brand any expensive setups, very simple layouts with rude customers and waiters.


The good stuffs in Yong He includes their Yu Tiao (that’ll be Yau Ca Kwai in cantonese) … and mind you, Singaporean ones are particularly long … and I meant their Yu Tiao. Besides that, we also had their Toasted Bun Meat Floss with eggs … simple delicious, crispy to munch when served hot.

The salty Glutinous Rice is unique … feels like Yu Tiao wearing a glutinous jacket. Good to go with coffee if you don’t mind your coffee being oily. The Carrot Cake is special too, since it came packed with eggs. I find it rather … munchable and it really fills up your appetitie real quick. Finally came the Fried Meat Dumpling which I find rather bland. The dumpling skin is really thick … and meat is … too little.






I hope you enjoyed this round of food shots all the way from Singapore … and I’ll run by more shots of Food In Singapore soon, I hope.  And here’s a map to Geylang and Yong He … for your referral.




  1. Cynthia Said,

    I’ve been wondering where you’ve gone to. Now I know 🙂 I always feel that the locals the world over are the best in giving advice about food.


  2. Tasha Nyam Said,

    I always go down to Singapore but never really been to this Geylang place to try their food. I think after reading your blog, i think i will drop by. Keep eating and letting us know where to eat and where to avoid yeah. Cheers matey!


  3. MeiyeN Said,

    hey.. you are back! been missing in action for like months?!


  4. timothy Said,

    Hey Cynthia, you’re just too generous.

    Tasha, thanks for visiting my site.

    Yup MeiYen, takes a lot to discipline yourself to maintain a foodie site. Wish I cud be a little like you .. haha.


  5. yammylicious* Said,

    omg.. finally u updated ur blog.. weeeeeee~
    after xmas i’m heading to sing.. my turn to post! aww!


  6. keeyit Said,

    I just came back from yoga and now read your blog really make me hungry !


  7. SC Said,

    the carrot cake looks more like ham chin peng wrapped in egg!the toasted bun with meat floss looks delish though..


  8. timothy Said,

    yammylicious … thanks for visiting. Looking forward to your article too.

    keeyit … ain’t it my job to do so ?

    SC, yah … the toasted bun with meat floss is good, just make sure they don’t turn cold … hard like rock !


  9. Honey Star Said,

    Hey you, year end..everyone like super busy. 🙂 anyways..
    Wishing you & your family a xmas filled with a Ho-Ho-Whole lotta happiness, cheer,love and good food 🙂

    Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year


  10. Jackson Kah Said,

    I tried this before but not good at all…. Taiwan version is better


  11. wmw Said,

    Dropping by to wish you a Happy New Year!


  12. Christy Said,

    Happy New Year!!:)
    You’re finally back!!!
    I don’t know much about Singaporean food; only know they are mostly similar to ours here in Malaysia – no specific specialty except Hainanese Chicken Rice (I think):p


  13. jason Said,

    Hey, welcome back to the blogsphere & Happy New Year!


  14. YC Said,

    Very nice blog about food. Very sincere effort. Keep it up!


  15. Alexander Said,

    This is very interesting combination.
    Thanks for your information.

    I think I have to blogroll your blog under my “Other Great Sites”.


  16. crunchasaurus rex Said,

    I’m a singaporean living in canada.. and i’ve only been to yong he a few times.. so you did good. 😉


  17. Julie Said,

    Great post! those dumplings looks yummy!


  18. Lisa Said,

    I want some you tiao now! yummy!!

    Do they speak in english at Yong He Eating House? or do they have menus I can point to, as I don’t want to embarass myself! o_0


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