Did you hear of an Arab Street along Jalan Bukit Bintang ? Right on the crossroad in Jalan Bukit Bintang where Lot 10 and BB Plaza meets, there is a McDonalds and Arab Street is located behind McDonalds.

Take a walk along Arab Street and you will notice a number of Arabic and Middle Eastern gastronomy delights … blotted around that area. And if you notice carefully, you will or might have came across this little signboard that says “Restoran Jangan Ketawa” .. simply translates to plain english as “Don’t Laugh Restaurant”. Now, I wonder if it’s a little difficult to eat and keep a straight face at the same time ….

Anyway, that is actually the old outlet for the restaurant I am about to introduce to you. Along the same road .. in fact, just opposite “Don’t Laugh Restaurant” is Tim Gei (??) .. popular for it’s pan mee.


‘Pan Mee’ is not something new. When mentioned, most of you know of at least some place which serves really good ones. But for the uninitiated, here are some excerpts from another foodie …

“Board noodles” is the literal translation of pan mee (ban mian in Mandarin), and I can only guess that the name derives from the fact that the dough for the thick wheat noodles that comprise the main ingredient of this dish is rolled out – flat as a board. – EatingAsia.


Now that we’ve established what Pan Mee is, let’s get back to the main topic about Tim Gei. As usual, the joint is a common coffee shop … with seats so cramp you actually can hear the next guys slurping his noodle … and the other lady chewing her crunchy fried anchovies …

I am not saying that’s bad or anything … I mean, good for meeting new friends I guess. Don’t believe me ? Well, the next time you go there, try starting a conversation to the person next to you by saying … “ordered long already ah?” which translates to “How long have you placed your order?” and see what they say. And of course, the rest depends on your social skills ….

But if the person next to you is already stuffing his/herself …. by all means, shut up ! You don’t want to interrupt a person’s quality time with their bowl of pan mee … it could be fatal !

And that concludes our session on “How to meet people in a Pan Mee joint”. Until our next episode, please keep tuning to your favourite channel.

Ok, I agree I went way off ! But then again, that’s me … where’s the joy in eating if you’re not having fun …? Alright, alright … back to the Tim Gei coffee shop. As I mentioned earlier … this place is packed to the rim during lunch .. especially on working days. If you want to try out this place, I advice you to check in early, very early ! Usually I am there by 12 … and of course, being the first to arrive … I’ll the the “orderer” of the day … taking my lunch gang’s orders via SMS or phone. Sometimes, another friend of mine … Cheesie Amir swaps role with me and places the order as he tends to arrive early too.

Quick ! Ask me why is his name Cheesie Amir

Ok, ok … I tell you …. it’s because he makes heavenly cheese cakes (somehow, I’ve been meeting quite a few male bakers recently). I promise I’ll do a write up on his cheese cakes someday …. yeap… someday.


So what’s the difference between Tim Gei’s Pan Mee versus the others. Before we go there, let me introduce the variety of pan mee style in Tim Gei. Firstly, there’s the dry ones and the ‘wet’ ones. Well … I don’t really mean the let the noodles ‘dry’ in the sun before serving it to you … and wet does not mean they soak it in water beforehand. Dry simple means noodle in soy sauce and other secret recipe that they rather kill than to reveal to me. And wet simply means it comes in soup. And then there’s the noodle choice … you can opt for the thin or the fat .. sorry, I meant thick one.



Pan Mee … to rate it, goes according to this sequence … first, look at the soup or broth … to some. A good soup … will taste really good and tasty (of course) … since the soup is boiled with anchovies … yet does not leave you thirsty afterwards. Next … is the noodle. Personally, I like the noodle to be hand rolled … but nobody does that anymore. Mostly done with machines …. so the texture is a little different. I personally like my pan mee to be thin .. as thin as possible.. then again… it’s just me. Once you’re done with the noodle, we move on to the condiments. Anchovies … vege … meat and mushroom … these are primary items. And of course, finally … the core of the meal …. yup, you guessed right. The chili … or sambal …. or whatsoever you like to refer to it as. I just call it … ‘The Taste Of Life’.


A good sambal will make your ears twitch … the better ones makes you jump with joy … with dangling tongue too. But the best ones … will resurrect the dead ! So … never leave home without it …. not having sambal with Pan Mee is like Adam without Eve … or peanut without butter … err… no. That’s a lousy example.

