I‘ve always thought Manhattan Fish Market is from Manhattan, New York. Heck, I was wrong ! They are actually a “made-in-Malaysia” product !!! I’ve tried googling for it, this is the only result …

And after some extensive digging, I managed to find out more.

Revenue Valley Sdn Bhd, which owns home-grown restaurants Manhattan Fish Market and Hainan Kopitiam set up its first Manhattan Fish Market in Malaysia at the Mid Valley Megamall in November 2002 and now owns a total of 13 outlets, mainly in the Klang Valley, and one each in Singapore and Bangkok. The Manhattan Fish Market, a casual dining seafood restaurant, was founded by Dr Jeffrey Goh, a dentist-turned-politician and businessman, and a Singaporean partner.

Derived from the legendary Fulton Market (largest and oldest fish market in Manhattan) established since 1822 in Manhattan, this Malaysian chain is similar in many ways, namely in terms of the quality and freshness of its seafood.

Interior decorative were cozy, and waiters were friendly eagerly waiting to serve you the best seafood in town. After some menu browsing and recommendations from the ever grinning waiter, we put in our orders. Our food arrived in a zip and with our seemed like bottomless pit stomach, we savored our Fried Country Mushrooms ($9.90) with delight. The giant-sized golden-brown juicy mushrooms were coated with a batter so crunchy, you just can’t stop yourself from reaching for another one. Then came the Sizzling Louisiana Prawn, huge whole prawns – dipped in creamy Luisiana shrimp sauce … deeeelicious !

Our main dish was the Fisherman’s Giant Fried Platter for 2, deep-fried fish fillet, calamari, mushrooms and fried shrimps served with chips and garlic rice. The melted, sweet and sticky sauce complemented the sliced prawns. Although the menu did specify that is was a 2 person course, 3 of us could share the meal and end up overstuffed. Then again, we are probably small eaters. This is a must-try for seafood lovers who would like to sample a variety of items. Other specialities you can order are Baked Pacific Dory, prepared with special butter plum sauce. Since the fillet wasn’t fried, the freshness of the fish really stood out, and the understated sweetness of the plum sauce helped bring out the wholesomeness of the dish. The garlic rice was delicious: Non-greasy, firm and very tasty.



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Contact Details

LG-060 Lower Ground Floor
Tel/Fax : 03-22840448

Alamanda Putrajaya Tel/Fax : 03-88895160
Subang Parade Tel/Fax : 03-56370121
Suria KLCC Tel/Fax : 03-21711303
Ikano Power Center Tel/Fax : 03-77284248
Sogo Tel/Fax : 03-26971303
Centre Point BU Tel/Fax : 03-77253303
IOI Mall Puchong Tel/Fax : 03-58821493
Ampang Park Tel/Fax : 03-21669303
Sunway Pyramid Tel/Fax : 03-74913683
Jusco Tebrau (JB) Tel/Fax : 07-3549303
Plaza Singapura (Singapore) Tel/Fax : 02-68359300


OVERALL RATING : * * * (It’s like the seafood of fastfood)
Environment Rating : * * * * (Makes you feel a little like being in a fisherman’s shack .. with a/cond)
Food Rating : * * * (mai hiam, be phai …. – it’s not bad if you don’t complain much)
Service Rating : * * * * (Like I said .. very eager)
Value Rating : * * * * (a little pricey, but it’s fun for the family…)

Operation Details

Average Price : RM 40+ for 2 person
Business Hrs: Standard Mall Hour …

Accepted Cards: : Of course ! Master? Visa? Diners?

Miscellaneous Details

Dining Method : Dine-In . Takeaway
Food/Cuisine : Seafood
Ambiance/Features : Nice, cosy … family friendly

Features? Seashells, fake fishes … fishnets …
Reservations : Accepted

  1. izakusha Said,


    just would like to update d Manhattan FishMarket phone #. This is for Alamanda Putrajaya franchise 03-8889 5160.
    Enjoy!!.. though true, the food is practically fastfood seafood..only that u cant have too much of it.


  2. Serena Kan Said,

    Your survey page is always down. Please fix the problem fast so that the customers can enjoy yr RM5 off and we can also provide you with our valuable comments.


  3. Yanna Said,

    Dear MFM management…….

    It is rare when you meet a person who goes beyond the call of duty to diligently service the customer best; an employee who will personally attend the customer matter as if these were his own; a service man or woman who follow up on the restaurant promise, and deliver a service that not only instigates trust but also builds the quality and creates a tremendously positive word of mouth advertising- which, as I am sure you know, is the strongest and most effective advertising way.

    A few days ago, I had a direct experience at what I describe as “High Performance Customer Service”. My friend and I were ready for lunch that day. We went to your restaurant at Subang Parade. This is a first time I tried your foods. One of your managers on duty (Mr.Syafiq) was attending me. I actually have no idea what I want to eat. I ask his suggestion. He did gave me a suggestion and give me a lot of information of your foods. Even thought he can’t speak English fluently, He proceeds to launch into a clear explanation. He was far more than an order-taker. He was an extraordinary problem-solver who made a difference in the quality of my seafood lunch, and makes me feel like the most important customer in the restaurant that day. The food was good, the service superlative. This was theatre. And the meal was complimentary.

    I was so pleasantly surprised to see such an attitude, his outlook, and philosophy of work. I realized how much Mr. Syafiq is commendable for his attitude and behaviour, how he has, what it takes to be a successful ambassador for your restaurant, and how he can make a difference to your customers- a difference that builds your MFM, more than any marketing campaign can do for you.
    His drive comes from within, with a sincere attitude and attention to detail- heavenly talk to any customers ears.

