If you drive along Jalan Sultan Ismail, pass Sungai Wang .. you will come across a bright colored three storey building, almost next to Lot 10 shopping mall.

And if you stop your car next to the building, there’s usually an guy in blue that’ll run towards you. Don’t worry, he’s not about to mug you … he’s just the parking jockey for Izzi Pizza, Pasta and Coffee restaurant. And guess what ? It’s free … ! Yes, free jockey parking … I think that scores, man. To have a restaurant along this ever busy street in Jalan Sultan Ismail … it sure helps. And something else, the joint provides ‘free wi-fi‘ too. I mean, yeah … everyone does nowadays, but free AirZed .. that’s quite cool. I could very very be posting this blog right from the restaurant…

And as you walk into the restaurant, you will probably like their interior decor and design. Simplistic furnishings and especially the bright blue glass ceiling makes the place look modern. As mentioned earlier, the restaurant has 3 floors … and it comes with an … elevator ! Gosh … I mean, these Indonesians sure know how to enjoy life huh. Consisting of three floors, the place can easily accommodate more than 100 patrons. Their design concept is stylish, clean, artistic yet comfortable. The guests can even enjoy a rare view of the restaurant’s pizzaiolos (pizza makers) as they twirl and flip their pizza dough in the air from the show kitchen on the ground floor … (that’s pretty much like our local roti canai fellow)

Pizza or pizza pie is the name of an oven-baked, flat, usually round bread covered with tomato sauce and cheese with other toppings optional. While it is a typical dish of Neapolitan cuisine, it has become an extremely popular dish all over the world.

As mentioned in their tagline “Great Italian & Asian Cuisine”, you will be expecting a great range of pizzas, pastas, local delights and even mee goreng !

Pollo Tropicale Pizza was the first order to arrive. Pollo Tropicale comes with smoked chicken, mushroom, red bell pepper, pineapple, garlic oil, dried chilli, mozarella cheese and tomato. That …. is a mouthful ! I am never a fan of pizza but I have to try some … for sake of you guys, my readers. My first reaction … it tasted good. I like the thin, crisp crust which is like .. super crunchy. But it does smell a little burnt. But for a non-pizza lover like me, it’s got my vote.

After the Italian, it’s time to make a comeback … for oriental taste. It’s the ever popular and favourite Mee Goreng (tasted a little like mee goreng mamak though). TO serve a popular dish such as this would require a certain amount of skills. The more popular a dish is .. the harder it is to meet the standards. Izzi prepares them well though … very large portion and plenty of ingredients. A little squeeze of lime, aa few drops of sambal, and it’s a complete meal ! Unfortunately, the chicken chunks were a little hard to swallow .. as it’s equally huge … otherwise … a favourite.

Izzi offers a range of local delights in their asian menu. There’s Ju Hu Char which is stir fried chinese radish, carrots, shitake mushroom with ginger sauce, served with crispy vermicelli and lettuce cup. There’s also the local favourite, satay that comes in either chicken or beef meat. Deep fried Calamari with seasoning flour, served with Bangkok sauce and Izzi dressing sauce … is something you shouldn’t miss either. And then there’s the Vietnamese Spring Roll (“po piah”) which is Spring vegetable wrapped in rice paper, rolled fresh.

Spoilt with so much choices, sometimes it’s quite difficult to choose. But comes Asian Platter to save the day …. it’s a combination of all the dishes above served in a single platter. It’s good, except that the calamari is a little … salty for my comfort. Others may love it.

Izzi must love food fusion, from the example above. Another one is the Chicken Steak with Pasta. This is favourite in Izzi, noticeable from the thumbs up sign in the menu. It’s Grilled Chicken served with mushroom sauce and linguine. I like the smooth linguine and the tender grilled chicken … but the mushroom sauce tasted a little funny. Maybe I am not a mushroom fan but it tasted a little “slimy” ….

Pasta lovers would looooove the Fettucini con Funghi … it’s topped with olive and sun-dry tomato. The creamy texture … with some parmesan cheese … wouldn’t it be heavenly ? Let’s just say it’s … Creamily Delicious.

From the antipasti list, the Izzi Dough Balls are the perfect choice, especially when you’re starving and can’t wait till the waiter delivers your main course. The eight dough balls arrived freshly from the oven accompanied with garlic butter. The balls tasted a bit yeasty (no pun intended!), but the butter, which instantly melted on the smooth surface of the balls, added a delicious zest of garlic.

And here’s what we had and the pricing :

  • Fettucini Con Funghi – RM15.80
  • Chicken Steak with Pasta – RM18.80
  • Pollo Tropicale Pizza (regular) – RM21.80
  • Asian Platter – RM20.80
  • Mie Goreng – RM12.80
  • Cheese Dough Ball – RM5.80
  • Soft drinks (refillable) – RM5.90
  • Strawberry Shakes – RM7.80
  • Peppermint Tea – RM4.80

Here is our usual reviews.

Contact Details
Izzi Pizza, Pasta & Coffee KL
44-2A, Jln Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-21415808

For Delivery and Reservation Call:
Delivery No: 1-300-88-5555
Reservation No: 03-2141 5808
Events/Functions No: 03-2141 4111

OVERALL RATINGs : * * * (Generally a nice family place)
Environment Ratings : * * * * (Effortlessly worthwhile)
Food Ratings : * * (Only selective ones are good)
Service Ratings : * * (Inconsistent, I do get different comments)
Value Ratings : * * * (Average pricing for a cuty restaurant)

Operation Details
Average Price : RM20 & above
Business Hrs : Monday – Friday: 11.00 am – 12.00 am, Saturday – Sunday: 11.00 am – 1.00 pm
Accepted Cards: major credit cards accepted

Miscellaneous Details
Halal : Yes
Dining Method : Dine in, take-away and delivery
Food/Cuisine : Italian and Asian, Fusion
Ambience/Features : Modern and cosy
Reservations : Yes

Restaurant Capacity
Restaurant size : 305 m2
120 seats (including bar)
Full bar set up

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