ANYWAY … if you want to check out this place … here’s the map. Ciao !


  1. Said,

    hi timothy, since i didnt get to pass u any namecard, here i am at your blog. hope you still remember me, we sat at the same table for dinner at Sandias..hehe..wah, the last i visited this pan mee shop, it was still called Jangan Ketawa..seems like donkey years ago! yummy stuff the have here…


  2. Said,

    hmm, not normally a pan meen fan, actually, i used to think only women ate it… but your pics sure make it look rather delectable, as have other food bloggers who’ve blogged about pan mee. i must bite the bullet and go and try one of these days.
    love the google earth satellite pic…


  3. Said,

    Not sure about you, but I like the pan mee here. Nice crunchy ikan bilis. Great write-up, Tim!!


  4. Said,

    Agree wiv fatboybakes, i also hav the feeling that panmee is women’s food…haha

    *Ahem* bck to food talk, ur pics really do justice to the panmees, the pork ball looks so yummylicious!
    So u managed to get discounts after giving away ur biz cards huh?


  5. Said,

    Used to sweat it out with these bowls when it was just a roadside stall behind the Genesis building. Friends claimed standard dropped since they moved so I’ve not been to their shop. Your pictures & descriptions are telling me otherwise.


  6. Said,

    u makes the meat ball looks sexy and the pan meen looks gorgeous..is it that we have to show a stern face eventhough the food is good in rest jangan ketawa? haha


  7. Said,

    SC, thanks for dropping by. I’ve never tried this place until recently. Guess I don’t hang out tht much in KL city. Glad knowing you too…

    fatboybakes, no lah. A good pan mee should be savored by anyone irregardless of sex, age and race. Whoaa… did tht came out sounding patriotic? Dude, someday I wanna take shots of your masterpieces… your cakes, I mean. Can I ?

    Lyrical Lemon, thanks again for your kind words.

    xiulongbao, no dear. I did not get any discounts this time. And tht is also because I didn’t tell them in advance. We could try again….

    Tummythoz, I may agree that their quality may have dropped cause I know of other stalls who serves better pan mee but probably they still maintain their food presentation. hehe.

    citygal, gosh … people have been paying attention to the meatballs. Wonder why … btw, thanks for visiting.


  8. Said,

    wow..this is about the longest entry i have ever seen for a pan mee review..very detailed..not sure if its me..but i see alot of .. .. around..my influence by any chance? haha..so did you squeeze some discounts of the lady??


  9. Said,

    I used to patron this place before they moved to their shop…i agree. Must go early…their tub of chilli is so fiery hot. Love their meatballs too. YUmzz….must visit them again soon.


  10. Said,

    there is another place selling nice pan-mee too at cheras, tmn miharja near the flats. it is a small stalk open early in the morning until noon. the chili really really nice n spicy! when mix with the “dry” pan mee tastes heavenly n superb spicy! and i like their condiments which hv a lots of black fungus so u r not only tasting the smooth n silky pan mee also with some crunchy black fungus adding more variety to the texture!


  11. Said,

    tim, you gotta be kidding me!!! masterpieces??? aiyo, i shy leh, where got masterpiece. but having said that, i will be VERY HONORED if you did. keep in touch. gave you my card with my kontak details right? anyway, i have yours.


  12. Said,

    Hiya Tim, it was a pleasure to meet you last week at the gathering.
    By the way, your pictures rocks!


  13. Said,

    I haven’t acquired the liking for pan mee…somehow it tastes too bland for my Penang tongue. (No offense).

    To answer your question on my blog post, I shoot with a Canon EOS Rebel XT or 350D, but using a DSLR is about the right lens and post processing. 😉


  14. Said,

    I’ve had pan mee here, and while it’s not too bad, the service during peak/lunch hours is terrible lah. I waited almost 30min one time… There’s another pan mee place behind CIMB Bank in Damansara Uptown. My regular haunt, and the uncle always tambah vege for me… 😀

    P.S. Bro, yet to receive any email from you about the dance open day. Did you get my email addie right? It’s [myname] [at] gmail [dot] com.


  15. lovepanmeefren-sze Said,

    o..ya..!!here pan mee is good taste!!yummy..


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