Padi House

During my last visit to the Old Town Kopitiam in Prima Avenue, Cyberjaya .. I spotted a cafe next to the Kopitiam. Eventually I found out the cafe name … Padi House. Pretty interesting and creative name, I would say. So I decided to schedule one of my Friday lunches there .. which is today. I guess Padi House did score some plus points for being so close to my office. That means I don’t have to travel more than 10 kilometres to the nearest “mixed rice” source.

Arriving Padi House, I encountered my first problem … the parking lots are not accessible … apparently you can only access it using a smartcard or something. Guess what I did next, there was a huge gap beside the carpark exit barrier .. I drive right past it and parked my car. I know, I know …I shouldn’t do that … but for some reasons, I did.

The cafe has an open-air concept, pretty much like any coffee shop but the seats are quite comfy. We sat right next to a landscaped fish pond, with the fishes swimming right next to you while you enjoy your course of salmon fish….

Ordering process, unfortunately … is via pencil and form, here we go again … with the ‘tickings’. And I guess the form was too small, the waiter brought us a large piece of A4 paper to write our orders, ourselves!!! Anyway, to cut the story short, we got our orders in and waited. And waited. We were the first few to arrive. By the time the restaurant filled up, we were still waiting.

Padi House

Then eventually they brought our drinks and then the snacks that we ordered. The first to arrive were the Onion Rings and then the Deep Fried Sweet Potatoes. The Crispy Duck Noodle was considerably alright. The noodle tasted very much like instant noodle probably because it is one but fortunately the duck meat was very good, though! Soft, fat-free, very tasty without any of that ‘sou mei’ (overly strong meaty taste).

One of the item found in the western favorites section is the Chicken Chop Rice. This, apparently is a fusion of western (Chicken Chop) and oriental (rice) and happens to be the favorite among the patrons. Another item from the western section is the Grilled Lamb Chop, which is also a favorite order. You can choose between the black pepper or the mushroom sauce but I personally like the black pepper sauce as it brings out the taste of the lamb, with a slight touch of spiciness although some commented that the sauce is a little salty. That aside, the lambs are as tender and juicy as it can be.

Those who would like to try something different can opt to order the Grilled Salmon Fish Rice. Topped with black pepper sauce, this item should have scored high on the chart but unfortunately the Salmon is a little dry. I had to request for extra black pepper sauce for the salmon dressing.

Here’s our bill for the day
Drinks – RM2.50 – RM2.90
Chicken Chop Rice – RM5.90
BBQ Chicken Noodle – RM6.90
Crispy Duck Noodle – RM6.90
Mushroom Soup – RM3.90
Onion Rings – RM6.90
Deep Fried Sweet Potato – RM5.90
Grilled Lamb Chop RM14.90
BBQ Honey Chicken Rice – RM5.90
Grilled Salmon Fish Rice – RM8.90

Contact Details

Padi House
Block 3503, Jalan Teknokrat 5,
63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor D.E.


OVERALL RATINGs : * * (Average food … average everything)
Environment Ratings : * * * (Open-aired – plus point for the pond with fishes)
Food Ratings : * * (there’s a lot of room for improvements)
Service Ratings : * * (I got pissed, what do you think?)
Value Ratings : * * * (affordable for 2-3 visits a week)

Operation Details

Average Price : RM10 could get you a good square meal
Business Hrs :
Accepted Cards: not sure

Miscellaneous Details

Halal : Yes
Dining Method : Dine-In . Takeaway
Food/Cuisine : Local / Western
Ambience/Features : Open-aired Coffeeshop concept
Reservations : Accepted (I still don’t have the phone number ….)

  1. Said,

    u r being very generous and neutral with da review 😉


  2. Said,

    Thanx for sharing your experience. I feel you are a tad too “forgiving” (incl. your Old Town Kopitiam review) 😀


  3. Said,

    As much as I would like to ‘lash’ out on a certain etablishments – terrible experiences and such, I have to remain neutral … part and parcel of reviewing. I point out the goods and tone down the bad. Thanks for the opinion though.


