I never really fancied Salt-Baked Chicken since I’m really not into herbal chickens and stuff but occasionally, a little indulgence can be rewarding.


I recently came across a local TV food guide featuring Angel Wong Chui Ling … a local celebrity as the host. Her eating programme, One Day Five Meals, where she is given RM50 a day for five meals is currently on air on Astro Wah Lai Toi. Through Chui Ling’s show, I found some really great places for cheaper food haunts … !

One of such is Kedai Makanan Yi Poh … located in Damansara Utama. On the first look, Kedai Makanan Yi Poh resembles your local neighborhood coffee shop where you occasionally skips by to ‘tar-pau’ your favorite afternoon tea or black coffee.


Set ups aside, this place serves a good round of delicious meals … and their specialty is a local favorite, Salt-Baked Chicken (Yim Guk Gai). Some said, the best Salt-Baked Chicken can be found in Ipoh, Perak … as mentioned by Kampungboycitygal.

Seriously, I am not a fan of Salted Baked Chicken … heck ! I am not a fan of salted anything … but in this case, I’ll make an exception. Especially when it comes highly recommended by Angel Wong …

Since this review was an impromptu case, I did not order much. A Szechuan Tan Tan Noodle … some Penang Sui Kow and of course, their specialty … the Salt-Baked Chicken. Service was good and order was taken fast and swift. Then again, I was their first customer that afternoon.

More customers drifted in before I had chance to ask the boss further questions relating to their salted baked chicken preparation method. Hence I could only produce some details on my liking of their food. Szechuan Tan Tan Noodle was the first to be served. Szechuan food tend to taste a little funny if you’re not ‘used’ to it. The Szechuan Tan Tan Noodle is a good example …. the taste, a little sweet for my liking … taste more like tomato soup. But I like the noodle though … you’ll love it if you like Wan Tan Noodle.


Then came the Peking Sui Kow …. (Peking Water Dog !?!?!?!) … nah, just kidding. This snack dish is just crispilicious … if there is such a word. Get a piece … take the first crunchy bite and dip it into the sauce … and when the fillings were soaked with the sauce, stuff the whole thing in a mouthful .. yes, I am sure you can take it all in ! Now the taste will be complete. Yummy !


And the grand finale …. the Salt-Baked Chicken …. that’ll be Yim Guk Gai in chinese. Seriously .. I’d give a thumbs up for this bad boy ! Too bad it’s only a half-bird …. felt like I could take more of it. The chicken meat is soooo ssssuculent and tasty … which only means the chicken was marinated well … and by wrapping it in paper and baked in hot salt in a covered wok, it keeps the taste within the chicken meat.



Contact Details


HQ : No.25, Jalan SS21/56B, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.
Tel / Fax : 603-77222172

Branch : Giant Hypermarket (Bandar Puteri Puchong) Food Court (FC-10)
Tel : 016-3469179

Branch : No.9, Jalan Bendahara 1, Taman Puteri, 83000, Batu Pahat, Johor.
Tel : 07-4345439

  1. New Kid on the Blog Said,

    how come half bird? ipoh sell a whole bird….


  2. citygal Said,

    i went there right after the show too..the drum stick rice is rm 4.5 only..but ipoh is selling the whole chicken at rm 16 only


  3. timothy Said,

    Guys … there are options for half and full bird. I knew if I ordered a full bird, I might “over-stuff” myself … and .. ehem … spoil my diet, so I opt for a half-bird…..


  4. MeiyeN Said,

    okay, noted! let’s see when bob and i have da time to drop by 😉


  5. Christy Said,

    I am not a fan of chicken…but I shall recommend this place to my Chicken-fan friends!:D
    Tongue twister:p
    And I think the name of the shop is rather creative…haha, Yi Poh!!
    Thanks for the review and also, the cool map!!


  6. Cynthia Said,

    I’ve heard of chicken being cooked this way but have never had it or tried making it myself.


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  8. jason Said,

    We shall inform this to Jackson and Tankiasu!
    I prefer herbal chicken than the usual plain steamed chicken.


  9. keeyit Said,

    Yeah I like to eat the salted chicken.. Delicious


  10. rokh Said,

    mmm…looks saltily good..i must try


  11. Nicholas Said,

    cool cool. i once tried b4 the yim gok kai that my uncle bought for us from ipoh and i love it since then .


  12. tankiasu Said,

    I bet I’ll love this!


  13. beachlover Said,

    hmmmmm..wonder why Dan-dan mee have tomato sauce..here dan dan mee serve dry like kwan lo mein but the rest of the food look yum yum..maybe one day I have chance I will try it:)


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  15. Big Boys Oven Said,

    oh sure I will love it! The type of chicken really delicious, thanks for letting us know!


  16. crunchasaurus rex Said,

    Not a big fan either.. of salted chicken.. but i’ll eat it.. when i come home for sure.


  17. FoodLover Said,

    Chui Ling is not a local celebrity. She’s from HK.


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  20. prospero Said,

    woooo sedappppp the pics look really great ! and i love salted chicken


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