Sometimes, being a foodie can be such a pressure ! Friends and family expects you to come up with location to dine immediately ! And what do you do if you’re in such a spot? Start flipping through your blogsite … and if nothing found, check your blogroll…..

I was in such a predicament recently … and fortunately I was in front of my laptop (with internet access too). I typed …w..w..w..3..-…meals…com … and fired up my site. The search criteria … Petaling Jaya, chinese food … medium budget. Nothing from my end .. (my database isn’t exactly ready) … so I clicked over to Boolicious‘s and WMW’s site. And ‘bingo!’ … I found something. New Formosa Restaurant .. in SS2 … and I was like, where the heck is it ??? I’ve been in and out of SS2 for ages and I never really noticed this place. Fortunately, Boolicious provided the telephone number as well so I called them and finally located the place. It’s on the other side of SS2, the way to SEA Park. Btw, PreciousPea also did a writeup on this place.


And I really must thank Boolicious for this lead … for I really enjoyed my dinner that night. Good thing I had my camera with me, else I’d be knocking my head … regretting at missing the chance to review this place.


Externally, New Formosa (hmm .. I wonder if there’s an old Formosa) looks like any other chinese restaurant. The signage is a little run-downed … but of course. After all, this place has been around since the 70’s ! Chef Lee Weng Eng and his wife Jeanie Lee run the restaurant, which has carved its mark on the local dining scene. Although the restaurant is always full, the Lees have resolutely not gone down the path of other successful restaurants and opened up branches. They have steadfastly maintained their 12-table establishment and the quality of their offerings. This is the only restaurant in the PJ area that serves a wide range of genuine Taiwanese food, many dishes of which are of Hokkien and Teochew origin.


Although cosy, the setup of the restaurant depicts elegance. And the food … let me tell you about the food. Warning! I am totally bias as I write this …. I can still clearly recall how friendly the food is … to my taste bud.

The first item in the list is the Yam Rice in Hollow Bamboo. To tell you the truth, yam isn’t exactly one of my favorite flavors, what more … yam rice. But in this case, I am willing to make exceptions. As you can see here, the dish is served in a long bamboo case with a lid. The moment the lid was uncovered, the strong fragrance is undeniably delicious ! The yam and pumpkin … added with a little Laap Cheong (??) which is smoked, sweetened, and seasoned hard sausage, really completes the dish. Just too bad the portion is just nice i.e. one small bowl each, leaving you wanting more …


Taiwanese Crunchy Popped Rice is truly something I haven’t tried before. The “popped rice” mentioned here refers to this square bits of light, crispy rice which is usually available during Chinese New Year celebrations. When served… hot, sweet broths with cuttlefish are poured over the crispy rice and the taste … is simple delicious. A little note though, not everyone will like it … unless you have a sweet tooth, like me.


Another dish worth mentioning here is the Steam Prawns with Herbs (in Hollow Bamboo). As the title of the dish already mentioned, prawns … steamed with herbal soup in a hollow bamboo container. The result ? A mild herbal taste in the prawns as well as soup … with a slight touch of ginger.


My favorite dish is the Formosan Stir-Fry Butter Eel (Unagi to the sushi fans) which I think, is also a favorite in this restaurant. Eels, if not cooked correctly … will have that fishy taste, especially those which is not fresh. But in New Formosa, you can get any fishy smell in the eels. And the experience in eating this dish … is heavenly. The eels are covered in a thin layer of crunchy butter (coated, not battered) with curry leaves (should I also mention there’s chili padi in it?). As you take a bite into the eels, you’ll first taste the crunchy butter coats … and then into the soft, soft eel (just the mere thought of the taste makes me want to go back there for more!). This dish is simply irresistible … I recommend it !


And finally last but not least, the dessert. By dessert time, we’re stuffed … hence leaving only enough space for one dessert. We chose the Mua Chee .. and there is 5 flavors to choose from. I can’t exactly remember the flavor we ordered, but it’s green .. and I am assuming it’s pandan (haha).



Contact Details
New Formosa Restaurant
46, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7875 1894
Fax/Tel: 03-7729 0000
Mobile: 019-335 3274


OVERALL RATINGs : * * * * (Epicurian Delight !)
Environment Ratings : * * * * (Classy but cosy)
Food Ratings : * * * * * (Of the 5 dishes ordered, I like ’em all … I’m giving a 5 !)
Service Ratings : * * * (Not as friendly, but still bearable … for the food worth !)
Value Ratings : * * * * (Reasonable pricing, no overkills)

Operation Details
Average Price : RM20++ per person
Business Hrs : Daily from noon to 3pm and 6pm to 11pm
Accepted Cards: Visa, Mastercard and Amex