  4. Said,

    Checked out the place today. As you mentioned, the pond scores for presentation. The service, was considerably good. Our food arrived (6 of us dining) not more than 15 mins after ordering. However, they did muck up my order in particular. It didn’t arrive with the rest. I must say, their timing is good. The rest got their food within minutes of each other, so I can give them a pat for planning. The dish arrived shortly after I alerted the waiter, by which time I was a little annoyed. The food proper: Seemed average but not bad at all. I had Mongolian Lamb Cutlets in Mushroom sauce. Not too bad, though the lamb was a little tougher than I would have appreciated. Overall, the place is ok. Pricing is very reasonable also.


  5. Said,

    Arvind dude, thank you very much for your inputs. Your comments are just way too kind, which is good. You are looking at the brighter side of things. Anyway, I went there when they first open, probably teething problem .. but I am glad they have improved. Will pop by again another time later. Thanks again Arvind …


  6. Norazeen Bt. Azhar Said,

    4me..everythink ok…
    but,time lunch very crowded…


  7. timothy Said,

    Hi Norazeen, it has to be crowded there. After all, it’s like the only place around there to makan, right?


  8. yayana Said,

    hi..i been to padi house new branch in jalan p ramlee new realese last few weeks.but the service is too bad.i know maybe sum didnt have any experince but for sure you been brief them what to do.waiting for an order taking so long to get it.even i been there few days ago but stil the same…plz,don’t make ur reputation bad.But, i like your bar tender name din.he suppost to take care the bar but he come to my table to serve me and my freinds.And the greastest server i ever got.thanks.


  9. Stranger Said,

    PADI suxxxx BIG TIME! the restaurant looks so cozy and nice from the outside, but when u eat their food you can’t take it, especially their chicken chop yuckssssssssss like they only fry chicken fat and give you… vegetables are terribleeeee and pls dont order their western food.. nama udah la padi pastu nak serve makananan western plak, to Padi ppl, pls dont cook anymore western food cuz ur not good at it.


  10. romeo Said,

    Hi Timothy, there are more food outlets at CBD Perdana (opposite the Street Mall). Should try there too. Or, why don’t you try the food at the Community Club. I’ve tried few times at the Bayou Cafe and it seems to be OK.


  11. eater Said,

    I been to the one in KL, Jln P.Ramlee. The service is so bad and during lunch hour I waited for > 30 minutes and the foods can’t be served. And served me with the wrong items and wrong bill as well. Can u imagine you have to write down your order yourself and pass to the counter and later they mess up your order. For a glass of coffee it took >30 minutes to arrive. Most the waiters are foreigners and don’t understand what you say, either Malay or English. The just walk around here and there but nothing done. Only saw one Chinese lady at the counter and ended up she became a waitress as well. Thing turn worst when no one at the counter to collect money. The Restaurant look full with people but the entire lunch hour all are same faces because all are waiting to be server and it took > 30 minutes even they order Nasi Lemak!


  12. nana Said,


    I noticed you in the Miscellaneous Details

    “Halal : Yes
    Dining Method : Dine-In . Takeaway.”

    i went there before once in Cyberjaya and out of blue, i was doubt about the Halal food there. I went to the guys in the kitchen entrance to ask them either do they got the halal chicken. the first guy doesnt know what halal is and he asked to his other fren. Unfortunately the answer is NO. i asked them twice.


    Timothy Low Reply:

    Hi Nana,

    I wrote this article ages ago. Some of the articles in my blog may not be that updated …. my apologies.


  13. Alan Said,

    I went Padi house which is newly opened at Sri Petaling. I really pissed off because keep on waiting and waiting. and now another thing that is pissed me off is I had a Chicken Chop rice also but it cost me RM9.90 Arrhhhh…. and definitely the price u list here is much more cheaper than what i saw….


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