Hi …. back again with another new article for another new makan place !

Not many of my friends know where NorthPoint MidValley is located … although I did specifically mention the word “MidValley”. Situated at the north entrance to Mid Valley City, Northpoint comprises two towers of suites and residences. Expanding on the SOHO concept ( small office home office ), Northpoint offers a city lifestyle where you can combine home and office in a single building. Cool or what !


Now that you know where NorthPoint is …. let’s move on to the next topic. There are 4 restaurants in Northpoint, namely RedGinger, Isthmus, Ninja Jones and finally Izzi’s (did I get that spelt correctly?). I plan to write about them … yeap, all 4 of ’em and I shall begin with RedGinger.

Located just next to the pedestrian bridge that bridges from MidValley to Nortpoint, RedGinger is pretty strategically located … because once you walk over from MidValley to Northpoint, there is no way you can miss the restaurant.

As you walk in to the restaurant, you can’t miss the beautifully crafted logo of RedGinger at the entrance … and the decor is an interesting blend of contemporary light fixtures, and old chinas, a huge counter bar, and touches of flowers to soften the environment. Yellow lights soften the ambiance.


We started our dinner with some starters … common street food but exclusively prepared. That’s also because except for the Chicken Lobak, the rest of them food looks different from the ones you get outside. The “Yau Char Kwai” for example … are delicious thin crispy strips dressed with mayonnaise … instead the the “double-barrel” rolls of flour … and the Otak-Otak comes in packets.

Huge packets ! I think the Otak-Otak alone could satisfy my dinner pang. But of course, with 20+ people sharing the food … it’s just nice.




Then comes the main courses … you should’ve seen how we paraded the food ! The dishes were treated like models in studio shoots minus the stage lightings though…

I manage to take some shots but not all …. gosh, it’s difficult to have a good balance to ..

  • Enjoying the sight of the food
  • Taking photographs of the food
  • Eating the food
  • And actually enjoying the food

But like I said, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. I went on shooting away, missing some of the dishes along the way though. Well, here are the dishes that I did enjoy … the Ipoh Hor Fun, the special Kam Heong Kuay Teow, Dry Curry Sang Har Noodle and also the Fried Rice. And my favourite …. the Ipoh Hor Fun is the best.

I’ll let the photos do the talking here.




And here are some dishes that are equally mouth-watering … the Black Pepper Beef and Steamed Chicken with Wine and Salt. Again .. I will not elaborate further on the description of the dishes but … let’s just say it’s a must-try for all !



Contact Details

Red Ginger (Mid Valley)
Block A, Mezzanine Floor, Northpoint Offices
Mid Valley City, KL
Tel: 03-2287 0890

Red Ginger (Plaza Damansara)
Medan Setia 2, Plaza Damansara
Bukit Damansara, KL
Tel: 03-2095 3118


OVERALL RATING : * * * * (Good family makan place!)
Environment Rating : * * * * * (Good effort on ambiance)
Food Rating : * * * (Not bad, but can be better)
Service Rating : * * * (Room for improvement during peak hours)
Value Rating : * * * *

Operation Details

Operating Hours : Closed on Sundays

Miscellaneous Details

Halal :
Dining Method : Dine-In and Takeaway

Food/Cuisine : Peranakan. The above-mentioned is a MUST-TRY
Ambience/Features : Family . Air Conditioned .
Reservations : Accepted

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  1. Jackson Said,

    wuuu…how did u manage to get the location map?? SO nice! I personally love the curry laksa with the raw “SI HUM” hehe


  2. jason Said,

    It was a great dinner. Thanks for organizing!


  3. MeiyeN Said,

    oh tim…. i love your pictures! my lost for not being able to attend this dinner 🙁


  4. teckiee Said,

    Thanks for arranging the dinner. Tough work.


  5. Jason Said,

    Can include MV in my next trip already. Ahaks. Hung out too much 1U and The Curve.


  6. Red Ginger @ Northpoint, Mid Valley City « Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong! Said,

    […] 3 Meals […]

  7. Christy Said,

    Wow…another rave on this dinner and all with such nice pics:)


  8. Tummythoz Said,

    Beautiful pix, as expected. Having tastes flashback now.


  9. New Kid on the Blog Said,

    Hi, dropping by from Christy’s site. Amazing pictures… they look great.


  10. Kev Said,

    hi there. if you like dragon-i then i’d recommend Crystal Jade Palace near Sg. Wang Plaza.

    i’ll be waiting for some reviews 😉

    cheers 😀


  11. Honey Star Said,

    Everyone is talking about this place. thanks for the review. will check it out!


  12. timothy Said,

    Jackson .. hehe .. I ‘curi’ the map from somewhere la.

    Yup … RedGinger … can do la. At least better than the average Penang food joints around Klang Valley. Just try not to compare with the real thing la…


  13. Christine Said,

    hey timothy 🙂 great pictures.. and u often organize food sampling outings like this? I’m definitely interested to “have fun” and would like to make new friends 😛 and more foodie friends? oh. yes 🙂


  14. cyclops Said,

    unfortunately, Red Ginger (both MV & Damansara outlets) have closed down already. Someone else has taken over their MV outlet.


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