Another Korean restaurant in the book !

I love rice and yes, I am a fan thong (rice …err.. bucket?) ! MeiYen and fatboybakes … this is FYI, hahaha. Anyway, being a fan thung … I can easily be satisfied (of course, this .. I meant food!). Gimme rice and dish anytime, sir …

Did you know that PJ State area is my haunting ground, especially on Fridays? Some of you may know why. And since Haeun Khon is located in Amcorp Mall AND Starbucks (my fav wifi and coffee place) is also conveniently located here … I feel at home when I’m here.


Alrighty, ’nuff said about my preferences which probably won’t interest you anyway. Just to get back into my main topic, Haeun Khon is located on the 3rd floor of Amcorp Mall, just next to McDonalds. And right opposite Haeun Khon, is an optical shop… and this is where I get my supply of contact lenses (my friend’s parents own this place). So you shouldn’t be at all surprised when I tell you that I’ve eaten in Haeun Khon for like … a million times already? But yet, this is my first time writing about them. Well, this is easily referred to as, “taking things for granted” …


Haeun Khon has relocated a few times, but they remain on the 3rd floor in Amcorp Mall. I was told the move was due to rental issues, but I suspect .. probably due to “Feng Sui” … you think so? Anyway, they can move all they want .. as long as they remain in Amcorp Mall … I am good.


The setup in Haeun Khon is decently nice, with yellow lightnings to build the romantic ambiance. Soothing music … quiet …. and then ‘bang!’ … the dinner crowd arrives. From then on, it’s a typical pack, and tight restaurant. The place is so small that when you lean over to your back, you can actually introduce yourself to the person in the table behind you. I am hoping they increase their space someday … after all, their business is considerably good.

Alrighty, so what’s good in Haeun Khon ? Why, Korean food of course ! This place serves 3 different kind of cuisines, namely Korean, Japanese and Chinese. But I personally prefer their Korean food … wonder why (duh … maybe because it’s a Korean restaurant???).



There’s one item in the menu which I never fail to order every single time I visit this place. And that is the Kimchi Jjikeh (some spelled it Jjigae). Right about now, I am trying to visualize the taste of my favorite soup, the Kimchi Jjikeh. After placing your order, it takes a little while for the kitchen to prepare this dish. It’s served piping hot in a small pot, which keeps the soup warm … like, forever … ! (for goodness sake, don’t be a hero and go touch the pot … ). The set comes with banchan, a pot of soup with meat (optionally, chicken or beef), vermicelli and kimchi. Now, take a spoonful of soup … slowly sip on it. The feeling is … first …hot soup might burn your tongue, then it gets a little sweet … sour .. and finally spicy.

Quickly … reach for your glass of icy cold Japanese Green Tea. (What?? You didn’t order one? Oh.. so sorry….).



Next in the lists are the Beef Bulgogi set and the Chicken Nambang set. This is my first time ordering these dishes (told you my favorite is the Jjikeh soup) and me like it very much ! Beef Bulgogi set has been mentioned many, many times by previous bloggers who reviewed this place before. But my opinion, the beef is soft and tender … and taste really sweet. Have it with rice … and you’re a complete circle ! There’s more that we ordered .. but since I did not taste them, I call tell. Yeah, I know it’s silly .. but I can only say one thing. I’ll be going there again .. and again … and …..

My Bill For The Day :

1) KimChi Jjikeh RM15.90
2) Chicken Nambang RM13.90
3) Beef Bulgogi RM15.90

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And here’s my 2 cents worth on this restaurant.



Contact Details
Restoran Haeun Khon (???)
Lot 336, Third Floor
Amcorp Mall,
No. 18, Persiaran Barat,
Off Jalan Timur
46050 Petaling Jaya
Tel :03-79572181

OVERALL RATINGs : * * * * (Everything nice except restaurant too small!)
Environment Ratings : * * * (Nice and cosy but noisy during peak hours)
Food Ratings : * * * * (Someone said the food has been “Malaysianised”, so taste good to us)
Service Ratings : * * * * (Very attentive waiters, especially the Chinese national which I cannot remember his name)
Value Ratings : * * * * (Rather average. Good value for money)

Operation Details
Average Price : RM15++ per person
Business Hrs :
Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays)
Lunch : 12:00 noon till 3:00 pm
Dinner : 6:00pm till 10:00pm
Accepted Cards: Not sure.

