Gosh I wish I knew more about the internet !!!!

First I migrated from Blogger to WordPress … that went smooth. Then I figure, there’s quite some limitation using free stuffs, so I registered webhosting, getting my WordPress to be hosted on GoDaddy. Feeling a little uncomfortable with GoDaddy, I decided to move to HostGator.

You should see the interface of HostGator … way cool ! Anyway, due to my impatience, I screwed up a little and ended up losing my last 2 months data … i.e. those were my postings too … $#%E^&$%&.

Anyway, here I am again .. back to square one … with a brand new template and starting again.

Readers out there, my deepest apologies for the inconvenience while I work on fixing this issue.

  1. Said,

    I tried going to the new link left by yourself but it keep on prompting error. Please help.


  2. Said,

    hohohoho…. timothy is famous! king of salsa featured in Metro, Star!!! 😀


  3. Said,

    Terribly sorry about the errors, I was in the midst of getting things going. But it’s ok now, except … I kinda don’t like the new template. It’s …. just not easy to the eyes. Any suggestions ?


  4. Said,

    New address, new look. But somehow, the pictures are not being displayed… Will update my link to you


  5. Said,

    no wondered u asked me bout wordpress users.U r paying for using the site?


  6. med Said,

    hahaha..good luck with the fixing and stuff

    keep up the great posting 😉

    ohyeah…looking good with your wifey in salsa metro yah…and for a good cause too..way to go man!


  7. lotsofcravings Said,

    hmm no wonder i couldnt access ur site..hope all is well soon then!


  8. teckiee Said,

    no wonder i saw a fresh page with no entries the other day.


  9. jason Said,

    Sorry to hear that! Hope you’ll get back on track soon.


  10. Nigel Said,

    Hey Tim sorry to hear about your blog lah. When I eventually had time to come read, I heard from Pea it was gone. No worries man. Wishing you luck. Hope to see you on 23rd. 😉


  11. Nigel Said,

    PS Thanks for using Banana Cheese in banner! 😉 Just noticed it!


  12. MeiyeN Said,

    no wonder i couldn’t access your site for da past few days! 😮


  13. timothy Said,

    Dear buddies, thank you very much for your support and patience. Finally got all the stuffs sorted out … and started writing again…. thanks .. thanks ….


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