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I was heading to the famous chicken rice shop along Jalan Maharajalela when I noticed this dark, candle-lit restaurant. I got curious and peeped through the curtained window … and saw this most romantic view. Tried looking for the signboard but alas, non found. I walked around to the front entrance and there it was, a small sign that says Café Café. I thought to myself…. I must come back and try it out. And guess what .. here I am …. a week later…

From the moment I entered the cafe, my first impression was ….. WOW! ( Well, I really can’t express how I felt at that moment. you really need to visit this place to experience what I meant !). For the benefit of doubt, I’ll attempt to describe a little here ….

Dim-lit restaurant … the first thing I noticed were bits of crystal thingy dangling from the ceiling … lot’s of them .. like twinkling, shining stars ….. And hanging across the wall .. a huge drape curtain … you know … the huge Victorian type… A quick glance around and you’ll see some well-set dining tables … every single one candle-lit. The candle lights reflecting off the wine glasses and the silverwares placed on the dining tables somehow created a very romantic ambiance. Surrounding the dining area are old cottage-styled cabinets .. well-stocked with canned food, wines …. giving the impressions of cozy cottages in old times.

Since I was so awed by the restaurant setups and surroundings .. I completely forgotten about the food. I remembered eating some, took some photos … but I could not remember the name of them. One thing I did remember though … well, 2 things actually … One is … the food is good … really good, so it’s not just a pretty restaurant … The second thing is .. if you love your French food … make sure you don’t miss the Foie Gras. It’s the best here. Anyway .. here are some visuals for you.

Contact Details

175, Jalan Maharajalela
50150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : 603-21458141

Located on a busy cross-junction, Café Café is a slice of Paris in downtown Kuala Lumpur. Far from the madding crowd that is Bukit Bintang, yet close enough to feel the pulse of the Golden Triangle, is a quaint restaurant at a corner of what used to be the Edinburgh Roundabout. Opposite of National Staduim and near to the traffic lights at the Dewan Bahasa intersection, you can’t miss the 19th century Parisian-styled cafe that stands out in a row of nondescript shops. Parking is convenient and available around the place.


OVERALL RATING : * * * * * (perfect for marriage proposal )
Environment Rating : * * * * * * (extra stars for super romantic ambience !)
Food Rating : * * * * (rather designer food)
Service Rating : * * * * (Waiters very informative, every one of them)
Budget Rating : * * (Quite Pricey .. then again .. you’re paying for the ambience)

Operation Details

Average Price : RM50 – RM100

Operating Hours

MON – SAT Dinner: 06.00pm – 12.00pm
SUN Lunch 12.00pm – 02.30pm, Tea 02:30pm – 05:30pm, Dinner 06:00pm 0 12:00am

Accepted Cards: : Master Card , Visa Card , American Express , Diners Card

Miscellaneous Details

Halal : Yes

Dining Method : Dine-In (Please .. if you wanna catch Amber Chia)


Fench / Italian. Favourites are traditional foie gras (goose liver), which is the signature dish. Speciality also includes succulent French duck breast, Italian food such as pasta and risotto cooked with dried porcini mushroom. Entrees like mussels in white wine,escargots, scallops with black truffles … are not to be missed. Lovers of desert will appreciate the range of homemade classic French and Italian foods such as French dark chocolate or banana mousse, Crème brulee – a classic French favourite. Tiramisu comes highly recommended with creamy Italian mascarpone cheese and a touch of strong French brandy.

Ambience/Features : Lavish interior. Quintessentially Parisian – echoes of the combination of Le Quartier du Marais, Montmartre together with a touch of Moulin Rough.

In plain English …. VERY ROMANTIC …

BYO (Bring Your Own) Allowed? : Please … you don’t want to do that….

Reservations : Temporarily not available.

  1. wmw Said,

    Haven’t had a chance to drop by here yet or to their “sister” restaurant, Banquet at Bangsar Village II.


  2. Precious Pea Said,

    I been to Cafe-cafe once for an after dinner drink..and like you, i was totally captivated with their interior design, especially the crystal chandelier. But they didn’t allow me to take photo 🙁 so i decided not to come back for dinner. LOL! Anyway….i will try their sister outlet, Banquet soon.


