The ‘Eric’ mentioned in Eric Deli Paradise is referring to the Hong Kong celebrity Eric Tsang famous for his popular SuperTrio game show , if you really must know. But I do believe Eric Tsang do not own Eric Deli Paradise, well not wholely but having his image pasted all over this red and white themed restaurant as a part of deco does attract curious diners such as me.

Eric Deli Paradise is located on the ground floor of Hartamas Shopping Centre covering a huge chunk of the right wing … from unit G11B – G15 to be exact, right next to the entrance of the parking lot. Just check out the map provided above. The place is huge therefore not a problem to find a table. I guess the restaurant could easily fit 350 people or so … with private function rooms too.

Anyway, since I was there to try out the ‘tim sum’ … I didn’t had the chance to review their popular Sze Chuan dishes (noted in my next to do list). The ordering style is exactly like what you get in some other popular Hong Kong based restaurants and cafe .. a paper menu with pencil for you to start ticking away. Call me old-fashioned but I still don’t feel comfortable ordering stuffs that I can’t visualize. Not having much of a choice, I made some choices and ‘submitted’ my orders to the ever-smilling service personnels dressed in all-red. A glance-thru the crowds … my next table, 2 couples – probably rich (expensive sunglass stuck on hair nited) with screaming babies, sigh! Looked the other way, an old couple … quietly enjoying their lunch ..probably felt irritated at my staring .. also rich looking. Seriously, I should review my observations. I am probably biased … everyone looking rich just because I am in Hartamas area :-S

ANYWAY … this is what I’ve ordered …. with a couple of other stuffs and the total bill for 2 person came up to about RM64.00. Quite a hefty amount … I would say. But then again .. it is Hartamas!

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