New Paris Restaurant

Here’s my ‘experience’ during my last visit to the New Paris Restaurant starting with the typical hunting for a parking practice, especially on a weekend where everyone’s too lazy to even visit their kitchen. Once you have secured a parking, you will need to find a table next. Entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by this ‘uncle‘ asking for total number of people coming in to dine. He then ‘registers’ your name in his big “buku nota” or notepad.

He will subsequently shouts through his “karaoke” looking microphone for a free table and chances are he will ask you to move aside and wait for some 10 minutes or so. Okay, now you have 10 minutes or more to spend .. either standing around staring at people. You’d probably notice quite a number of yuppies eating there. That is because New Paris Restaurant is strategically located in a very busy office location (then again, all outlets in SS2 ARE strategically located, hence the sky-high rental !!!) which is why you see most of them dine there after work, usually bitching about work, how unfairly they’re treated by their bosses or how cute the new secretary is.

Then you hear your name being called … asking you to proceed to table 20 or some table numbers which doesn’t really matter to you. Only when you know your table is located halfway outside the road did you realize that you should’ve asked to sit upstairs – airconditioned, that’s why. Usually the “Uncle” will politely comply to your request – requesting you to wait for another 10 minutes. Of course, the trembling feet and growling tummy sends a totally different message and your mind seems to go on cruise control – you proceed to tell “Uncle” “Okay, okay .. I take lah … the table. Where ah?”

“Uncle” something get’s in a nice mood and changes his mind. “Okay, fast fast ! Table 5 got place oledi … go go!” Yup ! upstairs ….. aircond. Yippee !!!

Good … now that you’re seated at your table, getting ready to order … I can only recommend 1 very popular dish here. The Watermelon Porkrib is something you shouldn’t miss out. Other than that, I can’t really remember the other dishes since the last time I went there was … err.. a couple of months ago. Ha ha ha … anyway, if I ever go there again … I will get down more details and post it here. As for now, you know how to go, you know how to order your first dish … I will let your creativity fulfill your hungry tummy !

Contact Details

New Paris Restaurant (formerly Paris Restaurant)62, 64, 66 Jalan SS2/72, 47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 7955 9180, 03 7955 0186

Environment Rating : * * *
Food Rating : * * * *
Service Rating : * * *
Value Rating : * * *

Operation Details

Average Price : approx RM100++ for 5 person
Operating Hours : can’t remember …
Accepted Cards: : Master Card , Visa Card

Miscellaneous Details

Halal : Nope, definitely not !
Dining Method : Dine-In Takeaway
Food/Cuisine : Chinese
Ambience/Features : Family . Air Conditioned . Alcohol . Casual Dining .
BYO Allowed? : Yes
Reservations : Accepted

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  2. Rosenrod Said,

    Thanks.. Interesting – and always important to be aware!


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