This is gonna be an odd posting, since there won’t be much reviews involve … particularly since most of the food found here are really, really good !

I was at Plaza Damas last Sunday (6th May 2007) with my family and discovered that the Siam Fair was ongoing there. I’ve never really been to one, despite passing by a lot …. all the time. I remember seeing it in Amcorp Mall a couple of months back, but did not stop to look at it. I guess I took it for granted that these events are here all the time.

But this time round, I actually visited the booths individually and found that they sell very interesting stuffs. There were clothings .. those that is only available in Thailand, is now suddenly available here in Malaysia. They also sell crockeries, decorative stuffs … exotic costume jeweleries and many many other stuffs. Stuffs you only find in streets of Phuket or Bangkok. You’ll also find those folks serving you are all authentic Thai nationals …either that or they speak really lousy english with really good Thai accent. You know … the one that goes … veli chhhipp.. veli chhhipp.. you wann masshaage… oni thhenn linggitttt…. (english : very cheap, very cheap, you want massage? Only ten ringgit)

But I think the motherload of it was the food. I see tomyam … of course ! There’s tomyam noodles, curry laksas … local Thai desserts such as Mango in Sticky Rice (I learned abt this dessert from Basil, my recent review). So how exactly is the food here, you might ask….

Like I said earlier, generally the food found here are exceptionally delicious .. to my standard, that is …. ! The tomyam …. yum, yum … spicy …delicious, appetizing … the curry … thick and milky … the mangoes are … mouth-watering … the sticky rice with coconut milk is just so ever soft … it slides down your throat, just like that. And that ever so crunchy fried prawns … oooooh … wish I had a beer to down it with those prawns … dipped in that special chili sauce. Words can’t decribe much more of what I have experienced … other than to show it to you.

But let it be my word of advice to you … the travelling Thai fellows will be around until 22/5/2007 only. And they open daily from 10:30am to 9:30pm …. so

khhamm fhhasst fhhasst, veli fhhasst no mor …
(come fast fast, very fast no more)












  1. Said,

    First Boolicious, now convinced to drive out to Plaza Damas for lunch very very soon armed with my camera! Aiyoo…mango glutinous rice, each time i eat i gets nagging nagging nagging from hubby cos i sure suffer indigestion. Hahaha…tarbau and eat in office, in peace!


  2. Said,

    omg, i was at da fair last sunday too!!!!!! but…. instead of food, we went for da thai foot reflexology… syok okay and 1 hour only rm 35, worthy! :p


  3. Said,

    oooo sounds nice and look very delicious..will check it out..thanks man 😉


  4. Said,

    After seeing Xiu Long Bao rave about the tom yam, I hafta go there soon lar. Thanks for the review.


  5. Said,

    I just went there this afternoon for lunch. Lovin’ it! Will post it up soon, of course without photos as impressive as yours! 😛


  6. Said,

    I always missed the Siam/Thai Fair as there’s hardly any ads about it here. When I got the chance to go, I usually grab those peanuts in tall cylinder. Guess next time I shall slow down my pace to taste the food there 🙂


  7. Said,

    Until 22/5. Craps. I am only going to KL on the 24/5.


  8. Said,

    U do have great shots of various Malaysian typical specialities ! Keep it up ! Dunno when somebody gonna compile a list of all these pixs and from other blogs too into a top 100 malaysian or something like that !


  9. Said,

    PreciousPea, sometimes it’s worth the while to eat and think later, haha.

    MeiYen, you should’ve gone for the curry laksa. I didn’t take tht, my wife did … and she said it was reaaal good !

    Daniel, thanks for dropping by. You’re doing ok ?

    Lyrical Lemongrass, you must not miss this for the world !

    tankiasu, we’re just expressing ourselves. Photo quality doesn’t matter .. as long as it meant something.

    jason aka ipohwav3, bro … the peanuts are called Koh-Kae I think. I love it oo. I have 2 cans in front of me now.

    Jason, I think these folks travel around. You might miss the Plaza Damas one but who knows they might be in another shopping mall.

    BSG, would love to contribute if there’s one ….


  10. Said,

    gosh all the pics looked uber delicious!


  11. Said,

    yo tim…most welcome..its a great food blog …keep it up

    i am doing good..long time no see btw hehehe 😉


  12. Said,

    Hiya Tim,
    Yeah, Koh-Kae. A must have stuff for me whenever there’s Thai Fair in Ipoh. But strangely, I couldn’t find them in Bangkok. 🙁


  13. Said,

    Guess everyone was in Hartamas Shopping Centre recently. Thanks for reminding me, must go again for another dose of thai food.


  14. Thoughts are internal. Said,

    1/2 UK….

    You were talking about all kinds of things. The pay is probably not that good, and the job security is not too good. But how many other jobs can you say youd be willing to die for :)….

  15. They cant just bugger off. Said,

    And many of them got to FA status….

    Hot english girls with pink hair are better though. Brunn is correct….

  16. nightlife in benton pa Said,

    later life diseases born with low weight…

    3d demo…

  17. This time of year is sucking. Said,

    Its not my laptop, its my buddys :P….

    I changed the logo :P. AdamBishop: it is amazing that people still use Kazaa Lite.. It is crapware….

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