  3. Lyrical Lemongrass Said,

    I did the unbelievable last Friday. Went to both Banquet (lunch) and Cafe2 (dinner)! Food’s good, but ambience is better. 🙂


  4. missmynx Said,

    i heard too many good reviews for this restaurant! i guess it’s time to try. pix looks good, making me damn hungryyy!


  5. Tummythoz Said,

    Looks like I need to gather less-than-rowdy makan pals for this visit.


  6. tankiasu Said,’s Victoria Institution, not institute. And it’s land area its definitely much bigger than that little square box on your map. 😛


  7. Timothy Said,

    WMW, if fine dining is what you’re looking for … do try.

    Precioussss …. maybe we can go together next round and do another official review, after all .. I need to do another round … for the food.

    LL, I shall visit Banquet too … how’s the pricing there?

    tankiasu … thanks for the heads up. I didn’t really pay attention to the details in the map since this is taken directly from Cafe Cafe’s website. Perhaps I should notify the m as well.


  8. fatboybakes Said,

    oh goody, i’m going there to devirginise, this saturday for a friend’s birthday dinner. heard so much about the place.


  9. med Said,

    hey tim…nice find…would definitely give it a try this one 😉

    take care!


  10. jason Said,

    Hiya Tim, glad that your site is up and running again. I saw this place last week when I was going back to Cheras.


  11. MeiyeN Said,

    couldn’t agree more that it’s a perfect place for a romantic dining! if you love this place, do try banquet @ bangsar village ii… same owner 😉


  12. Precious Pea Said,

    Hey, i don’t mind going there to try their menu which seems like quite good. The last time i went, we only ordered cheese platter and wine.


  13. timothy Said,

    I wonder if we all go there together .. how much will the bill come up to? I remembered the last time I went there with my parents … 4 of use and we paid close to RM300 … and I didn’t even have main course ! My parents did though ….


  14. lotsofcravings Said,

    its a good place..just going to find a reason to drop by again..almost burnt a big hole when i was there the last round!..the wagyu beef cheeks is speechless!


  15. The Expedited Writer Said,

    Ahh…your pictures, seductive they are…

    I’m going to need to try out Café Café KL when I get back.


  16. IronEaters Said,

    very vintage looking restaurant… lovely place =) and the food, nice shots!


  17. teckiee Said,

    Romantic indeed. Going there soon…yippie!


  18. Jakob Said,

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title Café Café KL. Thanks for informative article


  19. Eric Khor Said,

    phewww… finally something about cafecafe!… nice place for a romantic dinner… even nicer for cuppa coffee n dessert late at night… price is reasonable too…


  20. hong Said,

    can i ask
    eating in this cafe cafe
    a couple…havin main course, a drink, and a desert…each
    how much will it cost?’


  21. timothy Said,

    Hello Hong, usually be prepared to fork out between RM150 – RM200 per couple … but during Valentine’s …. I really don’t know. Probably you can give them a tinkle to find out. Here’s their number … 603-21458141.


  22. Shen Said,

    Tim, We’ll be trying out this place for my galfriend’s bday soon! Your wonderful photos get all of us excited now! Hope it lives up to its expectation!


