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Be The First To Eat. That’s the tagline for Sri Karak Restaurant.

If you have been to Karak town or frequently drive along the Karak Highway, you must have come across or at least heard of the famous Yik Kei Restaurant which is very much praised for its durian puffs as well as hearty Chinese food.

Yik Kei has now expanded it’s business into Klang Valley in the form of Sri Karak Restaurant offering the same delicious cooking as the orriginal Yik Kei. While Yik Kei in Karak is a non-halal outlet, Seri Karak is pork-free. The food is pretty much the same, though, and showcases some of the produce that Pahang is famous for: thin French beans from the highlands, deliciously smooth and slippery patin fish and, of course, the king of fruits, the durian.

Most pastries in Seri Karak are self-baked The building has a separate section in the front of its multi-storey, bright-coloured restaurant that is dedicated to baked products. Products are baked only once in the morning and only sold while stocks last. There are homemade Swiss rolls slathered with coconut jam, Portuguese egg tarts, durian-flavoured egg tarts and the famous Durian Bomb, wherein creamy durian is mixed with sweet potato and then deep-fried until it is crispy on the outside but meltingly soft on the inside.

The pricing are very reasonable in Sri Karak. Here’s a list of what I’ve eaten and the pricing.

  • Boiled Spinach Soup (regular sized) – RM7.00
  • House Special Claypot Chicken (regular sized) – RM12.00
  • Steamed Assorted Eggs (regular sized)- RM8.00
  • Durian Bomb – RM1.60 each
  • Portuegese Tart – RM1.20 each

With drinks and plain rice, the bill came up to about RM46.00. I’d say it’s quite ok for a 3 person meal. By the way, they do charge service/tax charges.

Contact Details


No. 17 Jalan 52/8, Section 52, Petaling JayaSelangor

Tel: 03-7958 3280


  • OVERALL RATING : * * * *
  • Environment Rating : * * *
  • Food Rating : * * * *
  • Service Rating : * * * *
  • Value Rating : * * * *

Operation Details

Operating Hours : Mon-Sat (10am-10pm; Sunday, lunch (11am-3pm); dinner (6pm-10pm)

Miscellaneous Details

Halal : Yes

Dining Method : Dine-In / Takeaway

Special Dishes : Durian Bomb / Durian Tart

Food/Cuisine : Serves Chinese food, with influences from Pahang Malay culture

Ambience/Features : Cosy . Family . Air Conditioned .

BYO Allowed? : Yes

Reservations : Accepted

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