Miscellaneous Details
Halal : No
Dining Method : Dine in, take-away
Food/Cuisine : Taiwanese

Specialities :
* Hot and spicy steamboat (Bonito Mala steambot) with two menus
* Stone firepot
* Three cups chicken (braised with wine, soya sauce, sesame oil and basil leaves)
* Eel in different styles (including grilled and sizzling)
* Tiger prawns in different Taiwanese style (including with herbs in hollow bamboo)
* Sizzling dishes (spare ribs, venison, diced chicken, Japanese beancurd, fish slices and oysters)
* Taiwanese drunken chicken
* Deep-fried sesame chicken Taiwanese style
* Crispy yam duck Hunanese style
* Taiwanese fried oysters with fermented black beans
* Dry cooked string beans Szechuan style
* Special Taiwanese-style seafood porridge

Ambiance/Features : Airconditioned, classic chinese restaurant setup
Reservations : Yes

  1. Said,

    yes, how handy to have these live food guides hor. when i was in kuching, sarawak i was sms-ing boolicious for info, can you beat that. you kambing for nasi dagang/lemak gathering tomoro morning?


  2. Said,

    Heard so much but yet to try. There are just too many good eateries around SS2 area.
    Btw, how many were you? Don’t seem to have ordered much variety yet you were stuffed. Big servings?


  3. Said,

    so mouthwatering!!!! don’t care nice or no nice… am already salivating seeing your photos…..


  4. Said,

    This place not too bad, my fav is the unagi too but then i don’t like their 3-cup chicken. The serving we had tasted slightly burnt. Don’t mind trying their steamboat. Oh yah..they creme caramel really good!


  5. Said,

    Glad you enjoyed this place. I love the butter unagi, it’s my fav dish out of everything, now my tummy is rumbling with the thought of it.


  6. Said,

    sounds very indeed “bias” free meal isit? hehe anywayz i think you meant the eel did “not” have a fishy smell? although the review definitely makes me want to go there to try..looks damn good


  7. Said,

    Tried this a couple of years back. In my humble opinion, Fong Lye in Desa Sri Hartamas offers much better Taiwanese cuisine.


  8. Said,

    love your photos! truly food porn! lol. you’ve obviously put in a lot of time and effort into your posts and it really shows…


  9. Said,

    eh fatboybakes … I will try to make it la.

    Tummythoz … there were 4 of us, I was the only guy. How la to finish all the food?

    Eh, MeiYen.. you try this place before already?

    Yeah PreciousPea, my next visit .. i will try their steamboat !

    Boo .. me too, me too !

    Lotsofcravings, no lah.. no incentive at all. I was bias because the food is really good maa…

    tankiasu, thanks for your suggestion. I will try that place when got opportunity.

    sam, thanks for your visit … food porn eh! i just want to put in proper and complete information for readers…


  10. Said,

    Wow! Bliss? Ha ha ha….You really really enjoyed the food, who were with you? Good company adds to it too.


  11. Said,

    You take very nice pictures! Very impressed.


  12. Said,

    very yummy looking food hor. I want to try everything. Waiting for my PJ Sistas to take me there…you oso can, Tim. 😛


  13. Said,

    i like one of the dessert, steamed cubed yam coated with caramel (my hokkien called it “kan si” not sure what is the name called in the restaurant)… thin n crispy caramel and soft n fluffy steamed yam. pls becareful n mind ur tongue while eating it bcoz the yam is still hot while they serve on the table!! my family used to like this restaurant very much… we celebrated grandpa’s bday for 2 consecutive years here!!!


  14. Said,

    wow…a nice Taiwanese restaurant! Love yr picture of the yam rice in bamboo plate and the butter eel


  15. Said,

    I like popped rice, I’m sure the dish tastes marvelous.


  16. Said,

    I have been there before for dinner many times. I love the desserts which is yam with caramel . Very nice… The price is reasonable also..


  17. Said,

    i luv yam very muchy! The yam rice looks good wiv bamboo as container.


  18. Said,

    tim… did you receive my e-mail?


  19. Said,

    […] Food/Cuisine : Taiwanese. Specialities : * Hot and spicy steamboat (Bonito Mala steambot) with two menus * Stone firepot * Three cups chicken (braised with wine, soya sauce, sesame oil and basil leaves) … …Read More […]

  20. Jakob Said,

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title New Formosa Restaurant. Thanks for informative article


  21. Jeanie Lee Said,

    Hi there, Thank you for your comments. I hope to serve you personally one day. Have a very nice week ahead!
    Best regards,
    Jeanie Lee
    Co-owner of New Formosa Restaurant
    Tel:019 3353274, 03 78751894(restaurant)


  22. lim Said,

    guys, how much is the unagi?? i m a unagi lover!!! going to try very very soon.


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