    Please give my sincere thanks to Mr. Syafiq, and please do commend him for his service and how he makes MFM a better restaurant, we are certainly recommending MFM to all of our friends, colleagues and circles, especially due to Mr. Syafiq’s service.

    marketing Manager


  4. franchise businessman Said,

    The place looks comfty and the food yummy! I love seafood and the shirmps in the picture make my mouth water.

    franchise businessman’s last blog post..Franchising NONKI Japanese Restaurant


  5. Mujibur Rahman Said,

    Please stop saying that your food is HALAL as there wasn’t any record in JAKIM nor HDC for your restaurant. See the message published in the authority website below.

    Aduan :
    adakah premis restoran The Manhattan Fish Market.
    Conothnya di Alamanda Putrajaya, Ikano Power centre, Sogo dan Centre Point mendapat Logo Halal from HDC atau JAKIM.
    Tarikh Aduan :
    14/04/2009 – 01:28:47
    Jawapan :
    Waalaikumsalam, Restoran tersebut tiada didalam rekod JAKIM/HDC. Sekian. Terima Kasih


  6. Timothy Said,

    Seriously, I don’t know why but seems like everyone’s after Manhattan Fish Market. And besides, this article was written a long time ago. Anyway, I’ve removed the information on Halal status because I am not sure about it anymore. I hope Manhattan Fish Market would sort this out themselves and clarify this issue.


  7. NICK Said,

    Are you kidding me!The food is yummy?The standard is getting lower each year. I have been eating at MFM for the past few yrs and the food at the Midvalley is getting poorer and poorer. I do not know whether is I’m unlucky or what! I have experienced twice, once during 2008 december and April 2009. The food was oily, the shrimps is not fresh! The outlet manager just apologize but no improvement. The quantity is getting more but the quality drop tremendously. If dont believe plz go ahead and try the food at the Midvalley outlet


  8. Timothy Said,

    Hi Nick, thanks for dropping by and voicing your opinion. My review was done ages ago so I guess it could be out of date. Anyway, appreciate your input and maybe it’s time I do another one soon ….


  9. Chiller Choong Said,

    I hav been 2 only IOI puchong mfm, The 1st visit was impressive. very eager 2 go again. 2nd time waited long 4 food. Only 3 tables so they r not busy. When the baked fish arrived, it taste like my maids cooking. I been there 4 the past 1 yr 5 times. 4/5 times hopeless. i hope i hav better luck tis sun @ Ikano. Hope I wouldnt b disappointed again


  10. Recipe Collector Said,

    I also thought it was from Manhattan, New York not until I did my research about them too. I don’t care what other people say about them, as the food their are yummy and fast service. Any second opinion?


  11. free food sample Said,

    Chiller, their service has improved since you hav ebeen there. When was the last time you tested them again?


  12. sibu food diva Said,

    gee, I had it there several times, in JB and in Kuching. The Kuching outlet doesn’t fare as what it seems, the oil used for deep-frying wasn’t as fresh, leaving a trail of unpleasantness in the mouth; calamari too chewy, and the prawns flambe were burnt.

    sibu food diva’s last blog post..Restoran Sg Long, Bandar Sg Long, Kajang


    catz Reply:

    Please don’t give a false comment. TQ


  13. Adi thomas Said,

    i have ever tried the manhattan fisherman market, and i found that it is a tasty and yummy food.
    well, i am working in china, guangzhou.
    so i am interested to franchised or having a business co-operation with you, to have a branch in china, guangzhou.
    the local here love to eat. and they like to try a new food especially sea food.
    honest speaking, the food in china are not so tasty. so the local here are looking for better food.
    we can see that most of the foreign restaurant are doing good business. ( pizza hut, spagetti house, etc)
    and i believe that,,, fisherman market can do well too!

    waiting for you reply!



  14. Siman Tan Said,

    I have visited your outlet at Bukit Tinggi Aeon Business Mall, Klang on 13/06/2009 @ 2.50pm and notice that the same situation remains unchange since my previous visit. i think it is good to keep some old values while we update ourselves. But I definately dont think it is good to keep all these HOUSEFLIES in your restaurant. For good intention and hoping to make a change for your patrongnage and especially for you as an owner of the food chain, i call the waitress and inform her about it and the answer is we cant do anything about them. i felt very surprise and uncomfortable on the answer and call another waiter and the answer as i can sense it is- we know about it long time ago and it is normal to us. I hope the management will look into this problem not just for one customer like me but rather think it in a larger perspective. ” IT IS DEFINATELY NOT JUST ONE HOUSEFLY that i am talking about, if other business entity is persuing the ideology of ZERO DEFECT i think Manhattan should go for ZERO HOUSEFLY CAMPAING !,


    Timothy Low Reply:

    Hi Siman, thank you very much for your opinion. Next move is on MFM management, I do hope they see this comment and do something about your complain. Otherwise, good luck to them ….


  15. Yousuf Said,

    Nice restaurant and I am looking for franchise this restaurant in UAE, could you please send me the details to my email if possible.


  16. Lim Said,

    I went to a McDonald’s in Paris and the girl at counter didn’t speak English. Not even a simple English. It’s France isn’t it? So why do you expect Mr Shafiq to speak in English? We are in Malaysia aren’t we? Not in London or New York nor Sydney. Even in Thailand, China, Japan, Belgium etc people working at the restaurants don’t speak English. At least people can understand what Mr Shafiq said.


  17. Jimmy Said,

    Yes thats correct Lim..if the manager can’t speak English fluently doesn’t mean he can’t give a exceptional service experience.I don’t think only people can talk english fluently can do outstanding job.
    .-= Jimmy´s last blog ..Ape pun tak boleh… =-.


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