  23. Piau Said,

    Me and my colleagues went to the banquet today (28.03.08) about 20+ of us to celebrate someone’s b’day.
    Food initiallly was good (presentation wise and taste wise) until the three Tom Yam Soup(Set lunch) came after 2:05pm (three of us ordered about 12:40ish noon). Very upset that the manager(?), the guy not wearing uniform was blaming us (customers) for waiting for so long for the food and not leaving earlier(duh?). Few of us(me included) had an argument with him (there’s another lady “manager”, dressed in black shirt/pants who earlier scolded the white uniformed waiters about giving out our Clear Tom yam Soup to the wrong table whose customers have arrived later than us).
    Some of us actually suggested and planned to not pay the bill and just walk off. But our manager eventually paid via credit card, ‘cos “pity them”(the lady and waiters meanwhile looked stunned when we told them we wanted to walk off w/o paying).
    The lady that time kept quiet. The “Manager” (I call him that ‘cos he looks like makes the most noise there amongst the staff), dressed in dark shirt/pants(young/middle aged Chinese guy) told us we were “liars” (that someone claimed we had waited for 1.5h for our food) and said we’re taking his discount for granted(the discount I have yet to verify ‘cos the bill is with our dept.manager, who also joined us for lunch). He claimed our food arrived within 1h (yeah right, we arrived at 12:30 noon, ordered around 12:45 and it arrived at 2:05pm, go figure!). Then I challenged him to prove it. He proudly said: “Your order came in at 1:15pm!” Then I told him, even if it’s one hour it is still very long to wait for the food, then he told me “IF one hour is long, then you go wait at the coffe shop la!”. I dunno how u guys feel but I was very upset/unhappy over his attitude/response. I then told him (amongst many other offensive verbal exchanges): “I will never come to your shop again, we are your customers you cannot talk like that”. Then he said “Good! I also hope you’ll never come back here again, ‘cos you’re such DIFFICULT CUSTOMERS!”. Hello…..I have been patiently and hungrily waiting for your tom yam soup, I only ask waiters (politely) twice about it (until they realised their mistake and the “Black lady” came angrily running around, pointing here and there, making a fuss to the waiters) and you call me a difficult customer??? I’ve seen more diffiult customers than myself (usually I’m very patient one and never confronted restaurant staff before!This is first time in my life I scolded/argued back to a rude staff/manager!).

    SO, conclusion I’ll never come back (as I promised) and well share this with everyone I know of. I’ll discourage everyone from going to that Bangsar Village 2 outlet. This has to be my worst/most rude makan outing I’ve ever experienced (in terms of rude staff treating the customer).

    The last thing I told him before I left was “I hope “all your customers can hear this!” (referring to I’ll never come back again). Then he stopped argueing and just shook his head.

    Pity, the food (especially lunch sets) were not bad, and reasonably priced. This guy (manager?) must go to a mandatory Service Excellence/Customer service course immediately, or else they will suffer dearly…(I saw quite a number of “high class” patrons eating there, wonder what they must have thought…)

    Anyway, checked my parking ticket and it was stamped “TIME IN: 12:14:19PM”, “TIME OUT: 02:22:07PM”. We arrived around 12:30 at the “Banquet”, sat down, ordered around 12:40 or 12:45 LATEST. I think the “manager” didn’t know it was a 2nd order at 1:15pm, not the initial order (the 3 tom yam soup) ‘cos it already went to the wrong table next to us. So, he better get his facts right, we DID wait 1.5h for our tom yam!!!
    (boycott, boycott, boycott)…


    Raymond Reply:

    Wooo… that is harsh man.. after read bout it… such a mad manager .. customer is always right no matter what it is.. well i’ll post out this in “FACEBOOK” so that all the ppl should know bout it and the manager should be fired.. the boss should not hired workers like him or her.. if i was the one who waited so long i already get out and not paying a single sen.. i felt more happy if i do so .. then argue with them.. Remember Customer always in 1st place .. hope the owner of the of it see this .. pls teach your staff..


  24. blue Said,

    a romantic place…ecspecially their design……..


  25. erick Said,

    oww.. great, i think agree your post


  26. abby Said,

    it was nice… the food,environment and service… 🙂


  27. Clumsy Chic Said,

    I so wanna visit this place^^
    .-= Clumsy Chic´s last blog ..The Dawn of the Tiger Year~~~ =-.


  28. Priya Said,

    I went to Cafe Cafe yesterday to experience a romantic candle light dinner for my hubby’s birthday. Seriously I was afraid of how the food and the place would be even after looking at the pictures and comments in the net.
    Our 1st step into the restaurant made us felt so romantic and the ambiance was great! The food was good and we both enjoyed it and just nice for the stomach :), Even though the price is a little bit expensive, but i think its worth it. The waiters are very friendly too. My husband was very happy with Cafe Cafe and thats what I wanted.
    Girls and guys, this is the best place for a romantic candle light dinner for your loved ones.


  29. Alvin Said,

    Great review, but they don’t accept Amex anymore


  30. huixin Said,

    sory..i just no sure with the price…is tat oredy fixed?? its a buffet??


  31. Alex Said,

    Is this place still happening like it use to?


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