Sunway Mentari is located right opposite Sunway Pyramid, yet I’ve asked many and they are unsure where is the exact location. I wouldn’t blame them for not knowing … particularly because there isn’t anything interesting in that part of Sunway. But right across the NPE highway is where Sunway Pyramid and one of the busiest areas in Bandar Sunway, the Sunway Metro commercial area, which is adjacent to the shopping mall.

The shops there house banks, restaurants, tuition centres and business outlets, contributing to the daily traffic congestion around Sunway Metro.

While Sunway Mentari isn’t exactly popular for being a busy commercial area, there are a few good spots for food. Steamboat is a good example. Many of you may have heard of Yuen Buffet Steamboat which serves up a good buffet steamboat for less than RM20 per person, which is quite reasonable for many. There’s also Tasty Pot, another buffet steamboat joint which is equally “packed” at night. I’ve recently visited an incredibly good Korean BBQ restaurant (exactly next to Shell Petrol Station) which I can’t recall the name. But rest assured … I WILL review that place … evidently, this place is even better than my last review on another Korean BBQ joint …. Daorae.


Alrighty, that aside .. let’s get back to the main storyline which I frequently fail to keep up to. I am writing about another Bak Kut Teh place … yes … and I know I just wrote one not long ago. But this, my dear friends … are different. Well, how different .. you might ask. Well, go ahead … ask me.

Now that you’ve asked me …. read my title. It says … “Hokkien” Bak Kut Teh. Yes, that’s right. I clearly said it …. Hokkien Bak Kut Teh and it is different from the Teow Chew counterpart. As I’ve mentioned in my previous article, the difference is in the soup … and I happen to prefer the Hokkien version is has thicker and darker soup with stronger herbal taste.


Not only do they serve my favorite BKT style … they are pretty generous with the portions. To-date, I’ve been there twice and on both occasions …… stuffed to the rim ! Apparently, they also serve the dry Bak Kut Teh but I have yet to try that one.


Whichever flavor suits you … that’s your choice but a piece of advice though. Always make sure you have your chinese tea with your Bak Kut Teh meal. Reason ? Simple … Bak Kut Teh meals are known to be quite “oily” (plain chinese direct-translation) … or contain quite considerable level of “fats”. And chinese tea are known to have a counter-effect on the fats.

Nuff said. Trust me on this. I grew up in Klang.

Kedai Makanan & Minuman Ren Ren
No.3, Grd Flr, Jln PJS 8/10, Sunway Mentari,
Dataran Sunway Mentari, 46150
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Contact :
Rueben Chua 012-6252220

  1. Tummythoz Said,

    Aiyo, heavy downpour since dawn and now in d afternoon, still drizzling. Could almost smell that bkt …


  2. keeyit Said,

    Wah, why recently fancy on Bak Ku Teh meh ? Another place that you can find a nice BKT is Sg Way, Ah San Bak Ku Teh.

    Although my pictures not as good as yours. ;D Just for information, check out this :


  3. New Kid on the Blog Said,

    rainy days, cold weather and with a pot of BKT…. ai yo yo… heaven !!!!


  4. tankiasu Said,

    Wow, stamp of approval from the BKT capital’s son. Ok, trust you and will go try it out!


  5. DaGuyNextDoor Said,

    Great site. First time for me on a food blog. Very illustrative. Keep up to good job and hope to see more delicious looking meals in da future.


  6. Mama BoK Said,

    I could sure use some golden needle mushroom BKT.. !


  7. Christy Said,

    You seem like a Bak Kut Teh fan huh?:)
    I am not; but I do love your photos…really awesome!!
    Hehe…they should have Seafood Teh:P


  8. Lu Said,

    Tanjung Sepat there got one seafood teh.I try few time before and i like it


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