The name ‘Eric’ mentioned in Eric Deli Paradise refers to the Hong Kong celebrity Eric Tsang, famous for his popular SuperTrio game show … if you really must know. Eric Tsang does not own Eric Deli Paradise but rather, using his image to promote the restaurant by pasting his posters all over this red and white themed restaurant and basically, it does the marketing gimmick job quite well. Well … at least to me, it does….


Eric Deli Paradise is located on the ground floor of Hartamas Shopping Centre covering a huge chunk of the right wing … from unit G11B – G15 to be exact, right next to the entrance of the parking lot. Just check out the map provided above. The place is huge therefore not a problem to find a table. I guess the restaurant could easily fit 350 people or so … with private function rooms too.

Anyway, since I was there to try out the ‘tim sum’ … I didn’t had the chance to review their popular Sze Chuan dishes (noted in my next to do list). The ordering style is exactly like what you get in some other popular Hong Kong based restaurants and cafe .. a paper menu with pencil for you to start ticking away. Call me old-fashioned but I still don’t feel comfortable ordering stuffs that I can’t visualize. Not having much of a choice, I made some choices and ‘submitted’ my orders to the ever-smiling service personnels dressed in all-red.


A glance-through on the dining customers … next to our table, a couple – rather rich looking (using expensive sunglasses as hair bands) with a screaming baby, sigh! Looking the other way, an old couple … quietly enjoying their lunch ..probably felt irritated at my staring .. also rich looking. Seriously, I should review my observations. I am probably biased … everyone looks rich here! Then again, it’s just because I am in Hartamas area.

ANYWAY … this is what I’ve ordered …. with a couple of other stuffs and the total bill for 2 person came up to about RM64.00. Quite a hefty amount … I would say. Painful to my deep pockets. Wished this was a sponsored review ….







Contact Details

Lot G11 – G15
Ground Floor, Hartamas Shopping Centre
No 60, Jln Sri Hartamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (03) 6201 1154


Environment Rating : * * * * *
Food Rating : * * * *
Service Rating : * * * *
Value Rating : * * * *

Operation Details

Operating Hours :

Miscellaneous Details

Halal : NO
Dining Method : Dine-In Takeaway
Special Dishes : Sze Chuan

Food/Cuisine :
Ambience/Features : Family . Air Conditioned .
BYO Allowed? : No
Reservations : Accepted

  1. citygal Said,

    labeled it as a lousy place with astronomic price..hahaha


  2. timothy Said,

    Wow … that was direct. Anyway, many think the same too … so no harm done.


  3. babe_kl Said,

    OUCH! but the taste justify the price or not?


  4. xiulongbao Said,

    kinda lousy for the hot food selection. But the steamboat n dimsum are not bad. Must-try is their tong sui. I luv their shaved ice dessert…veli much!


  5. jason Said,

    The mango in the mango roll… is that mango?


  6. MeiyeN Said,

    wow….. there’s a map somemore! so cool…. haven’t tried this place but food looks good.. wondering if i should visit since citygal labeled it as a lousy place :p


  7. MeltingWok Said,

    Hartamas SC never existed when I left M’sia 🙁 The close encounter I had was when Hartamas appeared on Survivor, participants were munching away butter cookies outside the street and the classic moment was they tried to recycle as many newspapers as possible from the Hartamas residents hehe 😛


  8. timothy Said,

    babe_kl, I really doubt so la.

    Xiulongbao, it’s true what you say .. their tong-sui is quite nice.

    Yes Jason … that is mango. Shiokkk huh !

    MeiyeN, you must try it yourself to get the firsthand experience.

    MeltingWok, I didn’t even knew Survivor featured Hartamas … but I guess the folks in Hartamas must have had a helluva time.


  9. teckiee Said,

    ahhh I dont have to go to the same ol’ same ol place for dim sum with my granddad liau…but.. what time does the place open?


  10. Honey Star Said,

    Wah, the fried fried stuff looks good. But damn pricey! For that price can go makan buffet dim sum at Nobel house or Marco Polo


  11. Precious Pea Said,

    The dim sum looks good! Heard about the high price, dat is why until now have not tried.


  12. wmw Said,

    Tried the food/dim sum and tong shui stuff here…food is so so but the tong sui’s okay.


  13. Rasa Malaysia Said,

    OMG, those fried/steamed fish balls are simply the best…everytime I go home, I tapau everyday from dim sum…I can eat them forever.


  14. Lyrical Lemongrass Said,

    Walked past this restaurant before. Saw the celebrity endorsement and cabuted. haha. Usually associated with high prices mah. Of ocurse, to give them the benefit of doubt, your pics look good and I wouldn’t mind trying it some day to form my own conclusions. One man’s meat is another man’s poison, as they say, so I am not deterred by the bad reviews. Thanks, Tim. 🙂


  15. tankiasu Said,

    The rumors about so so food and ridiculously high price are true. But seriously you all must go try their steamed pork ribs (dim sum).


  16. Jackson Kah Said,

    The food looks good especially the deep fried salad prawn.. i pass by this outlet be4 but didnt have a chance to try


  17. The Expedited Writer Said,

    As always, your food pictures are gorgeous 🙂


  18. Jason Said,

    I like the sweet potatoes picture! 😉

    Nice review.


  19. keeyit Said,


    Your food pictures really look good..
    I want to eat too…




  20. Tummythoz Said,

    Hey, been here (your blog, that is) several times and still no updates. *sigh*


  21. Rasa Malaysia Said,

    The fish balls are calling my name…my absolute favorite.


  22. lisa Said,

    Dose Eric Tsang know that meaning of the word Deli? It surpose to be low cost food and the price is not at all low cost. It not even a deli. He and his partners got to rethink this business they got themself into.


  23. tai Said,

    I been there and see it not a deli. Price is too high and service in not good. Workers untrained. Deli is when food cook ahead and service over the counter to customer to eat in or take away. Eric does not have it at all. He should have done more reserach into the business with his partners instead. Good business is good price for food and good service too so customers will return.

    I will not return back.


  24. Janice Said,

    last time i have been before with my friends to having dinner.. i think they have adjust the price and promote more new food. because there is more cheaper before we been. recently i bring my parents there for dim sum.. the “lou sa pao” very nice (new items).. n not too expensive.. not bad! they have change a lot! will visit again!!


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