The direct translation for “Lou Shi Fun” would have to be “Rat Noodle” which of course does not exactly means the same. It’s probably named that way because the noodles are similar in shape and size to rat tails. But one thing is for sure, it doesn’t taste anything like a rat’s tail … not that I’ve tried a rat tail myself !

Jokes aside, let’s bring our attention back to a more serious note. In this session, we shall be talking about this fantastic new restaurant that I’ve visited recently. Just a “stone-throw” away from Astro TPM Bukit Jalil is Yoke Heng Restaurant which serves a very special “version” of Nga Pou Lou Shi Fun. “Nga Pou” in cantonese means Claypot, in this case Claypot Lou Shi Fun.

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Halal : No
Dining Method : Dine-In / Takeaway
Special Dishes : Claypot Egg Lou Shi Fun
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BYO Allowed? : Yes
Reservations : Accepted

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