KA-SOH (sister-in-law in Cantonese) owes its name to the belief that this person in the Chinese patriarchy is usually filled by someone quite dedicated, diligent and hardworking.

Ka-Soh Seafood Restaurant is situated in a car park opposite the Ritz Carlton entrance and behind The Westin. Ka Soh sounds so ordinary but rumour has it that there has been loads of Chinese celebrities from abroad and local who’ve sat and ate here. Proof comes in the form of celebrity photographs on their notice board as a testament to their visit.

Ka-Soh is famous for their Fishhead Noodles (????), Kah-Soh curry fish head and the special Prawn Paste Fried Chicken (???).

Deep fried frog with ginger

Kah-Soh curry fish head

Kah-Soh deep fried prawn paste chicken

Chef special bean curd

Other specialities

Ka-Soh sang yee (toman) fish head and fillet noodles Kah-Soh steamed song yee (silver carp) head with black bean sauce Kah-Soh braised sang yee (toman) head with black bean sauce Kah-Soh deep fried red tilapia with special Thai sauce Deep fried pork intestines Pan fried braised pork belly Kah-Soh stir fried bean sprouts with intestines

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