I figure I should write something about the recent ‘floggers’ gathering.

So here’s a little something that I compiled. I did not take much shots, all facial shots were virtually unrecognizable except one hence I decided to post only food shots.

Just to recap, meeting you fellow food bloggers at Sandias is rather exciting ! Just like what some of you mentioned, it’s like a blind date. You don’t know who you are meeting until the other person mention his/her “callsign”.

It’s rather like superheroes, you know … you never know their true identity. But of course, in our case .. all you have to do is ask.

Anyway … here’s are some food shots … and 1 single shot of Nigel stuffing up. Enjoy !







  1. Said,

    haha….u wrote dat alcoholic poem?


  2. Said,

    Kekeke..not a very flattering pic of Nigel I must say. 😛


  3. Said,

    xiulongbao, wish I did. unfortunately I didn’t. took it from somewhere … there isn’t any author name, so I didn’t include.

    tankiasu, I hope Nigel doesn’t kill me for this photo….


  4. Said,

    Finally!!! Was waiting to see your masterpiece shots after all that serious photography going on at our table! 😛 It was nice meeting u that night, Tim. 🙂


  5. Said,

    Hahaha… Nice shots on the food and Nigel as well 😉


  6. Said,

    nice meeting u tim..great shots..makes mine pale in comparison hahaha


  7. Said,

    Lyrical Lemongrass, those are not masterpieces. At least not yet … hehe.

    I wonder if Nigel has seen these pics of him…

    Citygal … cannot compare la … everyone has their strength. I like you articles … your writing is very natural and umm…close to heart …


  8. Said,

    A belated post!! Errmm…did i get to meet you that night?


  9. Said,

    *applause* very nice pics!!!! 😀


  10. Said,

    for a brief moment there, until i read the comments, i thought poetry was another feather in your talent cap…and i was thinking, sheeesh, God’s quite unfair hor….giving all the talents to one person like that!!! snigger….. gorgeous pics. this is real food porn.


  11. Said,

    What a cute write up….hope to see you around again during the next “Superheroes” convention !;o)


  12. Said,

    tim, you are too humble to say you take average looking pictures..your pictures are gorgeous! the poem was a nice touch 🙂


  13. Said,

    PreciousPea, I believe I met you tht nite … probably a quick hi-bye. We’ll catch up again …

    MeiYen … you’re just too kind. Thanks !

    Fatboybakes, God is indeed fair for he created Man equal. You can bake and I can eat. Isn’t that fair?

    WMW … if you were a Superhero, who would you want to be?

    SC … the poem was easy. I googled for “drunk poems” and out came the result. Hehe.. better than a black shot of a Martell glass, right?


  14. Said,

    yea, wmw, which superhero would you choose to be? you leh, timothy? who’d you be?


  15. Said,

    Sorry just need to borrow your space for a shout-out:-
    NIGEL dahling, u are popular, aren’t u?
    Y no picture of dessert?


  16. Said,

    eh, fatboybakes. if i am ever a superhero .. I think I wanna be umm … salsaman !!!! salsa everyone into submission. (sounds a bit like salesman though…

    Yeah Tummythoz, Nigel is the “posterboy” for flogger, don’t u know?


  17. Said,

    the drunk poem is pretty funny! 😀


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