Miscellaneous Details
Halal : Yes
Dining Method : Dine in, take-away
Food/Cuisine : Korean, Japanese, Chinese
Specialities : Kimchi Jjikeh, Beef Bulgogi
Ambiance/Features : Simple Korean, cozy.
Reservations : Yes

  1. Said,

    looks like it is indeed korean season! hmm i m not too comfortable walking into restaurants serving different cuisines unless its buffet..but since i hav ur assurance, if i ever drop by..i shall head up to 3rd floor!..nice effect u got there..thank god i m full from dinner..if not my saliva is goin to drip again.


  2. Said,

    Oh I love this place. Cheap but nice Korean food. Not easy to find in this part of the world.


  3. Said,

    I guess this gives me a reason to go to Amcorp Mall.


  4. Said,

    i love their kimchi soup so so much (i like their kimchi soup more than daorea)!!! last time when i was staying in paramount garden, my sis n i would take LRT all the way to amcorp mall just for their kimchi soup! Besides korean they also serve japanese and their fried udon also yum yum!!


  5. Said,

    can u bring me eat at korean one day? i only been once ever ever, and have no clue whatttt to order. and thank you muchly for the rice information.


  6. Said,

    haha…im super fan thong. Char siew bao is at profound level. But i dun like korean food…find it abit salty n oily.


  7. Said,

    lotsofcravings … for Haeun Khon, most of the items are generally ok. I also like their Japanese Pizza and Koren Fried Rice. Do try.

    tankiasu, you’re right. (good) budget foreign cuisines are a hard find these days.

    LL, you have many more reasons to go there other than this.

    Yes Joyce, KimChi Jjikeh … mine, Jeamie and Tamie’s fav too !!!

    fatboybakes, let’s organize an outing soon !


  8. Said,

    xiulongbao .. I think this place is ok. you shud try someday …


  9. Said,

    The cosy no fringe cinema still there?


  10. Said,

    waa I hungry!


  11. Said,

    Tummythoz, the cinema still stands … though I never really goes there. The last time I went there … a little dirty…

    KY … hungry ah? I got some pisang goreng with me now.. u want some?


  12. Said,

    Such outstanding pictures. Hahaha, I’m ‘fried rice bucket’ (chao farn thong) 😛
    Can’t have enough fried rice.


  13. Said,

    Thank you,very much!!!
    “Very attentive waiters… I cannot remember his name…”


  14. Said,

    ooo.. this rest is actually located in amcorp mall? hmmm maybe it’s time for me to drop by since it has been ages since i last came here 😀 and omg, fantastic photos!


  15. Said,

    finally the d200 is out of the closet eh tim? 😉


  16. Said,

    jason aka ipohwav3 … we’re all in the same family la … farn thong. hahaha.

    Guys, Ah Feng is the waiter I meantioned in my review. Ah Feng, thanks for visiting my site. Tell you boss to give discount ah, next time I visit.

    MeiYen … yeah, it’s ‘in Amcorp 3rd floor. And thanks for your kind compliments.

    Dwayne, it takes one to know one. You can actually see the diff? I hope I can move it up another notch … just keep watching this space … and tell me the diff.


  17. Eric Said,



  18. vampynyam Said,

    Hi stumble upon your blog while reading up more on Olive italian cuisine at plaza damaz. Got to read the rest of your articles too. Like your writing and feedback on the restaurants you been too. And you take really good pic. Really make the food looks good. I also just recently started blogging cos wanted to keep my friends in touch with my activities. But i think i must learn to take goods shots like you…probably you can give me some pointers? I’m using NIkon SLR200. Keep in touch and hope you can drop by my blog though. I already bookmark you on my browser so i can check in your latest updates. 🙂


  19. Michael Torner Said,

    Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you


  20. april Said,

    Hi all,

    Thought of wanted to share out my newfound Korean Kimchi website.

    I have tasted it and it tasted good and fresh, not like those in Tesco, Giant, Cold Storage. Also the price is affordable.

    Try it out Authentic Korean ….


  21. Recipe Collector Said,

    I was looking for Korean restaurant in Malaysia and I found your blog. Does this restaurant serve low fat food or sugar free food? I’m diabetic.


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